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1970 06 18 Uddel NL, VPRO "Piknik" 49.30 Pre-FM MC (Y-flambay) w.fills - ZTLS#258 pt.2
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Post 2007-04-04 11:22   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
18-Jun 1970,
Uddel, Netherlands
Live at the "Piknik" show, VPRO, Dutch Television.

MC2 - "Pre-FM" Studio Master Tape

available tapes, according FZshows:
45 min, FM, A+/A

This copy: 49.30 min, Pre-FM MC, A+/A (w.fills)
lineage (main body): open reel tape machine > DAT Recorder > Griffin iMic to Roxio CD Spin Doctor 2 > aiff > Roxio Toast Titanium > CD-R > EAC0.95 secure mode > wav > Soundforge 5: tracking, editing fills > FLAC FFE lvl7 w/SBA

fills: (for FZ Interview & Intro)
from taurus seed VPRO Piknik boot CD, FM, A
lineage: FM>unknown recorder>unknown generation>unknown transfer to cdr>EAC to hd>re-tracked with Sound Forge 4.5>reduced volume by 3db w/Adobe Audtion>Flac frontend conversion to flac level 8

plus (for pre-interview stage banter snippet):
from T__ source/honyak45 seed GSW Project Vol.5 - d1t02, FM(?), B+
Lineage: Radio TV Broadcast / Private >
Cassette generation unknown >
Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >
Nikko 32 Band EQ >
Akai DR16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder >
HHB CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorder >
CDR > WAV >CD Wave Editor > FLAC

== The Mothers Of Invention June 1970 - April 1971 ==
FZ, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Jeff Simmons, Aynsley Dunbar, Ian Underwood, George Duke.


00 "Silence Fools !!..." (stage banter) [0:20] switch from T__ > taurus source @ 0:18
01 FZ Interview & Band Intro [5:38] taurus source/switch to main body @ 4:29
02 Wonderful Wino [4:51]
03 Concentration Moon [2:28]
04 Mom & Dad [3:12]
05 The Air [3:16]
06 Dog Breath [2:08]
07 Mother People [2:08]
08 You Didn't Try To Call Me [4:19]
09 Agon [0:37]
10 Call Any Vegetable [7:11]
11 King Kong Part 1 [4:29]
12 Igor's Boogie [1:08]
13 King Kong Part 2 [7:45]

total time: 49.30 min

somes flaws during King Kong (muddy sound plus drop out in FZ solo) I have decided to left untouched,
in order to keep this version as raw "as is" ...

Special thanks to Y for sharing this master tape copy with us.
Thanks to taurus and T__/honyak45 for the filler material via their respective seeds.

Enjoy !!!

-- flambay


700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 00 Silence Fools !!.flac:b8227486b16c73f15d69357c0acb71f1
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 01 FZ Interview & Band Intro.flac:621b4248c984712f2b34dee2528a87f8
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 02 Wonderful Wino.flac:12e20e0c243e1a2e08d506525107ee77
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 03 Concentration Moon.flac:52053206d3a6d082a9434d69354177ba
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 04 Mom & Dad.flac:04123d080b45855df8c721745ff0440b
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 05 The Air.flac:69f5f886e64c9e25b44429b8856045dc
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 06 Dog Breath.flac:3b3a887b3790868e874877af8e79ad1d
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 07 Mother People.flac:299f194fb50d8348086dd70469955ffa
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 08 You Didn't Try To Call Me.flac:71fb75848b2cf22f11d4f2f0f2025012
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 09 Agon.flac:807918da3d831626d8b286b721516f49
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 10 Call Any Vegetable.flac:a1af033f355691138e856f435d5807bc
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 11 King Kong pt.1.flac:96f1abebe75952f7d90722773510bc5e
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 12 Igor's Boogie.flac:1ef79857856f578e7f14eb07f4c2b3d1
700618-Uddel VPRO Piknik MC2 - 13 King Kong pt.2.flac:2c4821fa4cf6bf227cade5e28504cd69

Last edited by flambay on 2007-04-05 22:39; edited 2 times in total
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Jim Lahey
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Post 2007-04-04 12:27   [Quote] 
This is neat! I've been waiting to hear the complete King Kong from this tape since I joined this board. Thanks a million -- nice to wake up to something like this!
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Post 2007-04-04 14:23   [Quote] 
It's nice to see the bottom of the alphabet so well represented! Thanks T, thanks Y, and special thanks to the person who made it possible...Z!


Also nice this was my project, as this show was always offered incomplete. I knew i had one complete copy. So I came up with about 6 copies, none of which made the grade, but resulted in three great finds concerning this show. So I'm patting myself on the back......

Last edited by Drew51 on 2007-04-04 15:31; edited 1 time in total
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Busy Poster
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Post 2007-04-04 15:05   [Quote] 
One of the most important from '70........thank-you for this upgrade, gentlemen!
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Site Admin
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Post 2007-04-04 15:13   [Quote] 
WOW excellent find, man! Thanks a lot Smile

...and after this deadly review hits the paper...
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Joined: 2005-06-17
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Post 2007-04-04 17:22   [Quote] 
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Joined: 2005-07-10
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Post 2007-04-04 17:36   [Quote] 
Thanks very much ... wave
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Post 2007-04-04 18:13   [Quote] 
Yes merci !!!

The way I see it...
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Joined: 2005-04-21
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Post 2007-04-04 18:28   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot flambay & drew51 for taking the time and efforts to make this show complete! Much appreciated! clapping
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Post 2007-04-04 19:23   [Quote] 
Cool, thank you all!
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Site Admin
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Post 2007-04-04 21:15   [Quote] 
Thanks for this

Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them - Karl Popper

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Joined: 2005-01-04
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Post 2007-04-04 21:38   [Quote] 
Sweet! Thanks to all involved!
Now if only the video could somehow rise from the ashes!

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Joined: 2005-03-05
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Post 2007-04-04 22:02   [Quote] 
wow. thanks.
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Busy Poster
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Post 2007-04-04 22:03   [Quote] 
Excellent flambay and drew, thanks for this, I'm looking forward to a better quality and more complete version of one of my favorite F&E era shows.
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Post 2007-04-04 23:05   [Quote] 
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