Frank Zappa's touring band 1975-1988

A graphical overview

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Frank Zappa's Touring Band from 1975 to 1988 Click here for a in-deep analysis of the 1975 'Bongo Fury' tour. Click here for a in-deep analysis of the 1980 2nd North America tour. Click here for a in-deep analysis of the 1984 tours.
The * indicates that the band member was also featured on vocals.
Cpt. Beefheart also played harmonica and shopping bags.
To obtain the perfect combo you have to add to each line-up Frank Zappa on conduction, guitars and vocals.

In this table are listed only musicians that were regular members of Frank Zappa's touring bands.
Rows height is indicative of the length of every single tour.
The colors assigned to each musician have their meaning, but you have to find it out by yourself!

Román García Albertos's Frank Zappa Chronology
Charles Ulrich's Frank Zappa's Touring Band

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