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GSW Project Vol.#03 - 1968 (T-1480)  
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Post 2007-03-31 09:17   [Quote] 
Here is volume # 3 of the GSW project.And I want to say that I am in no way,shape or form trying to take credit for the work involved in putting these together.They were all compiled and mastered by T___ and i'm simply seeding them for others to enjoy.Here is the info text for this volume:

Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480)

This is Volume 3 in a very large collection of Frank Zappa spoken word releases. It's called the GSW Project. GSW stands for Gigantic Spoken Word. There will be some music in there but there won't be any live concerts in the GSW Project. They consist of radio interviews and journalist reporter type personal interviews. During the radio interviews sometimes music was played as background or added before thebroadcast in between questions and answers. Sometimes FZ acts as D.J., plays records from his collection and talks to the radio audience.
But the main focus of this series is FZ interviews which to me is as interesting as his music.

Radio Broadcast >
Cassette generation unknown >
Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >
Nikko 32 Band EQ >
Akai DR16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder >
HHB CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorder >
CDR > WAV >CD Wave Editor > FLAC

1968-11-27 KPPC-FM Pasadena CA with D.J. Les Carter
FZ playing some of his favorite R&B records

disc 1

1. intro / ad for Beatles album
2. Ramblin' Woman (Big Moose)
3. No No Cherry (The Turbans)
4. Guitar Player (Play Those Blues For Me) (Johnny "Guitar" Watson)
5. comments / FZ record collection
6. Tick Tock A Woo (The Turbans)
7. Doo-wah (The Spaniels)
8. folk music / roots
9. FZ reads ad for the movie Secret Ceremony
10. comments about next songs
11. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter (J.B Lenoir)
12. The Eisenhower Blues (J.B Lenoir)
13. Mama, Your Daughter Is Gonna Miss Me (J.B Lenoir)
14. I'm In Korea (J.B Lenoir)
15. advertisment
16. 1959 Volvo (Vernon Green & The Medallions)
17. Don't Shoot Me Baby
18. Edna (Vernon Green & The Medallions)
20. Speedin' (Vernon Green & The Medallions)
21. comments / cars / teenage customs / clothes
22. Broadway Al story
23. Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley & The Comets)
24. comments / tune tote
25. Rubber Biscuits (The Chips)

disc 2

1. Music City ad
2. FZ reads ad
3. It's Hot (Johnny "Guitar" Watson)
4. ad / comments
5. I (The Velvets)
6. Louie Louie (Richard Berry & The Pharaohs)
7. Memories Of El Monte (The Penguins)
8. comments about Grunion Run / Tijuana Surf /
royalty payments / ad
9. FZ comments about the Troubadour
10. Three Hours Past Midnight (Johnny "Guitar" Watson)
11. Crashing The Party (The Feathers)
12. ad for Beatles album
13. FZ reads ad
14. Miss Sue (Don & Dewey)
15. Little Love (Don & Dewey)
16. Soul Motion (Don & Dewey)
17. comments about Don & Dewey
18. Angel In My Life (The Jewels)
19. Guided Missile (The Cufflinks)
20. FZ reads liner notes from Cruising With Ruben & The Jets
21. Pledging My Love (Johnny Ace)
22. comments about Johnny Ace / about Wilbur Whitfield
23. P.B Baby (Wilbur Whitfield)
24. comments / ad for The Bank / FZ reads ad
25. Work With Me Annie (Hank Ballard & The Midniters)
26. Annie Had A Baby (Hank Ballard & The Midniters)
28. Sexy Ways (Hank Ballard & The Midniters)
29. Stingy Little Thing (Hank Ballard & The Midniters)
31. I Am The Japanese Sandman (The Cellos)

disc 3

1. Home In Alcatraz (Rolling Crew)
2. scratches dedications
3. ad for Traffic album with scratches
4. scratches dedications
5. I Put A Spell On You (Screaming Jay Hawkins)
6. scratches dedications
7. Music Revolution ad /with scratches
8. FZ reads ad with scratches
9. scratches dedications
10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Paul Robeson)
11. scratches dedications
12. Valarie (Jackie & The Starlites)
13. scratches dedications
14. Don't You Know Yockomo (Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns)
15. scratches dedications
16. Okie Dokie Stomp (Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown)
17. scratches dedications
18. A Casual Look (Six Teens)
19. scratches for sale
20. (The Day The Whole Town Cried?) (?)
21. scratches goodbye
22. Dixie Danny (The Laurie Sisters)
23. outro

I removed all gaps, cleaned up the bad edits. I also checked and made a speed corrections if necessary.

I did the editing, mastering (tweaking), digital transfer and artwork for this version of this release. Please keep the text file and artwork, unaltered, together with the FLAC's.

Don't rename directories or file names if you share this.

Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480)

Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) BACK1-2.JPG 1.23 MB
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) BACK3.JPG 733.88 KB
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) DISC1.JPG 236.63 KB
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) DISC2.JPG 241.07 KB
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) DISC3.JPG 237.11 KB
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) fingerprint.txt
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480) FRONT.JPG 407.37 KB
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480).md5
Frank Zappa 1968 GSW Project Vol. 03 (T-1480).txt
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t01.flac 11.40 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t02.flac 15.04 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t03.flac 12.78 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t04.flac 12.42 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t05.flac 16.98 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t06.flac 12.62 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t07.flac 16.51 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t08.flac 13.25 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t09.flac 12.70 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t10.flac 2.35 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t11.flac 15.90 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t12.flac 17.31 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t13.flac 12.49 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t14.flac 18.66 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t15.flac 8.04 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t16.flac 24.51 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t17.flac 13.41 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t18.flac 14.42 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t19.flac 5.30 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t20.flac 12.76 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t21.flac 40.43 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t22.flac 10.65 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t23.flac 12.38 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t24.flac 12.26 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d1t25.flac 12.66 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t01.flac 4.33 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t02.flac 11.71 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t03.flac 18.67 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t04.flac 12.68 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t05.flac 19.66 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t06.flac 12.00 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t07.flac 15.40 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t08.flac 23.87 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t09.flac 4.07 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t10.flac 18.50 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t11.flac 14.33 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t12.flac 6.25 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t13.flac 7.79 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t14.flac 13.10 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t15.flac 12.75 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t16.flac 16.34 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t17.flac 13.86 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t18.flac 12.82 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t19.flac 15.87 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t20.flac 20.60 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t21.flac 14.45 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t22.flac 7.58 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t23.flac 14.47 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t24.flac 23.35 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t25.flac 16.72 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t26.flac 12.02 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t27.flac 8.59 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t28.flac 15.59 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t29.flac 17.68 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t30.flac 9.03 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d2t31.flac 17.00 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t01.flac 12.25 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t02.flac 27.15 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t03.flac 6.28 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t04.flac 28.12 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t05.flac 14.38 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t06.flac 17.59 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t07.flac 5.26 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t08.flac 2.94 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t09.flac 4.29 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t10.flac 11.31 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t11.flac 3.86 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t12.flac 16.83 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t13.flac 7.96 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t14.flac 14.97 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t15.flac 12.94 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t16.flac 15.23 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t17.flac 7.65 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t18.flac 14.18 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t19.flac 5.05 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t20.flac 13.94 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t21.flac 2.90 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t22.flac 14.29 MB
fz(GSW Vol 3) (T-1480) d3t23.flac 2.60 MB

Don't alter the sound of this recording. The T releases are not to be used as a source for anyones so called remastering projects. If you want to do something find a better source recording and work from that. Don't just take what I have done and screw with it.

For Trade or Give Away only - Do not Sell - Do not encode as MP3 or any other format which degrades the quality of the recording.

January 1, 2006 T________

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Post 2007-03-31 10:21   [Quote] 
                                                                                . Z_wonders
                                                  TGuitar Solo Baz H          AGuitar Solo Al N          K blues S
                                                                      for          sharing!
                                                                                                                                            . wings
music014                                                                                                                        ZAPPA :Zmoustache: EERS                             
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Post 2007-03-31 14:03   [Quote] 
Massive thanks for seeding T__'s enormous project here.
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Post 2007-03-31 14:41   [Quote] 
nICE jOB! yOU'RE tHE mAN!!! Smile

"Even the non-sense, in the nonsense of life, gets his own peculiar sense."
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Post 2007-03-31 21:25   [Quote] 
these are great, thanks 8)
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Post 2007-04-03 08:06   [Quote] 
Thank you so much!

Nanook rubs it, Alfie loves it...
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Post 2007-09-18 17:41   [Quote] 
Can't thank you enough for this.
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Post 2007-12-08 08:27   [Quote] 
Thanks again! I will keep seeding till I my ratio for that particulair volume is at least 1.0.

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Post 2007-12-11 22:34   [Quote] 
Yo...I am playing this volume all week in my car and I have to say it's brilliant!! Zappa as DJ! Can't wait to listen to the rest!

Got one question though: can someone create artwork for a 3CD-box instead of a 2CDset+1CD.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, getting all this diamond!

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Post 2009-02-28 10:28   [Quote] 
Hope someone still has this sitting around and can seed it for awhile. Many thanx in advance for the share and any help with reseeding. cheers
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Post 2009-05-28 04:48   [Quote] 
hey is there anyone able to seed this? The Laurie Sisters record is on this and I know them and I know they would get a kick out of hearing it.
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Post 2009-05-28 06:03   [Quote] 
jamesrtreese wrote:
hey is there anyone able to seed this? The Laurie Sisters record is on this and I know them and I know they would get a kick out of hearing it.

I'm d'ling this right now:
which is the same show, same mat'l
I opted for this version over that installment of the GSW
closest I can come for now...

navel gazing
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Post 2020-06-29 17:12   [Quote] 
I am so glad that this is still being seeded. There is amazing history here.

Just to mention one of the tracks:

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Paul Robeson)

Thank you to everyone involved.
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