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The Rules for Vines - Read them twice!  
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This forum is for vines of Zappa and Zappa related material. We have set it up in order to make shows accessible to people with poor connections or people who want to help out seeding shows others have missed. If you want to participate it is important you read this section which will lay out some ideas about how to make it all run smoothly.

Even if you know all about vines it would be good to go through it to refresh your memory and to pick up on anything new we might have to say.

Our particular emphasis would be on communication. If everyone keeps in good and speedy contact with each other problems can be avoided or solved. For this reason we would want to insist on the following steps.

  1. When you sign up for the vine give your zappateer's nick and country of residence and PM your POSTAL ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS to the vine coordinator.

  2. When the person before you contacts you for your address, reply promptly. If for some reason you don’t think you’ll be available to receive, copy and send on the vine, still reply so they know what the situation is. In that event you could be moved two or three rungs down the ladder to a time when you will be around. If no reply is received from you within 48 hours you will be moved to the bottom of the list and the holder of the vine will contact the person after you to send it to them.

  3. As soon as you have sent your address this will be taken as a statement from you that you are ready to be a link in the chain and that until you have received, copied and sent the vine on you will check your PMs. If you get any queries you should answer right away. If you see that it’s been sent but it doesn’t arrive in a reasonable time you should start trying to arrange a reseed. Make a post to let people know, if this is what you end up doing.

  4. Once you see that the discs are in the post to you, contact the next person by PM to get their address. Don’t wait till you have the discs, keep the process moving so you already have the address when it comes to sending them on. There shouldn’t ever be any delays because “I’m waiting for him to send his address”. If he doesn’t send it within the 48 hours, contact the next person, or even the next. Continue until you get a result.

  5. Once you get the discs, update the topic where you originally signed on so everyone can see where the discs have got to.

  6. Get them copied for yourself, either with a DVD burner or onto your hard disc. Only hold onto them for as long as it takes to copy, not until you’ve got them all decoded or done what ever else it is you want to do with them. It shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 hours but absolute maximum must be 48 hours. If you have some sort of malfunction don’t hang onto the discs till you get it sorted - send them on and if you’ve managed in this way not to cause a delay we’ll get a set to you one way or another.

  7. Get them in the post and update the topic again so everyone can see what’s happening.

  8. It's YOUR responsibility to keep checking the website and your PM's until the next person posts that they have got the package. If for any reason the package does not arrive with the person you sent it to you should be prepared to burn fresh discs and reseed the vine.

  9. If the vine you want has not been moving for a while, then you will need to PM your details to the person who is holding it, because otherwise they may not notice that you have signed up for it.

  10. If you have any unexpected problems while you are waiting for or holding the vine, get in touch with us . Even if your computer goes down, get to an internet café or get a friend to send an email to . Right the way through the process COMMUNICATE.

  11. If you are the last person in a series to receive a vine and you are going to be away from home for a while, then if no-one new has signed up contact the vine coordinator to arrange to return it to him so it can remain available.

  12. No collections of mp3's or vinyl boots are allowed on vines. These are available elsewhere and should not be posted here.

Vine starters: When offering a vine you only need to prepare one set of discs.
The Admins will hold a copy of each vine in circulation and the discs should initially be sent to them.
Contact the vine coordinator for where to send them before you post ANY vines.


Do not PM me. You will not get an answer.
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