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1988 04 26 Lund Sweden 59.59 PAL DVD 1 (tordmullet)
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Post 2006-12-20 11:11   [Quote] 
Itīs christmas time again, happy Frank Zappa-mas!

Olympen Lund
1988 april 26
"Replaced the VHS audio with cassett audio version"

PAL 720*576, 25.000fps
Field order: Lower field first
Deinterlace method: none
DVD 1: 59:59 min
DVD 2: 61:11 min
More infor below!

Secret word: "A-hoonah-hennah- hoonah-hennah."

1. Intro: walk on
2. The black unhoonee hoonee*1
3. Dickieīs sucha an unhoonee hoonee*2
4. Stick together
5. My guitar wants to kill unhoonee hoonee
6. Willie the pimp
7. Montana
8. City of tiny lights
9. Pound for a brown*3
10. The dangerous kitchen tf1
11. Whatīs new in Baltimore?*4
12. Outside now*5

1. Eat that question
2. Black napkins
3. Disco boy
4. Teenage wind
5. Bamboozled by love*6 & 7
6. Cruising for burgers*8
7. Bolero
8. I am the walrus
9. The Illinois enema bandit*9 & 10
10. Stairway to heaven

Cruising for burgers with the "real" sound from Make A Jazz Noise Here.
This not the whole song as you all know itīs only the middle part that are
from Lund, so, now for the the first time here it is, as it should be...almost!

Facts and trivia
Lineage audio: Jazzfromhell/Aud>Sony WM-D6>Mic:Milab CL-4BD>Row:5th>Nakamichi Dragon>Sony dat TCD-D8>
pc-Soundforge>CDR>EAC>wav>dbpower>flac/Tordmullet/wavelab 5.0 Zappateers/You
Linage VHS: bought from duboius large pearshaped guy with mustache/Standalone (brand?)
pc-Vegas 4.0/DVD Architect 1.0/Zappateers/You
*1 Missing picture at: 3:33 to 3:35
*2 Missing picture at: 15:07 to 15:09
*3 Missing picture at: 40:29 to 43:48 & 46:12 to 46:18
tf tape-flip at 47:22 to 47:26, VHS audio inserted
*4 Missing picture at: 49:11 to 49:11
*5 Missing picture at: 57:23:583 to 57:24:538
*6 audio cut at 20:28 to 20:48 VHS audio inserted
*7 Missing picture at: 21:21 to 23:15
*8 Missing picture at: 30:41 to 30:55
*9 audio cut at 50:34 to 50:41
*10 Picture at: 50:36, no replacing!

I havenīt done anything to improve the sound, ítīs just as Jazzfromheel seeded it here on Zappateers.
However, during the tiny/small portion when there either tape-flip or tape-stop, i replace that as best
i could with the audio from the VHS and those bits has lightly decrease in the higher frequencies.

The Pictures was a diffrent story, but i found something called colour curves and i blackend the
picture a tiny, tiny bit and took away some blue. Both these where done in the best intrest for the best
picture quality. Still just a notch!!!
As i mentioned it above this is bough from a guy who doesnīt know the concept quality, this however i learned
a couple of years after i bought this, so therefore i have "improved it" picture wise. It really benefits
from it! If i had a master copy or even the master itself, then i wouldnīt done any improving, but this needed
it badly. It may go against the Zappateers code, but the mods have gave me the thumbs up after a long discussion!

All sections that misses picture are replace with cheesy animations
and messeges.

And if you havenīt got it by now (it may be my fault after all) i have replaced the VHS audio with
the cassett dito or the (audio audio version) and that wasnīt as hard as i though as long as you the proper
program (for me that is) and that was the Gawdsend Wavelab. And there must be somewhere 500 (1000?)cuts
or even more to sync these two DVDs (yes iīm braging here) and took a few hours!

Anyway i started this in february 2006 and finished the first DVD and RDNZL volenterd to check out the quality of the
picture/sync and just to see if his version was better than mine. His version he said was about the same, no difference there.

BUT, i found that the picture itself was flickering or skiped frames and i didnīt liked it so i didnīt do DVD#2.
I thought that itīs best to try to get a better D/A converter and my pinnacle card wasnīt going to help me.
Much later i bought a cheap standalone that is really crap exept for just quality, picture wise. so i made two new DVDs
with this machine, brought those in my computer and voila the flickering droping frames where gone.

And thanks to Claus for the gentel but good kick in my ass, to make sure that i now finaly finish this concert!

The whole compilation made by: Tord Mullet for Zappateers

DVD #2 will be seeded as soon as a couple of you have DL the first one completely and itīs gonna be either before
23rd dec or before new years eve (i hope) depends on how fast you guys are Peace!

If i have misspelt any word or sentence wrong, iīm not gonna apologies, hey, you should hear me speak english Laughing

Last edited by tordmullet on 2006-12-20 16:56; edited 1 time in total
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Site Admin
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Post 2006-12-20 12:02   [Quote] 
Tack Tordan! Smile
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Joined: 2006-01-25
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Post 2006-12-20 12:04   [Quote] 
Looks like a tasty one !

Tack så mycket tordmullet

And Ingmar
Possibly, the ugliest sonofabitch I've ever seen in my life
Was his name . . .
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Joined: 2005-12-11
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Post 2006-12-20 12:12   [Quote] 
Thanks. Nice upgrade to my mpeg version.
This concert is Beautiful, one of my favourites of 88' Tour! prost
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Joined: 2006-09-18
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Post 2006-12-20 12:31   [Quote] 
tack so mycket , and looking forward to number 2
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Site Admin
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Post 2006-12-20 12:36   [Quote] 
Congratz on completing the project, thanks to Claus too Wink
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Post 2006-12-20 13:10   [Quote] 
tack så mycket
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Post 2006-12-20 13:52   [Quote] 
Thank very much - what a treat!
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Post 2006-12-20 14:22   [Quote] 
tack, tack, tack!!!

... and don't forget, there is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over!
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Post 2006-12-20 14:34   [Quote] 
Tack så mycket! clap clap :Zmoustache: clap clap
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Post 2006-12-20 15:24   [Quote] 
thank you very much

My only fear is hair in my ear.....
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Joined: 2005-06-13
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Post 2006-12-20 15:31   [Quote] 
Hope you all will enjoy it cheers
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Post 2006-12-20 15:54   [Quote] 
me too:
tack så mycket!

"get on the bus, smell her socks"
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Post 2006-12-20 15:58   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot, Tordmullet! Very Happy
Great way to celebrate FZ's birthday eve! Neutral
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Joined: 2005-06-13
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Post 2006-12-20 16:05   [Quote] 
marcomat wrote:
Thanks a lot, Tordmullet! Very Happy
Great way to celebrate FZ's birthday eve! Neutral

oh, i totaly forgot about that, shame on me slap
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