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1984 08 11 Madison WI 123.34 Aud (analog414-av) (ZTLS #252)
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Joined: 2006-02-24
Posts: 119
Location: Heidelberg, DEU
Post 2007-02-18 18:23   [Quote] 
Wicked! Thanks a lot!

You guys are the best!
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Zappa Penguin
Site Admin
Joined: 2006-01-06
Posts: 2258
Post 2007-02-19 08:20   [Quote] 
the hits, they keep on coming!
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Joined: 2005-08-08
Posts: 5
Post 2007-02-19 17:52   [Quote] 
lemme thank ya verrry much for that well-sounding performance of FZ and gang
great to listen to it

C blues band multiplespotting Reverend
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Power Poster
Joined: 2007-01-14
Posts: 2870
Location: Obshire
Post 2007-02-24 17:47   [Quote] 
Cheers Chaps. Looking forward to it
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Joined: 2007-01-24
Posts: 2
Post 2007-02-25 11:23   [Quote] 
il est balaize en anglais ce woodylamule
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Joined: 2004-07-08
Posts: 197
Post 2007-02-25 13:17   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot!

Jazz ain't dead, it just smells funny!
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Joined: 2007-02-17
Posts: 10
Post 2007-02-25 14:55   [Quote] 
Great show! Thanks Very Happy
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Joined: 2007-01-30
Posts: 31
Post 2007-02-26 12:45   [Quote] 
patou wrote:
il est balaize en anglais ce woodylamule

Ho yeah ! do you comprenderstand all my english words ? Laughing Cause this days I embark on a literary career, so keep your English/French dictionary open !
ps : be careful bob, I begin to learn javanese language too ! roflol

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Joined: 2006-07-21
Posts: 3
Location: Wilmette, IL
Post 2007-02-28 16:43   [Quote] 
Thanks to Zappa and the Audio masters!

I love this musical empire.

Why so many shows in a row that end with Illinois Enema Bandit? Cause I heard he's on the loose?

He's just been pumping everyone of them up the backside.

This overwhelms with joy in myself.

I delighted to arms up in wake of the beautiful concert.
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Site Admin
Joined: 2004-06-28
Posts: 3446
Location: London, England
Post 2007-03-18 13:56   [Quote] 
Thanks guys

Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them - Karl Popper

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Joined: 2006-01-27
Posts: 17
Location: Freiburg
Post 2007-03-18 22:10   [Quote] 
This is an absolutely great soundquality.....Thanks a lot for your work !!! bowdown

My name is burtram, I am a zappateer .....
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Joined: 2008-04-11
Posts: 48
Post 2009-04-04 15:50   [Quote] 
Great work! Thanks for this version Very Happy
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Joined: 2007-07-29
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Post 2013-05-24 12:20   [Quote] 
Thanks guys! Great sounding show!
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Joined: 2008-03-26
Posts: 141
Post 2013-05-24 21:12   [Quote] 
Thank you. I also had the pirated moustache crap version here only until now. This version is better.
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Joined: 2012-10-11
Posts: 7
Post 2020-02-05 19:17   [Quote] 

way late to the party, but any seeding help would be warmly welcome, (beg, grovel and whimper).
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