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1984 08 11 Madison WI 123.34 Aud (analog414-av) (ZTLS #252)
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Joined: 2004-11-27
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Location: Biella, Italia
Post 2007-02-17 16:43   [Quote] 
11-Aug 1984, Oscar Mayer Theatre, Madison, WI

This is a patched reseed of



Concert: 121 min, Aud, A
Heavy Duty Judy, Tinseltown Rebellion, More Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, Advance Romance, Cocaine Decisions, Nig Biz, Outside Now, Be In My Video, Montana, Easy Meat (incl. Variations On Sinister #3), Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, Carol You Fool, Chana In De Bushwop, Let's Move To Cleveland, Dinah-Moe Humm, Dancin' Fool, Sharleena, The Illinois Enema Bandit



01 --banter 1:19
02 Heavy Duty Judy 4:28
03 -- band intro 1:11
04 Tinseltown Rebellion 4:19
05 Trouble Every Day 5:19
06 Penguin In Bondage 4:59
07 Hot Plate Heaven 5:23
08 Advance Romance 7:51
09 Cocaine Decisions 2:51
10 Nig Biz 6:37
11 Outside Now 7:00
12 Be In My Video 3:16
13 Montana 3:39
14 Easy Meat 9:10
15 Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy 8:32
16 Carol You Fool 3:40
17 Chana In De Bushwop 3:53
18 Let's Move To Cleveland 13:44
19 -- to 1st encore 0:50
20 Dinah Moe Humm 3:19
21 Dancing Fool 3:53
22 Sharleena 7:36
23 -- to 2nd encore 0:45
24 The Illinois Enema Bandit 9:54

Total time: 123:33.72


original line-age by analog414:

PCM-F1 Master RB

SEAT: Dead center first row balcony mics on the ledge.
tape: TDK Super Avilyn L-750 Beta
DECK: Sony units: PCM-F1 Digital Audio Processor/SL-2000 Video beta
MICS: AKG 460-B w/ ck1 capsules

Playback on SAME UNITS BUT NOT identical units (tracking adjusted).

Analog out on PCM>
Using Chord Company cables to and from Naim preamp
Played through the Naim Audio NAC-52 pre-amp>
to the Marantz CDR-600 (Philips CDR-101) Standalone CDR Burner.
Mastered to Gold Satin Taiyo Yuden 74-ZY CDR's (never anything else)
PC drive.....Plextor UltraPlex40max CDR-ROM SCSI W/adaptec 2930
EAC (1.8X ripping speed or SLOWER on all my uploads)>FLAC


Further lineage (amnesiavivace):


*Editing consisted of:

- global and costant level enhancement for all the show (peaks are now at -1db)

- 27 seconds fill at the begin of the preliminary banter from hotrats/jon-fin source2 (Frank is saying something... )
- a little more of 1 second of music during Heavy Duty Judy is replaced with WIU2B source (there was a distorsion amazingly not present on the higher gen version)
- something less than a 2 seconds fill during cocaine decision (from WIU2B rip)
- 9 seconds fill during easy meat (from hotrats/jon-fin source2)
- something more than a 1 seconds fill during chana in de bushwop (from WIU2B rip)
- 5 seconds or so patch before the 2nd encore from hotrats/jon-fin source2 (you won't loose a single "thank you"... )

- I fixed a couple of bad rumours during non musical parts (just before Heavy Duty Judy and after Sharleena).

- re-indexing


Lineage of versions used for fills:

Hot Rats/Jon-Fin source2 - :
Master Cassette -> CDR(2) -> AIFF -> Peak (-30cts) -> Sound Studio (patches & track splits) -> xACT (align SBE, Flac level 5)

WIU2B (same recording but different master rip as analog414 version):
AUD>unknown mics>cassette>(?)cassette>Nakamichi DR-10>Terratec DMX6 Fire 24/96 soundcard>Adobe Audition 2.0>WAV>Flac Frontend encoding level 5>FLAC

Further lineage for fills (amnesiavivace):
FLAC/WAV processing with shntool and cooleditpro: levels tweaking, speed correction (only for WIU2B fills, slowed down circa 15cents)



I've been "forced" to concentrate on this show by a new untracked tape rip by WIU2B that found the way to my hd.

WIU2B nakamichi rip has a good sound, comes from the analog414 source but is from another transfer of the master and (judging by hiss and microflaws) some generations higher.

So I went back to the excellent MC by analog414: other than the tape flip during the Easy Meat guitar solo (9 secs missing), I've found two more unexpected little cuts (1 to 2 seconds of music missing each) during Cocaine Decisions and Chana (these flaws are not present on WIU2B version).

In the end I've decided to go through a new version to have a complete "source1" as we have with the very good "source2" (amazing to have two different good recordings of the same show).

Except for the volume enhancement, there's no other voluntary sound change.


Thanks to: analog414, Hot Rats, jon-fin, WIU2B, LudzNL, flambay


seeded by av on - february 2007

Last edited by amnesiavivace on 2007-02-17 20:42; edited 3 times in total
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Joined: 2004-12-09
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Post 2007-02-17 16:48   [Quote] 
Grazie! Excellent team work! crowd
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Joined: 2005-06-21
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Post 2007-02-17 16:59   [Quote] 
Thanks I'll compare this to my patches with 1st gen (on Maxell Metal) from analog414
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Joined: 2006-02-14
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Post 2007-02-17 17:40   [Quote] 
To all involved, You people are the real deal . If I hoist one prost for all of you , I"ll have half a load, So Why not hoist two, prost and get a full load. It's the weekend. Thank you so much !

"The closest I ever came to eating shit anywhere was at a Holiday Inn buffet in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1973".
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Power Poster
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Post 2007-02-17 17:50   [Quote] 
thank you very much for your work!! tunes cheers

... and don't forget, there is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over!
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Post 2007-02-17 18:37   [Quote] 
Thank you, thank you, Merci !
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Post 2007-02-17 18:51   [Quote] 
Right on~!! Thank you for the works!

Three rights make a left
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travis bickle
Joined: 2006-12-14
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Post 2007-02-17 19:45   [Quote] 
Thank you to everybody involved.
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Joined: 2005-04-21
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Post 2007-02-17 21:02   [Quote] 
How you do go on - this is the real thing - thanks analog414 (again) and av! Smile
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Joined: 2005-11-12
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Post 2007-02-17 21:27   [Quote] 
Grazie Oscar! Truly appreciated!

This is my signature, not an actual part of the message

Last edited by Galeans on 2007-02-18 04:23; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2007-02-18 00:43   [Quote] 
Wow! Thanks, guys!

Nanook rubs it, Alfie loves it...
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Post 2007-02-18 04:31   [Quote] 
headhammer ___________________________________________________________4 hmm vivace 4________S-7'______ headhammer
                                        GGuitar Solo Baz R          AGuitar Solo Al Z          I blues E         
----                                                                                                                                  wings
music014 __________________________________________________ZAPPA :Zmoustache: EERS____________________.
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Post 2007-02-18 04:54   [Quote] 
Looking good! Thanks for putting this together AV! tunes

Kind regards,
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Post 2007-02-18 10:40   [Quote] 
thanks men!
never marry a railroadgirl!

"get on the bus, smell her socks"
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Joined: 2007-01-30
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Post 2007-02-18 17:52   [Quote] 
cheers very good work !!! this version of the Madison show sounds better than "Moustache Over Madison" from Moustache Magic Music !!! BRAVO !!! Many many thanks !!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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