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Acronyms for officially released movies and videos

Acronyms for officially released records

AcronymTitleFirst release dateFormat
200MFrank Zappa's 200 MotelsOctober 19712 LPs - 2 CDs
AApostrophe (')March 19741 LP - 1 CD
AFAbsolutely FreeJune 19671 LP - 1 CD
AOTTAhead Of Their TimeApril 19931 CD
BBuffaloApril 2007*2 CDs
BFBongo FuryOctober 19751 LP - 1 CD
BSBaby SnakesMarch 19831 LP - 1 CD
BTHWBroadway The Hard WayApril 19881 LP - 1 CD
BWSBurnt Weeny SandwichFebruary 19701 LP - 1 CD
CPIIICivilization Phaze IIIDecember 1994*2 CDs
CRChunga's RevengeOctober 19701 LP - 1 CD
CWR&TJCruising With Ruben & The JetsDecember 19681 LP - 1 CD
DHBIMDoes Humor Belong In Music?January 19861 CD
EIHNEverything Is Healing NiceDecember 1999*1 LP - 1 CD
FEFillmore East, June 1971August 19711 LP - 1 CD
FOFreak Out!June 19662 LPs - 1 CD
FZFrancesco ZappaNovember 19841 LP - 1 CD
FZMTMOPFrank Zappa Meets The Mother Of PreventionNovember 19851 LP - 1 CD
FZOZFZ:OZAugust 2002*2 CDs
FZPTMOFZFrank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa, A Memorial TributeOctober 1996*1 CD
GGuitarApril 19882 LPs - 2 CDs
HHalloweenFebruary 2003*1 DVD-A
HIOSHave I Offended Someone?April 1997*1 CD
HRHot RatsOctober 19691 LP - 1 CD
IDImaginary DiseasesJanuary 2006*1 CD
JABFLAJust Another Band From L.A.March 19721 LP - 1 CD
JCJoe's CorsageMay 2004*1 CD
JDJoe's DomageOctober 2004*1 CD
JFHJazz From HellNovember 19861 LP - 1 CD
JGJoe's Garage Acts I, II & IIISept. & Nov. 19793 LPs - 2 CDs
JMJoe's MenageOctober 2008*1 CD
JXJoe's XMasageDecember 2005*1 CD
LLätherSeptember 1996*3 CDs
LGLumpy GravyMay 19681 LP - 1 CD
LMThe Lumpy Money Project/ObjectJanuary 2009*3 CD
LSOLondon Symphony Orchestra Volumes I & IIJune 1983 & Sept. 19872 LPs - 2 CDs
MMothermaniaMarch 19691 LP - Out of print
MAJNHMake A Jazz Noise HereJune 19912 CDs
MDMystery DiscSeptember 1988*/**1 CD
MOFOThe MOFO Project/ObjectDecember 2006*2 CDs ("deluxe" version: 4 CDs)
OFOrchestral FavoritesMay 19791 LP - 1 CD
OSOver-Nite SensationSeptember 19731 LP - 1 CD
OSDOne Shot DealJune 2008*1 CD
OSFAOne Size Fits AllJune 19751 LP - 1 CD
QQuaudiophiliacSeptember 2004*1 DVD-A
PPPlayground PsychoticsOctober 19922 CDs
R&ERoxy & ElsewhereSeptember 19742 LPs - 1 CD
SATLTSADWShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch May 19821 LP - 1 CD
SDSleep DirtJanuary 19791 LP - 1 CD
STStudio TanSeptember 19781 LP - 1 CD
SUNPYGShut Up 'N Play Yer GuitarMay 19813 LPs - 3 CDs
SYSheik YerboutiMarch 19792 LPs - 1 CD
TBBYNHIYLThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeApril 19912 CDs
TDRSThe Dub Room Special!August 2007*1 CD
TFThing-FishNovember 19843 LPs - 2 CDs
TRFTrance-FusionOctober 2006*/****1 CD
TGWThe Grand WazooNovember 19721 LP - 1 CD
TLEThe Lost EpisodesFebruary 1996*1 CD
TOMB1The Old Masters Box OneApril 1985***7 LPs - Out of print
TOMB2The Old Masters Box TwoNovember 1986***9 LPs - Out of print
TOMB3The Old Masters Box ThreeDecember 1987***9 LPs - Out of print
TOUThem Or UsOctober 19842 LPs - 1 CD
TPSBoulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect StrangerAugust 19841 LP - 1 CD
TTRTinsel Town RebellionMay 19812 LPs - 1 CD
TYSThe Yellow SharkNovember 19931 CD
UMUncle MeatApril 19692 LPs - 2 CDs
WWazooOctober 2007*2 CDs
WJWaka/JawakaJuly 19721 LP - 1 CD
WOIIFTMWe're Only In It For The MoneyMarch 19681 LP - 1 CD
WRMFWeasels Ripped My FleshAugust 19701 LP - 1 CD
YAWYIYou Are What You IsSeptember 19812 LPs - 1 CD
YCDTOSA1You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1April 19882 CDs
YCDTOSA2You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2October 19883 LPs - 2 CDs
YCDTOSA3You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3November 19892 CDs
YCDTOSA4You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4June 19912 CDs
YCDTOSA5You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5July 19922 CDs
YCDTOSA6You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6July 19922 CDs
ZAZoot AlluresOctober 19761 LP - 1 CD
ZINYZappa In New YorkMarch 19782 LPs - 2 CDs
* These records have been released after the death of Frank Zappa.
** Mystery Disc is the re-release in one cd of two vinyl records originally included in TOMB1 and TOMB2.
*** The Old Masters Box One, Two and Three were vinyl re-issues of all the old albums, from Freak Out to Zoot Allures,
with the exception of Mothermania and Frank Zappa's 200 Motels.
Boxes 1 & 2 also contained each a Mystery Disc with previously unreleased material.
- TOMB1 contained FO, AF, WOIIFTM, LG, CWR&TJ and the first Mystery Disc.
- TOMB2 contained UM, HR, BWS, WRMF, CR, FE, JABFLA and the second Mystery Disc.
- TOMB3 contained WJ, TGW, OS, A, R&E, OSFA, BF and ZA.
**** It had to happen: for the first time with Trance-Fusion we have two identical acronyms, so it will be TRF

Please note you could find in my site and elsewhere another couple of acronyms:

Not all Zappa's compilation are listed here, check the complete and chronological FZ Discography by Román García Albertos.
You may also want to check my notes about the FZ phonography, including a compact mini-guide to different versions of Zappa's Records.
Last, you also can check the many differences exiting in the various editions of these albums in the complete Vinyl-vs-CDs faq at The Zappa Patio or in my simpler Easy Teen-Age version.

Acronyms for officially released records

Acronyms for officially released movies and videos

AcronymTitleFirst release dateFormat
200M Frank Zappa's 200 Motels October 1971 35mm - VHS - Laser disc (Out of print)
BS Baby Snakes Dec. 1979 & Oct. 1987 35mm - VHS - DVD
DHBIM Does Humor Belong In Music? Jan. 1985 VHS/BETA - Laser disc - DVD
TAMB The Amazing Mr. Bickford May 1989 VHS (Out of print)
TDRS The Dub Room Special! Oct. 1982 & 1985 (or 1982?)* VHS/BETA - DVD
TTNS The Torture Never Stops May 2008 DVD
TTSO200M The True Story Of 200 Motels May 1988 or Jan. 1989* VHS (Out of print)
UM Uncle Meat Sept. 1987 or Jan. 1988* VHS (Out of print)
VFH Video From Hell Jan. 1987 VHS/BETA (Out of print)
*Exact release date for some of the videos is still unclear.

Note that most of the movies/videos listed above contain live performances not available in official released records (details here: complete list of Frank Zappa's live performances available on Frank Zappa's official videos).
A couple of video clips not available on any of the above main releases are included in the Halloween DVD-Audio release;
the cd version of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels album contains an original theatrical trailer for the movie;
a Valley Girl documentary (from 1982) has been added as bonus video in the The Dub Room Special! DVD release;
a Roxy trailer has been added as bonus video in the Baby Snakes DVD release.
Classic Albums: Frank Zappa - Apostrophe(')/Over-Nite Sensation should be added at the videos above (CAFZ). It was first broadcasted in december 2006 in Norway and then commercially released as DVD in May 2007. It contains various live excerpts (inclundig some previously unseen footage with Bianca), and, as "bonus features", complete live performances of Montana (from one of the December 1973 Roxy shows) and I'm The Slime (from a December live TV appareance at the Saturday Night Live show).
The same Roxy Montana performance, followed by a twenty minutes Dupree's Paradise, is/was also available as low resolution .mov file at Zappa.com (this video was first shown as intro at some 2006 Zappa Plays Zappa shows).

Corrections and additions are really welcome.

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