Halloween 1981:
official releases and videos

♦ Early show
song official audio official video other video note
* Chunga's Revenge video was shown during some ZPZ shows in 2007
* You Are What You IsTTNS YAWYI, DAO
* The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing TTNS YAWYI
* Dumb All Over YCDTOSA1 TTNS YAWYI, DAO audio version has guitar solo edited out
* Heavenly Bank AccountYCDTOSA1 TTNS YAWYI, DAO
* Suicide Chump YCDTOSA1 TTNSYAWYI audio version has guitar solo edited out, video versions have all solos edited out
* Jumbo Go Away TTNS YAWYI
* Envelopes
* Drowning Witch
* What's New In Baltimore?
* Moggio
* We're Turning Again TTNS YAWYI
* Alien Orifice parts on YCDTOSA6 TTNS YAWYI audio version is shortened
* Teen-Age Prostitute TTNS (bonus track) YAWYI not in the original TTNS TV program
* Broken Hearts Are For Assholes TTNS YAWYI
* The Blue Light
* Tinsel Town Rebellion
* Yo' Mama
* Bobby Brown
* City Of Tiny Lights TTNS (bonus track) DAO not in the original TTNS TV program
* Strictly Genteel TTNS (parts) DAO (parts)
* Dancin' Fool
* Whippin' Post YAWYI
♦ Late show
song official audio official video other video note
* Black Napkins BTB1: As An Am TTNS MTVedited in BTB1 and TTNS versions
* Society Pages YCDTOSA3 MTV
* I'm A Beautiful Guy YCDTOSA3 MTV
* Beauty Knows No Pain YCDTOSA3 TTNS MTV
* Charlie's Enormous Mouth YCDTOSA3 TTNSMTV
* Fine Girl TTNS MTV, DAO
* Teen-Age Wind TTNSMTV, DAO
* Harder Than Your Husband TTNS MTV, DAO
* Bamboozled By Love TTNSMTV
* Sinister Footwear MTV
* Stevie's Spanking TDRSTTNS, TDRS MTV
* Cocaine Decisions TDRS MTV
* Nig Biz TDRS MTV
* Doreen MTV
* Goblin Girl MTV
* The Black Page BTB1: As An Am MTV edited in BTB1 version
* Tryin' To Grow A Chin MTV
* Strictly Genteel YCDTOSA6 TTNS (parts) MTV, DAO (parts)
* The Torture Never Stops BTB1: As An Am TTNS MTV
* Joe's Garage MTV (partial)
* Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
* The Illinois Enema Bandit OSD TTNS
* King Kong
* Auld Lang Syne

NYC Halloween Audience [YCDTOSA6] is from the early show, before Bobby Brown.
Note that are reported different versions of MTV (original late show TV broadcast) and YAWYI unofficial videos. They may contain fewer songs than what is listed here.
For the late show all the videos have identical camera angles apart from the live MTV broadcast.
Check also Román García Albertos' Halloween '81 page.

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