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1988 05 20 Paris FR 143.18 Aud MC (script-walk-flambay) ZTLS #864
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Post 2006-10-04 07:18   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
20-May 1988, Le Zenith, Paris, France

Master Clone, Aud, A/A-

Available Recordings, according JN:
151 min, Aud, A-
The Black Page #2, Packard Goose Medley, Any Kind Of Pain, Dupree's Paradise, Inca Roads, Advance Romance, Who Needs The Peace Corps?, The Torture Never Stops Medley, Eat That Question, Black Napkins, Find Her Finer, Big Swifty, Ain't Got No Heart, Sharleena, Peaches En Regalia, Stairway To Heaven, Bolero, Bamboozled By Love, Loops, I Am The Walrus, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Strictly Genteel

This copy:
143.18 min, Aud, Master Clone, A/A-
(B+ for flawed parts), complete with fills from M and TC source

Main Body (script tape MC):
Lineage: AUD > ECM 929 LT Sony stereo condenser microphone > Sony Professional Walkman WM D 6 C > maxell XLII90/master > A/D nakamichi/UA-5 USB > wav Audition 1.5 > Soundforge 5: speed corr., glitches removal, editing fills & patches, tracking > FLAV FFE lvl7 w/SBA
Taped by: script
Transfered by: walk
Edited by: flambay

M source fill: A-/B+ (very good sound, but mostly "swinging" hiss)
Lineage: AUD > ? > cass/? > A/D nakamichi/UA-5 USB > wav Audition 1.5 (raw transfer, tracked only) > shntool > flac frontend (lvl 7, SBE aligned)
Taped by: N/A
Transfered & Edited by: walk
Fill edited by: flambay

TC source fills: A/A-
Lineage: Aud > ? > cass/1st > A/D ? > wav ? > CDR > EAC secure mode > Audition 1.5 (retracked and inserts only) > shntool > flac frontend (lvl 7, SBE aligned)
Taped by: N/A
Transfered & Edited by: walk
Fills edited by: flambay

Frank Zappa's Band:
Paul Carman - alto saxophone
Walt Fowler - trumpet
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Mike Keneally - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ed Mann - percussion
Robert Martin (Bobby) - keyboards, vocals
Kurt McGettrick - baritone saxophone
Scott Thunes - bass
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ike Willis - guitar, vocals
Albert Wing - tenor saxophone
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals


disc 1
00 crowd & mic noises [0:48]
01 The Black Page #2~Intro [8:01]
02 Packard Goose Medley [7:22]
03 Any Kind Of Pain [5:37]
04 Dupree's Paradise [5:03]
05 Inca Roads [9:36]
06 Advance Romance [6:40]
07 Who Needs The Peace Corps [3:19]
08 The Torture Never Stops Medley [17:12] tf TC patched - see below

intermission cut M patched - see below

09 Eat That Question [1:46]
10 Black Napkins [6:46]

disc 2
11 Find Her Finer [2:38]
12 Big Swifty (q:April in Paris) [12:41]
13 Ain't Got No Heart [1:59]
14 Sharleena [7:41] tf & flaw TC patched - see below
15 Peaches En Regalia [2:46]
16 Stairway To Heaven [9:38] ---> encore
17 Bolero [5:23]
18 Bamboozled By Love [6:50] ---> 2nd encore
19 Loops [3:00]
20 I Am The Walrus [3:31]
21 The Illinois Enema Bandit [8:05] ---> 3rd encore
22 Strictly Genteel [6:56]

Last Time played:
Strictly Genteel (FZ)

secret word: shellfish

tf = tapeflip
[ = cut at the end
] = cut at the beginning
~ = fading in/out or connects two or more tracks played like one (medley)
-IC = incomplete
& = added from dif source, complete or partly
= notes


flambay notes on flaws, cuts & patches:

05 Inca Roads
06 Advance Romance
these 2 tracks occasionnally have audible rumbling problems.

08 The Torture Never Stops tf/flaw patched with TC source material {0,14-0.23};
intermission cut (no music missing) partially filled with M source {16.07-26} ("Did you have a nice intermission? - OK ...");

13 Ain't Got No Heart/14 Sharleena tf: cross fade into TC source at end of 13,
14 Sharleena {0.00-0.26} tf/flaws replaced by TC source material,
{0.26-3.30} & {4.55-5.05} tape damaged
--> flaws in high end over several spots in first part of track

16 Stairway To Heaven @ 9.11 cut in applause to encore, no music missing;

18 Bamboozled By Love @ 6.38 cut in applause to 2nd encore, no music missing;

22 Strictly Genteel weak left channel, mostly mixed over with right channel (50-50), turning back to normal towards end of song.


Thanks to script for the mastertapes.

Thanks to walk for his relentless efforts in getting the script tapes
digitally transfered the best possible way !!

Thanks to M and TC for the filler material.

Brought to you by script & walk & flambay.

Enjoy !!!


Special note by script:

Paris 1988

In the late 80s I was starting as a freelance-journalist and by chance
I met Angie, an old english friend, at the Zappa-Show in Dortmund. She
was working with the Zappa-crew and told me that, if I would like to see
another show, she could organize tickets for me. Cool. A couple of days
later, 3 or 4 days before Paris, I came in contact with a former german
musician in a local pub. He was not a musician anymore. He was
delivering international newspapers. His tour was going from Cologne via
Brussels to... Paris. My chance!! Thats how I came to Paris.
In Paris I went straight to the Zenith, hours before the show. Angie
gave me an invitation-ticket and I was in!

Because I had nothing else to do I was "crusing" around the venue, when
suddenly some journalists were walking towards the hall. I thought "why
not?" and followed them... right into the Frank Zappa press conference!
Cool. And then Frank himself came in and was taking his seat 2 rows in
front of me, to answer the questions of the journalists. Of course I did
take my chance and asked 3 or 4 questions, for instance, if he might
think of playing with Ruth Underwood again (after the reunion with the
Fowler-Brothers...) Frank said, that he was still in contact with Ruth
but that she was married and had children and therefore it was never an
idea for him or Ruth to come with him on tour.
That was my little nice tiny conversation with Frank Zappa.
After that there was a photo-shooting ... and for hours I am looking now
for the few pics I took. I will find them, thats for sure... and then I
will post them here. Promised.

The Paris 88 concert was a highlight. Have fun. And a very big Thank
You to walk and flambay for converting my old tapes into this seed.

yours, script

-- - October 2006


880520-Paris - 00 crowd & mic noises.flac:7790ca464909bbfa53c0b6b8863afb44
880520-Paris - 01 The Black Page #2~Intro.flac:a4b9b050cb6f544d301dd16b87edf7f0
880520-Paris - 02 Packard Goose Medley.flac:52165d270aeaf7db7b2fcf23d6471d94
880520-Paris - 03 Any Kind Of Pain.flac:c8a6343e1f71576eda318ac8b913d4ca
880520-Paris - 04 Dupree's Paradise.flac:b76a0459727e5ea57ad0de9d5b715a96
880520-Paris - 05 Inca Roads.flac:0f851f5ee433d80ff9f44ae39b39cc30
880520-Paris - 06 Advance Romance.flac:48fa5d4725d952ae69e2db7a1de1cd8b
880520-Paris - 07 Who Needs The Peace Corps.flac:f67a508dabc1657042926321440a2505
880520-Paris - 08 The Torture Never Stops Medley.flac:cb5854f40577ce9924c9c48234678175
880520-Paris - 09 Eat That Question.flac:04009ff1a7dd62a906609ecc5ba4f17b
880520-Paris - 10 Black Napkins.flac:9388414453b7b1920cd9666562f00d77
880520-Paris - 11 Find Her Finer.flac:80d6d2300e0586cadf4c5ba8d05f8c58
880520-Paris - 12 Big Swifty.flac:fcb58811384651584bfe3f2d6a9489af
880520-Paris - 13 Ain't Got No Heart.flac:163e4727562e488b8ade78a381639d22
880520-Paris - 14 Sharleena.flac:ed2175910260a9b91ce18e81e1f99265
880520-Paris - 15 Peaches En Regalia.flac:f38a8262199d08d10bf104b7cd6a1f53
880520-Paris - 16 Stairway To Heaven.flac:5d1076331ebc3ce5ab6a158b98f0dad5
880520-Paris - 17 Bolero.flac:25c352c11d0497f88dff90f79b44bbbb
880520-Paris - 18 Bamboozled By Love.flac:cecfbf9af35a8b0394e06cc0d2f7b079
880520-Paris - 19 Loops.flac:e48153b272713e83269446442f69fa0e
880520-Paris - 20 I Am The Walrus.flac:3dbe78782e67961bf86b7c0c6336d23d
880520-Paris - 21 The Illinois Enema Bandit.flac:a6549491223af17d9df2201dc21a6a7e
880520-Paris - 22 Strictly Genteel.flac:d69a6427d07f99df65def90010f8df85
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Post 2006-10-04 07:47   [Quote] 
Another master, wow! Thanks man!!
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Post 2006-10-04 08:14   [Quote] 
On it now as promised.............gonna be a busy zappa day here

:Zmoustache: music014 Guitar Solo Baz band2 mexicanwave


Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2006-10-04 08:15   [Quote] 
thank you
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Post 2006-10-04 08:21   [Quote] 
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Post 2006-10-04 08:29   [Quote] 
SUPER !!!!!!!!!!

Merci beaucoup beaucoup
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Post 2006-10-04 08:32   [Quote] 
grouphug Thanks guys
Nice story script

Related music and more on youtube: LudzNL
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Post 2006-10-04 09:07   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot!!!!!

Nice story too, i like a bit of reading too:)
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Post 2006-10-04 09:36   [Quote] 
Thanks very much!
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Post 2006-10-04 09:37   [Quote] 

"get on the bus, smell her socks"
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Post 2006-10-04 09:44   [Quote] 
Thank you! The old one was 144.45 so it is speed corrected as well. Nice piece of work!

'Some of you might think this is weird . . .
No wonder . . . it's not exactly normal, but what the fuck?'
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mike comisky
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Post 2006-10-04 10:46   [Quote] 
many thanks to all involved. this looks like a fine one!

yours in FZ,
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Post 2006-10-04 10:56   [Quote] 
walk - flambay ,
Thank you very much one more time ! This is on me ! prost prost
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Post 2006-10-04 11:03   [Quote] 
Thank you very much flambay and to all others involved(walk,script,m,tc)thank you guys!

It's not pretty,also you can't dance to it.
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Post 2006-10-04 12:00   [Quote] 
Great story, great upgrade, thanks for all the work script, walk & flambay
Very Happy !!!
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