Unreleased, radio, and weird stuff

1962 - 1971

1963 03 ?? - "The Steve Allen Show"

15 min, A-

FZ plays bicycle, available as video.

1963-1971 - "The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention", excerpts.

65 min, B

Taped by David Walley with a microphone at FZ's house during an interview in August 1971. Most of the material has FZ / David Walley voices over and was released in more or less identical forms on various albums.

Mount St. Mary's Excerpt [TLE]
Any Way The Wind Blows [TLE]
Run Home Slow Theme [MD]
Original Duke Of Prunes [MD]
The Memo
The Village Inn [MD]
Steal Away [MD]
I Was A Teenage Maltshop [MD]
The Birth Of Captain Beefheart [MD]
Status Back Baby
Ned The Mumbler
Toads Of The Short Forest
Excerpt From The Uncle Frankie Show [MD]
Charva [MD/TLE]
Metal Man Has Won His Wings [MD]
Power Trio segment from The Saints 'N Sinners [MD]
Bossa Nova Pervertamento [MD]
Original Mothers At The Broadside (Pomona) [MD]
Party Scene From Mondo Hollywood [MD]
Original Mothers Rehearsal [MD]
How Could I Be Such A Fool? [MD]
Boogie For Berkeley
I'm Not Satisfied (Fillmore West 1966)
Band Introductions At The Fillmore West [MD]
Plastic People [MD]
Original Mothers At The Fillmore East [longer than on MD]
Eddie Are You Kidding [JABFLA]
Magdalena [JABFLA]
Dog Breath [JABFLA]
You There With The Hard On! [PP]
King Kong improvisations (1970)
Here Comes The Gear Lads / Getting Stewed / The Motel Room [PP]

1960s - "Zappa / Beefheart Radio Hour"

60 min, FM, A+

Originally broadcast on WLIR, Long Island on 1-Nov 1975. Mostly material from the unreleased "History and Collected Improvisations by the MOI" 10-record set, with some official stuff in between. Much of this appears in more or less identical versions on Mystery Disc as well on various bootlegs.

Orange Claw Hammer (live in studio)
I Was A Teenage Maltshop
The Birth Of Captain Beefheart
Toads Of The Short Forest (Cucamonga 1964)
Excerpt from the Uncle Frankie Show
Charva [TLE]
Speed Freak Boogie
Metal Man Has Won His Wings
Power Trio From The Saints & Sinners
Bossa Nova Pervertamento
Original Mothers At The Broadside (Pomona, Muddy Waters' Louisiana Blues)
Party Scene From Mondo Hollywood
Original Mothers Rehearsal
How Could I Be Such A Fool?
Boogie For Berkeley (live 1968)

1966 06 9-10 - "Boy Wonder Sessions" with Burt Ward

20 min, A+

Teenage Bill Of Rights, The Comedian, Boy Wonder I Love You, Orange Colored Sky, Teenage Bill Of Rights, Tears Come From Loving You, I Love, The Comedian

1966 - Absolutely Free outtakes

4 min, B

Uncle Bernie's Farm, Son Of Suzy Creamcheese

3 min, A

Intro to America Drinks

1967 - "Lumpy Gravy", Capitol version acetate

25 min, A-

Only orchestral version, stereo (has one different passage compared to the official mono release on Lumpy Money).
Also circulate a 6 min, B+ single edit: Sink Trap / Gypsy Airs.

1967 - "We're Only In It For The Money" demo / test pressing

25 min, B+

Many small differences in addition to those noted.

Lonely Little Girl [instrumental, extended] / Oh No [Lumpy Gravy] / Lonely Little Girl Reprise
Theme From Burnt Weenie Sandwich [without percussion overdubs]
Mom & Dad [extended, with What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? parts]
Bow Tie Daddy
Harry You're A Beast
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? [extended]
Stuff Up The Cracks guitar solo
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Mother People [cuts at orchestral bit]
Idiot Bastard Son
Who Needs The Peace Corps? [extended]

1968 - "Uncle Meat" demo

40 min, B+

Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague [different ending]
Legend Of The Golden Arches
Louie Louie (At The Royal Albert Hall In London)
Dog Breath Variations
Project X excerpt
Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula [extended, incl. beginning of Get A Little]
A Pound For A Brown On The Bus
Electric Aunt Jemima
Our Bizarre Relationship [end]
We Can Shoot You [end]
If We'd All Been Living In California [slightly extended]
Ian Underwood Whips It Out [monologue only]
"All The Way Down The Tonsils"
The Air
Mr Green Genes [with spoken intro from We Can Shoot You]
Uncle Meat Variations
Our Bizarre Relationship
Sleeping In A Jar
Cops And Buns
King Kong

1969? - Artisan RS-6406 acetate

40 min, A

Probably one LP of the unreleased multiple-LP collection "The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention", includes recordings from 1968 and 1969. Titles reported here are from the acetate labels, you should probably read "Passacaglia" for "Passalaglia" and "Philadelphia Arena" for "Phil Wenz".

Wipe Out (Shrine Auditorium) [6-7 December 1968, The Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles CA ?]
East L.A. (Columbia University) [longer edit of You Call That Music? on YCDTOSA4 (+ 0:50) and There Is No Heaven From Where The Slogans Go To Die on FM (+ 0:20)]
Weasels Ripped My Flesh (The Ballroom) [edited from two different live performances: the first 2:58 are from February 16, 1969, The Ballroom, Stratford CT (cfr. Skweezit Skweezit Skweezit on MD), last 1:11 are from February 7, 1969, Thee Image, Miami Beach FL. (cfr. the last 1:09 of Right There on YCDTOSA5); see also Skweezit Skweezit Skweezit on FM; this unique edit appears also on the "Columbia (Capitol) YSA6477 test pressing"]
Kung Fu (Phil Wenz) [last 1:45 of Didja Get Any Onya? on the WRMF CD, +0:15]
Igor's Boogie (Phil Wenz)
Passalaglia (Phil Wenz) [King Kong solos vamp with a theme and some FZ soloing]
Copenhagen Night Music [1968 10 03 København ?]
Help, I’m A Rock [different edit than on AOTT]
Chocolate Halvah [longer edit than on YCDTOSA5 (+ 0:10)]
Prelude To A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask [same as on WRMF vinyl]
The Cookie Jar Lecture [shorter edit of Tiny Sick Tears on YCDTOSA4]
It Must Be Your Breath [same as Weasels Ripped My Flesh on WRMF]

1969? - Columbia (Capitol) YSA6477 test pressing

40 min, B

Probably one of the unreleased multiple-LP collection "The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention". Much of this later appeared on Mystery Disc and The Lost Episodes. The time differences noted below are in comparison with the album versions.
Tracks 2-7 are commonly circulating as Hartford 1968 or 1969.

Mothers At KPFK [MD]
guitar solo
Skweezit Skweezit Skweezit [same as Weasels Ripped My Flesh on "Artisan RS-6406 acetate"]
The Jelly [last 1:45 of Didja Get Any Onya? on the WRMF CD, +0:15, same as Kung Fu on "Artisan RS-6406 acetate"]
Igor's Boogie / Little Doo-Wop [same as on "Artisan RS-6406 acetate"]
King Kong excerpt
tape collage?
Lost In A Whirlpool [TLE, -0:35]
The Blackouts [TLE +0:07]
Ronnie Sings? [TLE]
Kenny's Booger Story [TLE +0:09]
Ronnie's Booger Story [TLE]
Yet Another Booger Story
Any Way The Wind Blows [TLE]
Fountain Of Love [TLE]
Mount St. Mary's Concert Excerpt [TLE +1:10]
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance [TLE]

1969? - "The Weasel Music", acetate

20 min, A-

Probably one side of the unreleased multiple-LP collection "The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention". Parts are recorded at The Royal Albert Hall in London in 1969; parts are studio recording.

Albert Hall Spoken Introduction [FM +0:20]
Chamber Music Piece 1
Mozart Ballet [parts on YCDTOSA5 and FM]
Some Zany MOI Bullshit
Chamber Music Piece 2

1969 10 24-28 - Festival d'Amougies, Amougies, Belgium

FZ jammed with various bands.

Aud, A-/B+, only jam with FZ are considered

Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation: unknown title (Oct 24 - 7 min)
Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive (Oct 25 - 20 min)
Caravan: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (Oct 26 - 8 min)
Blossom Toes: unknown title (Oct 26 - 25 min)
Sam Apple Pie: Moonlight Man (Oct 27 - 6 min)
Cpt. Beefheart: intro, She's Too Much For My Mirror, When Big Joan Sets Up (Oct 28 - 27 min)

1970 07 25 - Riviera Festival, Valbonne, France

45 min, Aud, B+

FZ jammed with Jean-Luc Ponty on violin, Alby Cullaz on bass, Aldo Romano on drums.

tuning, jam, King Kong, jam, jam

1970-1971 - "The Official Mother Of Invention Bootleg Album" a.k.a. "Mark Volman Field Recordings"

40 min, A-

Much of this appears on Playground Psychotics, in most cases differently edited. The time differences are in comparison with the PP versions, except where noted.

You There With The Hard On [+0:33]
Here Comes The Gear, Lads [+1:01]
The Living Garbage Truck [+0:10]
A Typical Soundcheck [+0:20]
This Is Neat [+0:08]
The Motel Lobby
Getting Stewed
The Motel Room [+0:06]
Don't Take Me Down
The Dressing Room [-0:18]
Learning 'Penis Dimension' [-1:09, different edit]
Diphtheria Blues [-3:58, different edit]
The M.O.I Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath [YCDTOSA6 +0:16]
Easy Meat (unreleased)
There's No Lust In Jazz [+0:31]
Don't Eat There [longer edit of dialogue only]
Playground Psychotics [+0:28]
London Cab Tape [+0:25]
It's A Good Thing We Get Paid To Do This
He's Watching Us [+3:05]
Jeff Quits [+0:23]

1970 - "Groupie Opera / 200 Motels Demo", studio outtake

25 min, A/A-

Used to be known as "Butte, MT 1970", because they mention this town in What Kind Of Girl?. Recorded in August 1970 at Whitney Studios, Glendale, CA.

What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening?, What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?, Bwana Dik, Latex Solar Beef, Daddy Daddy Daddy, Do You Like My New Car?, Magic Fingers, What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?

1970 - "Unaired FZ Portrait", ZDF TV documentary

55 min, A-/B+

Includes field recordings, interviews and live performances from Liverpool 1970 11 26 and, probably, Manchester 1970 11 27. Audio only is known to circulated, music is 25 minutes.

tune up, Paladin Routine, Call Any Vegetable (from Liverpool)
Paladin Routine, Call Any Vegetable, Who Are The Brain Police? (from Manchester ?)

1971 - CKGM-FM / CHOM-FM Montreal

40 min, B+, FM (correct date should be 1971 07 05)

The Mothers live in the studio.

Daddy's Home, Clarinet Polka, drum solo, Mudshark, Magdalena , jam, Pirate Jenny, Niki Hoi, Daddy Daddy Daddy, She Painted Up Her Face, What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?, Oh Baby Don't Drop It, Happy Together / Penis Dimension, Clarinet Polka, Road Ladies (album version)

1971 11 ?? - ABC TV, Dick Cavett Show

15 min, B+

The songs are played live in studio.

Sofa, interview, Who Are The Brain Police

1971 - "Just Another Band From L.A, 2nd LP"

40 min, A

This is supposed to be part of an unreleased double LP version of JABFLA.
Billy The Mountain pt2 is the unedited recording, including solos, of the second part of the song as played in LA on 1971 08 07 (JABFLA); the other tracks (Pound For A Brown and King Kong solos) were recorded at Carnegie Hall, NYC, October 11, 1971 and have now be released on Carnegie Hall (unedited) and on Finer Moments (with different edits, see details here).

Billy The Mountain Pt. 2, The Subcutaneous Peril, An Easy Substitute For Eternity Itself

Various sixties and early seventies stuff

1965 - Space Boy (Florence Marley)

2½ min, A-, acetate. Intended for use in the 1966 movie Queen Of Blood (a.k.a. Planet Of Blood), but never used, FZ is commonly credited with drums and orchestration.

1967? - Dwarf Nebula,

1½ min, A-, different edit, a.k.a. Randomonium

1967? - America Drinks, Agency Man

6 min, A-, studio outtakes, from a 1968 radio broadcast (KPFA)

1967 - Remington Electric Razor commercial

1 min, A-, unused commercial spot, features Linda Ronstadt

1968 - "Studio Fun"

3 min, dialogue with electronic noises in the background

1968 09 28? - Essen?, In The Sky and interview

5 min, from video "Internationale Essener Songtage outtake"

1969 - Dog Breath (instr)

(7" version?), 3 min, A

1969 - My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

(7" version?), 3 min, A

1969 - My Head

40 secs, A-, different edit

1969 - German Lunch

unedited, 9 min

1969 08 - "Toads Of The Short Forest", alternate mix, acetate

2 min, A+, 10" Acetate Disc cut at Harmony Recorders, Hollywood CA

1970 - Bognor Regis

5 min, A+, unreleased B-side of Sharleena, from acetate

1970 - 200 Motels leftovers ("What's The Name Of Your Group")

5 min, A, interview

1971 05? - Magdalena (live in studio) a.k.a. The Tolkien Tape

12 min (WABX Detroit 1971 05 25 ?)

1971 06 05 or 06 - Well / Say Please

8 min, B-, longer edit than on Playground Psychotics. Most of the Mothers/Lennon/Ono jam is available as video

1971 - Billy The Mountain pt.2 (incl. Studebaker Hoch / Don't Fuck Around)

10 min, B+, a different live recording of the last part of the song, unknown date and location.
Usually circulates attached to the first 20 minutes of the JABFLA version.

1972 - 1979

1972 - George Duke Demo produced by FZ

15 min, B+

Previously listed as "1975 - The Aura Will Prevail outtakes". Probably with FZ, GD, Alex Dmochowski (bass), Aynsley Dunbar (drums), Tony Duran (slide guitar), Sal Marquez (trumpet), Mike Altschul and Joel Peskin (woodwinds), and Ilene "Chunky" Rapaport (vocal).

For Love (I Come Your Friend)
Psychosomatic Dung
Uncle Remus [partially same as on Apostrophe]

1973 or 1974 - "UN-Concert"

Put together by FZ and broadcast on radio. First broadcast date is unclear. Circulating tape comes from WLIR-FM. Previously listed as WXRT, 8-Nov 1974. Appears on countless bootlegs.

65 min, FM, A-

Tango Chat (1973 11 11 Wayne, NJ, late show)
Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up (With Erma Coffee (?) on vocals, unknown date and location, NJ)
Be-Bop Tango excerpt 1 (1973 11 23, Toronto, Canada)
Story Of Dupree's Paradise (1973 11 22, New York, NY, late show)
Bebop Tango excerpt 2 (? 1973 11 18, Waterloo, Canada)
Penguin In Bondage / T'Mershi Duween / Dog Meat (1973 12, Roxy, Los Angeles, CA)
Yellow Snow Suite (edited from 1973 06 25, Sydney, Australia) [longer than Australian Yellow Snow, OSD, parts on Father O'Blivion, YCDTOSA6]
Guitar Event (1973 11 30, Lowell, MA)
Be-Bop Tango Dance Contest (1973 11 18, Waterloo, Canada)
Be-Bop Tango Variations (1973 06 25, Sydney, Australia)

1974 08 27 - Sound Stage B, KCET Channel 28, Los Angeles, CA

85 min, SBD, A

TV Studio show from which originates the A Token Of His Extreme DVD with the relative Soundtrack CD and most of The Dub Room Special! DVD and The Dub Room Special! CD.
From this TV performance used to circulate many unofficial audio and video versions, that now are obsolete due to the official releases.
The only relevant materials here remain the "Mort Libov's Video Outtakes ", with different video takes for four songs and one minute more of Stinkfoot.
You can check the details of the different versions here.

1975 - George Duke "The Aura Will Prevail" outtakes with FZ?

See: 1972 - George Duke Demo produced by FZ.

1975 04 18 ? - WPLR radio New Haven, CT

FZ plays acetates of upcoming releases - mostly OSFA, but also an extended version of 200 Years Old and a different Greggery Peccary, see down in the various mid-late seventies stuff.

1975 11 01 - "Zappa / Beefheart Radio Hour"

Broadcast on various radio stations, see above, in the Sixties section.

1975 - Orchestral Favourites pre-release (?)

35 min, A-

Only Pedro's Dowry and Naval Aviation In Art are identical to the released versions

Strictly Genteel, Duke Of Prunes, Black Napkins, Rollo, Pedro's Dowry, Naval Aviation In Art

1976 (circa) - "The Impossible Concert"

45 min, A

A collection of outtakes, put together by FZ. Some are the the same of the "UN-Concert".

Black Napkins guitar solo (1975/76 tour)
Once Upon A Time (1971 08 07 Los Angeles)
Divan (1971 08 07 Los Angeles) [PP]
Jam (1975 05 03 Baltimore, MD)
Excerpt from Big Swifty improvisations (1974 11 08 Passaic, NJ, late show) [included in Space Boogers, OSD]
Excerpts from a Dupree's Paradise intro (spring/summer 1973)
Trouble Every Day solo (1974 09 25 Gothenburg; end from 1969 06 06 London, UK) [The Walking Zombie Music, FM]
George Duke synth improvisation (1973 Ponty line-up)
Percussion/violin improvisation (1973 Ponty line-up)
Sink Trap (1975 09 18 Los Angeles) [parts on Lumpy Gravy, Q]
Improvisations (1969 06 06 London, UK) [The Walking Zombie Music, FM]
Improvisations (1975 09 18 Los Angeles) [parts on Easy Meat, TTR]
Improvisations (1973 05 16 Chicago)
Improvisations with tape (1969 06 06 London, UK) [The Walking Zombie Music, FM]
Improvisations (1973 Ponty line-up)
Improvisations (1975 09 18 Los Angeles)
Dupree's riff (1973/4)
Yellow Snow Suite (edited from 1973 06 25 Sydney, Australia) [longer than Australian Yellow Snow, OSD, parts on Father O'Blivion, YCDTOSA6]

1976 12 07 - The Bottom Line, New York, NY, FZ guest of Flo & Eddie

15 min, Aud, B

Partial video exists

Rudy Wants To Buy Yer A Beer, What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are, What Does It Take

1976 12 11 - FZ at Saturday Night Live

10 min, FM, A

With Don Pardo, John Belushi, and some of the SNL Orchestra.
Video exists. I'm The Slime has been released as DVD in Classic Albums - Frank Zappa.

I'm the Slime, Purple Lagoon, Peaches en Regalia

Halloween 1977 - "King Biscuit Flower Hour" broadcast

A mix from the whole Halloween '77 run, broadcast on 1978 04 30.

50 min, SBD, A+

Flakes Vamp intro (Oct. 28 early)
San Ber'dino (Oct. 31)
Tryin' To Grow A Chin (Oct. 31) [YCDTOSA6]
City Of Tiny Lights (Oct. 31)
Bowling On Charen (Oct. 28 early)[TRF]
Big Leg Emma (Oct. 31)
Dance Contest (Oct. 31)
The Black Page (Oct. 31)
Jones Crusher (Oct. 29 early)
Punky's Whips outro (Oct. 31)
Camarillo Brillo (Oct. 31)
Black Napkins (Oct. 31)

1977 12 ?? - Läther Mercury Phonogram test pressing

As broadcast by FZ at KROQ-FM Pasadena CA. No relevant differences with the official posthumous release.

1978 - "Läther era outtakes"

60 min, SBD, A

NYC Backstage Dialogue (NYC Halloween '77 run) [parts in Baby Snakes movie and YCDTOSA3]
Dong Work For Yuda (London February 1977)
NYC Backstage Dialogue II (NYC Halloween '77) [part in Baby Snakes movie]
Punky's Whips (NYC Halloween '77) [Baby Snakes movie, includes intro from 10-30-77 not in Baby Snakes film]
Village Of The Sun (fragment - unknown/circa November '73)
Any Downers (unknown/circa October '75)
Cruising For Burgers (NYC 1976 12 29) [ZINY CD - alternate mix without guitar overdubs]
She Painted Up Her Face (LA 1971 08 07)
The Living Garbage Truck (fragment - Vancouver 10/19/70) [PP]
Läther Conversation I [mostly on L]
Revenge Of The Knick Knack People [L bonus track/different edit - includes part from Dancin' Fool on SY]
Outside Now Demo (unknown circa 78) [includes Terry Bozzio's drum track from Rubber Shirt - SY]
Läther Conversation II (includes excerpts from 1976 02 03 drum solo and 1975 09 18 improvisations) [parts on L, SUNPYG, YCDTOSA3]
A Little Green Rosetta [L]
Roy's Ms. Pinky Rap (unknown circa March 1976) [parts on SUNPYG, YAWYI]
Basement Music I [longer edit on TLE]
Läther Conversation III [parts on L, TTR]
Basement Music II [Q, Baby Snakes movie]
Läther Conversation IV [parts on L, SUNPYG]

1978 ?? ?? - WSOU, South Orange broadcast

40 min, FM,

Guitar solos from 1974-78.

Yo' Mama (1978 02 15 Berlin)
A Pound For A Brown (1977 02 10 London)
Zoot Allures (1976 02 01 Tokyo)
Ship Ahoy (1976 02 03 Osaka) [SUNPYG]
Inca Roads (1974 09 25 Goteborg w/O'Hearn overdubs)
Trouble Every Day (1974 09 25 Goteborg w/O'Hearn overdubs)
Pink Napkins (1977 02 17 London) [SUNPYG]
RDNZL (1974 10 03 Marseille)
My Guitar prelude (1977 02 16 London)
Trouble Every Day (1974 10 01 Basel, Early) [Venusian Time Bandits, Q]

1978 09 08 - "We Don't Mess Around", Circus Krone, München, Germany

55 min, FM, A

From a TV special, broadcast on German TV. These are the songs that were played - contents and song order depends on the source. Partially available as video.

A Pound For A Brown, Dancin' Fool, Easy Meat, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Keep It Greasey, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Sofa, Seal Call Fusion Music (q: Day By Day, Penguin In Bondage), St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, Father O'Blivion, Rollo, Bamboozled By Love excerpt, Baby Snakes, The Deathless Horsie / Intros, Bobby Brown, Dead Air, I'm On Duty, Conehead

1978 10 21 - FZ at Saturday Night Live

10 min, FM, A

With John Belushi (*) and some of the SNL Orchestra.
Video exists. Dancin' Foll has been released as DVD in Halloween.

Dancin' Fool, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, St. Alfonzo* / Rollo

1978 10 26 - WBCN, Boston, MA

25 min, FM, A-

FZ brought his SBD tape from the 10 25 Danvers show, and played two songs:

Intro Guitar Solo, City Of Tiny Lights

1979 - "Warts and All" ?

Unreleased FZ live project also known as "NYC & London". Some songs have been played in a row of radio broadcasts in Sept and Nov 1979 from WPIX, NYC

135 min, A+/A

Band Intros
Dead Girls Of London (1979 02 17) [TFZABB]
Suicide Chump (1978 10 27 and 31)
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar (1979 02 17) [SUNPYG, slightly longer edit]
Thirteen (1978 10 27 and 31) [YCDTOSA6, longer edit]
Magic Fingers (1978 10 27 late) [parts on H]
Ancient Armaments (1978 10 31) [H]
Ms X (with Warren Cuccurullo, 1978 10 31)
Little House I Used To Live In (1978 10 29)
Lobster Girl (1978 10 29) [YCDTOSA6, longer edit]
Thirteen (keyboard solos) (1978 10 31)
The Deathless Horsie (1979 02 19) [SUNPYG]
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (1979 02 18 late)
For The Young Sophisticate (1979 02 18 late) [TTR]
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Some More (1979 02 18 early) [SUNPYG, longer edit with Inca Roads theme and beginning of Andy from 02 18]
Conehead (with Shankar, 1978 10 28 and 31)
Jumbo Go Away (1979 02 19) [TFZAAABB]
Mo Mama (Yo' Mama solo, 1978 10 29)
Persona Non Grata (1978 10 27 late)[Sinister Footwear 3rd mvt, YAWYI]
Bamboozled By Love (1979 02 19) [TTR]
I Ain't Got No Heart (1979 02 ??)
Easy Meat (1979 02 19, incl. beginning of Brown Shoes Don't Make [TTR])
Dance Contest (1978 10 27 early) [TTR]
A Pound For A Brown Solos (1978 10 28 early) [YCDTOSA4]
Rubber Girl (1978 10 31) [YCDTOSA4]
Peaches III (1979 02 18 early and late) [TTR]

Various mid-late seventies stuff

1973 - Studio Outtakes: RDNZL, Inca Roads

10 min, A, slightly different edits from what later released on TLE

1973 06 ?? - Stage rehearsal

6 min, A-, available as b/w video. Probably from Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, the band play snippets of 50-50, Be-Bop Tango, Cucamonga.
A snippet from a different rehearsal (with St Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast) can be seen/heard in the Australial ABC-TV documentary "Payola".

1974 - 200 Years Old, longer version

8 min, A+.

1975 - Greggery Peccary, alternative version

20 min, B-, with extended Robert DeNameland part.

1976 - FM WXRT Illinois Enema Bandit broadcast

6 min, FM, A, recorded live probably on 1976 03 06, Paris, France.

1976 10 28 - Frank Zappa plays Black Napkins with Mike Douglas Orchestra

15 min (including interview), FM, A-, video exists.

1976 12 - Zappa In New York Outtakes: Cruising For Burgers, The Torture Never Stops, The Black Page #2

20 min, SBD A-, Cruising is the "Läther era outtakes" edit (1976 12 29), the rest (with only the solo e post solo sections of Torture) is from the 1976 12 27 show and unavailable elsewhere.

1977 - Revenge Of The Knick Knack People, extended

13 min, A-.

1978 10 ?? - Unknown piano rehearsal

5 min, SBD, A - incl. Envelope and The Black Page.

1978 - live outtake: Mo's Vacation, The Black Page

8 min, A+, from 1978 11 21,Poughskeepsie.

1979 - Dead Girls Of London, with Van Morrison on vocals

4 min, A. Now officially released for lossy digital download as part of The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAAAAM Birthday Bundle.

1980 - 1993

1980 - "Crush All Boxes"

A precursor to YAWYI and TTR. Different mixes, and the YAWYI tracks are slower than we're used to.
Some sources are from a test pressing, others are from FM broadcasts.

40 min, A+

Fine Girl
Easy Meat (solo from 1980 04 29 Philadelphia)
Goblin Girl
Society Pages
I'm A Beautiful Guy
Beauty Knows No Pain
Charlie's Enormous Mouth
Any Downers?

1980 07 - "King Biscuit Flower Hour" broadcast

All songs are from München (1980 07 03) except Chunga's Revenge (1980 07 02 Frankfurt). Appears on countless bootlegs.

60 min, FM, A

Chunga's Revenge, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit, Joe's Garage, Pound For A Brown, Cosmik Debris, Keep It Greasey, Pick Me I'm Clean, The Illinois Enema Bandit, You Didn't Try To Call Me [YCDTOSA1], Ain't Got No Heart, Love Of My Life, City Of Tiny Lights

1980 "Build Reel"

30 min, A/A-

This include what sounds like one and a half potential LP sides mixed and edited by FZ around the time of Tinseltown Rebellion, two fall 1980 FZ solos sounding rather different in these mixes/edits compared to what we have had on unofficial tapes, and "Dangerous Kitchen" and "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" without the Vai acoustic guitar overdubs.

City Of Tiny Lights solo (q: She's Not There) [1980 10 17 Dallas]
The Dangerous Kitchen [1980 10 16 Austin early]
Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously [fall 1980]
The Torture Never Stops solos [1980 10 16 Austin early]
Nite Owl [1980 12 11 Santa Monica late]
Jazz Discharge Party Hats [1980 11 15 Carbondale]
I Have Been In You [1978 10 29 NYC]
Pound For A Brown [1979 02 18 London late]
Improv [fall 1978 probably NYC]

1980 07or08? - Studio rehearsals with drum-machine

25 min, A/A-

With David Logeman, Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars, Ike Willis and Ray White. Circulating under uncountable different dates, often mixed with material from "Crush All Boxes". Previously listed as 1980 02or03? in pre-tour rehearsals page.

Bamboozled By Love, Pick Me I'm Clean, Teenage Wind, Harder Than Your Husband, Bamboozled By Love

1981 - "You Are What You Is" outtakes

70 min, A+

All versions are different from each other.

The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing [snippet]
Dumb All Over [extended guitar solo]
Suicide Chump [end]
Jumbo Go Away [without Vai]
If Only She Woulda [snippet]
Doreen [different ending]
Teenage Wind [with studio chat]
Harder Than Your Husband
You Are What You Is [snippet - without Vai]
Dumb All Over [end]
Heavenly Bank Account
Suicide Chump [end]
Jumbo Go Away
If Only She Woulda [longer edit]
Drafted Again [different mix]
Persona Non Grata [with Vai overdub and original live backing track]
Easy Meat solo [snippet]
Teenage Wind [with FZ, Ike and Ray vocals, no Bob Harris or Steve Vai]
Harder Than Your Husband [fewer layers of backing vocals]
You Are What You Is [different beginning and backing vocals]
Mudd Club [different mix]
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing [different mix]
Dumb All Over [different mix]
If Only She Woulda [end]
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted [FZ vocals, without Ahmet and Moon]
Fine Girl [without ending chorale]
Fine Girl ["drum machine rehearsal" snippet]
Bamboozled By Love ["drum machine rehearsal" snippet]

1980-1982 - Various UMRK Outtakes

Sound is about A on all of these.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace [6 min, unedited solo, 2+ min longer than on G]
Nig Biz [3 min, YCDTOSA3 version but different ending]
We're Turning Again [5 min, studio, with Ike Willis on "Thingfish" vocals, different mix than on HIOS]
What's New In Baltimore? [5 min, 1981 11 15 Baltimore late and 1981 11 21 Urbana and 1981 12 10 Berkeley Early Show, different edit/mix than on FZMTMOP]
Easy Meat solo [4 min, studio remix from 1981 11 27 Chicago late]
Mo's Vacation [4 min, studio, rock group + layers of clarinet overdubs]
Sinister Footwear [9 min, 1981 11 15 Baltimore late, partially same as on TOU]
Truck Driver Divorce [10 min, unknown date/location, solo from Zoot Allures, New York 1981 11 17, partially same as on TOU]
Frogs With Dirty Little Lips [2½ min, different mix than on TOU, 1981 12 11 Santa Monica early]
Teenage Wind [4 min, with FZ / Ike Willis on vocals]
Society Pages [4 min]
The Dangerous Kitchen [7 min, with Lisa Popeil, 1981 12 11 Santa Monica late]

1982 - "Chalk Pie" (?)

70 min, A+

Drowning Witch
Teenage Prostitute (SATLTSADW versions, with some differences)
The Dangerous Kitchen (mostly from 1980 10 16 Austin, diff. mix than on TMFU)
Chalk Pie (1981 12 07 Salt Lake City, same as on G)
We're Turning Again (mostly from 1981 12 11 Santa Monica early)
Alien Orifice (q: Inca Roads) (mostly from 1981 12 10 Berkeley early and 1981 12 12 San Diego early)
The Jazz Discharge Party Hats (possibly 1980 11 15 Carbondale, diff mix than on TMFU)
The Torture Never Stops guitar solo (aka "Toronto"; 1980 11 11 Toronto)
What's New In Baltimore? (mostly same as on FZMTMOP but with more guitar solo)
Moggio (basic tracks from 1981 11 27 Chicago late)
Black Page Guitar Solo (aka "Takes 1 To Know 1"; 1981 12 12 San Diego early)
Clowns On Velvet (with Al di Meola, 1981 11 17 New York)
Frogs With Dirty Little Lips (with Ahmet, 1981 12 11 Santa Monica early)

1984 - "Them Or Us Outtakes" (?)

25 min, A

Some differences compared to the official release(s).

We're Turning Again (basic track 1981 12 11 Santa Monica Early, see also 1980-1982 - Various UMRK Outtakes)
Alien Orifice (slightly different mix from FZMTMOP version)
Nig Biz (see also 1980-1982 - Various UMRK Outtakes)
Lisa's Life Story (4 min, with Lisa Popeil, 1981 12 11 Santa Monica early and - Dangerous Kitchen section - late, different edit/mix than on YCDTOSA6 version)
Whippin' Post (1982 06 11 Frankfurt Early with a few edits, different from album version)
The Revenge of the Knick Knack People
Won Ton On

1984 - "Thing-Fish" (premix and outtakes)

90 min, A-

Many differences and additional tracks compared to the official release.

The Mammy Nuns
Harry & Rhonda (background=Mo & Herb's Vacation, 3rd mvt.))
Galoot Update (different background, incl. Approximate)
The Torchum Never Stops (Evil Prince sings over the TNS vamp. No reprise)
You Are What You Is
Mudd Club
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
Dumb All Over (similar to YAWYI versions, no Thingfish)
Heavenly Bank Account (see Dumb all Over)
Teenage Wind (see Dumb all Over)
Suicide Chump (Harry-as-a-Boy version)
Jumbo Go Away (with some Thingfish vocals)
If Only She Woulda (Thingfish vocals)
Drafted Again (sung by Harry-as-a-Boy, extra vocals by Moon?)
The Massive Improve'lence
Artificial Rhonda
Amnerika (Instrumental)
No Not Now (just the end)
Briefcase Boogie
Brown Moses
Drop Dead (different background)
Won Ton On
Amnerika (with Napoleon Murphy Brock vocals, circulates as a stand alone item)

1985? - "Ryko Outtakes"

85 min, A

Many mixing differences compared to the official ryko cd releases of the eighties.

Who Are The Brain Police (3:09)
Help I'm A Rock (4:45)
It Can't Happen Here (3:35)
Who Needs The Peace Corps (2:36)
Concentration Moon (2:17)
Mom And Dad (2:18)
Mom And Dad 2 (2:18)
Mom And Dad 3 (2:18)
Bowtie Daddy 1 (0:35)
Bowtie Daddy 2 (0:33)
Harry You're A Beast (1:21)
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body (1:03)
Absolutely Free (2:58)
Mother People 1 (1:43)
Mother People 2 (1:43)
Mother People 3 (1:43)
Flower Punk 1 (3:14)
Flower Punk 2 (3:05)
Nasal Retentive Calliope Music (2:02)
Let's Make The Water Turn Black (1:45)
Idiot Bastard Son (0:55)
Lonely Little Girl (1:43)
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (1:33)
What's The Ugliest reprise (0:59)
Apostrophe 1 (5:46)
Apostrophe 2 (5:47)
I'm The Slime 1 (3:29)
I'm The Slime 2 (3:17)
I'm The Slime 3 (3:17)
Grand Wazoo (7:35)
Cocaine Decisions (0:59)
Camarillo Brillo (3:31)

1986? - "Resolver + Brutality"

Unreleased synclavier music.

60 min, A

Resolver ED., Big Sequence, Brutality, Bondage, Oral Sex At Gunpoint, Bondage (Maniac Mix), Oral Sex At Gunpoint (Maniac Mix), Brutality (Maniac Mix)

1991 - Zappa in Prague

Zappa performed with Pražský Výber (a Czech band leaded by Michael Kocab) in Prague on June 24. The performance ("Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou") is available in a couple of official Pražský Výber CDs ("Adieu CA", 1992 and "Komplet", 1995), and is available also in video from a TV brodcast. Some video version include also an off-track performance of "Love Of My Life" (that could be also from January 1990, during the previous Zappa visit to Prague).

1991 - Zappa in Budapest

70 min (including soundcheck), Aud, available also as video.

Fz jammed with Gyula Babos (guitar), János Egri (bass), Béla "Szakcsi" Lakatos (keyboard), Imre Köszegi (drums) at the Taban Jazzfestival in Budapest on June 30.

1992-1993 - "Trance-Fusion" (pre-release version)

60 min, A-, no relevant differences with the official posthumous release.

1993 - "Civilization Phaze III" (pre-release version)

130 min, A

Contains some dialogue and music that isn't on the official version. Many small differences in addition to those noted.

"This Is Phase III"
Put A Motor In Yourself
They Made Me Eat It
Xmas Values
"You Caught Me, Didn't You?"
Reagan At Bitburg
"A Very Nice Body"
"How The Pigs' Music Works"
Secular Humanism
"It's Not Even A Wurlitzer" (Religious Superstition dialogue with different musical "intro")
Saliva Can Only Take So Much
Buffalo Voice
"Someplace Else Right Now"
Get A Life
"A Kayak (On Snow)"
Gross Man
"A Tunnel Into Muck"
Dio Fa
"That Would Be The End Of That"
Beat The Reaper
"I Wish Motorhead Would Come Back"
"Dark Water"
"Have You Ever Heard Their Band?"
Religious Superstition (music)
Attack! Attack! Attack!
"A Different Drum" (synclavier, modified "I Was In A Drum"??)
"A Different Octave"
The Partially Answered Question
!This Ain't CNN"
(extended with extra dialogue)
Hip Hop (EM improvisations)
"The Pigs' Music"
A Pig With Wings
"Charles Ives" (dialogue + EM improvs)
"This Is All Wrong" (part 1, 1967 bit)
Why Not? (music)
"This Is All Wrong" (part 2, 1991 bit w/ ext. dialogue at middle/end)
Hot & Putrid (music, extended)
"Flowing Inside-Out"
Synclavier/EM piece
"I Had A Dream About That"
Jolly Good Fellow [EIHN]
"Why Not?" (dialogue)
"Put A Little Motor In 'Em"
"You're Just Insultin' Me, Aren't You?" (extended dialogue at middle)
"Cold Light Generation" (extended music between 1967 and 1991 bits)
Let's Dance (dialogue/music)
Percussion piece
"We're Not In Kansas Anymore" (dialogue)
Synclavier piece
"So I Can Get Fucked Up" (dialogue)

Various eighties stuff

1981 - Five Five Five (extended version)

6 min, from SUNPYG acetates, the other tracks don't differ from official release.

1981 06 - Falling In Love Is A Stupid Habit

2 min, A-, UMRK?, FZ on piano

1984 - Lumpy Gravy "digital excerpts"

1 min, FM, A, from "Speaking Of Music", 1984 05 20 KPFA San Francisco.

1984 - While You Were Art - synclavier version

6 min, FM, A, from "Speaking Of Music", 1984 05 20 KPFA San Francisco.

1984 - String Trio Opus One (a.k.a. Francesco Rock) - Francesco Zappa outtake

3 min, FM, A, from "Speaking Of Music", 1984 05 20 KPFA San Francisco.

1985 - None Of The Above II mvt - synclavier demo

2 min, FM, A, from a 1985 04 08 KPFA San Francisco broadcast.

1986 - Porn Wars, extended version

20 min, Aud, C, from 1986 11 05 Northridge CA Lecture, when FZ played more (then) unreleased music.

1990 - Outrage At Valdez - original version

15 min, FM, A, as broadcast on 1991-??-??, "NOS Supplement", it is not complete.

1991 - "Excerptis Frank Zappæ Elektronik MuZik"

8 min, FM, A, unreleased synclavier music from German documentary "Peefeeyatko".

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