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1988 06 01 Padova Italy 112.23 Aud MC (marcomat) ZTLS #760
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Post 2006-01-26 11:25   [Quote] 
1-Jun 1988, Palasport, Padova, Italy

FZshows: 125 min, Aud, B+/B
This source: 112.23, Aud, (subj. quality hint: at least A!)

Rip from original DAT

CD1 = 1 track (01 to 15)
CD2 = 3 tracks (16 to 20) (1st encore: 21-22) (2nd encore: 23 to 25)
Fade-ins & -outs present on the CDs

Update to the infos provided in the samples Forum:
Ale, a leading Italian zappaholic who gave me the CDs and whom I heartily thank, wrote me the following notes about this recording:

"The taper is a friend of mine (I'm using deliberately the present tense even though he is not with us anymore, R.I.P.), and maybe it would be nice to dedicate to him this sign, this presence in the apparent telematic fixedness.

No tweaking or equalization were made on the tape, apart from a necessary reduction of the initial sudden volume jumps due to a clumsy handling of the mic by Gianni, who still lacked experience with one of the early portable DAT recorders (a SONY).

(...) Gianni told me that he recorded the show from "the usual place" in Padua's San Lazzaro Sport Palace... which for us music aficionados meant immediately on the left of the mixer in the parterre. From the past experience at many concerts we deemed that place the best listening spot in that shitty venue!! And, judging from the results, we were right!"

Lineage: Aud > DAT > CD-R > WAV (EAC Secure Mode) (CEP for retracking & speed correction) > FLAC Frontend (SBE, Level 6)


01 The Black Page #2 (7:10)
02 Ain't Got No Heart (1:58 )
03 Love Of My Life (2:13)
04 What's New In Baltimore? (4:16)
05 Who Needs The Peace Corps? (2:33)
06 I Left My Heart In San Francisco (0:31)
07 More Trouble Every Day (5:11)
08 Penguin In Bondage (4:55)
09 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel (6:09)
10 Outside Now (6:43)
Orange County Lumber Truck Medley
11 Let's Make The Water Turn Black (1:35)
12 Harry, You're A Beast (0:46)
13 The Orange County Lumber Truck (0:40)
14 Oh No (tape flip? 1:58 ) (5:07)
15 Theme From Lumpy Gravy (1:08 )

16 Find Her Finer (2:40)
17 Big Swifty (9:39)
18 Packard Goose Medley (Incl. "Royal March From L'Histoire Du Soldat" and "Theme From The Bartok Piano Concerto #3") (7:26)
19 Inca Roads (8:27)
20 Sharleena (7:23)
21 Bolero (5:21)
22 Bamboozled By Love (6:04)
23 Peaches En Regalia (2:48 )
24 Stairway To Heaven (8:53)
25 Sofa (2:47)

Frank Zappa - guitar/Synclavier/vocals
Ike Willis - rhythm guitar/vocals
Mike Keneally - stunt guitar/keyboards/vocals
Robert Martin - keyboards/Synclavier/ vocals
Ed Mann - percussion/Synclavier/vocals
Scott Thunes - bass/mini-moog
Chad Wackerman - drums/electronic percussion
Walt Fowler - trumpet/flugelhorn/Synclavier
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Paul Carman - alto/soprano sax
Albert Wing - tenor sax
Kurt McGettrick - baritone sax

Here's a review of the concert by the ever-popular and meritorious JN

"Another slow starter show - the first couple of songs barely manage to keep my attention. The Trouble/Penguin/Hotel medley is the first event worth mentioning, with its usual three nice solos. The "13" solo in "Trouble Every Day" is not one of the best we've heard, yet it's intriguing and Chad is excellent. Mike plays a little ditty in Penguin In Bondage - very cool, starting out in far-out territory, but soon approaching more straight R&R style (still highly original).

"Outside Now" becomes another of those little improvised epics: it starts out smoothly, continues with some typical FZ noodles, before going totally berserk. For 30 seconds, the solo consists of frenetic little 64ths or 128ths or whatever, all over the fretboard - then just as the rhythm section begins to catch up, FZ cools down again for a little while, before squirting out another wild burst of little dots. Very unpredictable and exciting!

Soon enough, it's time for "Big Swifty." A worthy monster, with a little of everything. Good solos by Bruce and Ed, and some synclavier jamming, before FZ starts the loop : a long, complex one - too complex, it seems, since Chad evidently doesn't know how to play along with it, and Paul Carman, who gets called to solo over it, does not seem comfortable with it. So FZ shuts it off, and Paul gets the chance to shine over more traditional accompaniment.

"Inca Roads" comes with a lackluster FZ solo, but a nice surprise in form of a great trumpet solo, in the spot where we're used to hearing the sax. Walt whips out a long, energetic solo, somehow reminiscent of his brother in style. The later part of the show does not contain any surprises. "Sharleena" and "Bamboozled By Love" both keep spawning nice solos. FZ's playing in "Bamboozled" is more nuanced than usual, with both the obligatory frenzy and a more mellow part."


Seeded on Zappateers tracker
marcomat Jan 2006

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Post 2006-01-26 11:32   [Quote] 
MGM&G Very Happy
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Post 2006-01-26 11:42   [Quote] 
Grazie mille à tutti!!
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Post 2006-01-26 11:55   [Quote] 
Nice dedication - looks like a nice show too Very Happy
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Post 2006-01-26 11:55   [Quote] 

Thank you very much for sharing this recording with us.

Grazie di cuore Gianni, riposare in pace.
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Post 2006-01-26 12:14   [Quote] 
Merci marcomat .
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Post 2006-01-26 12:43   [Quote] 
Thank you very much...

Nanook rubs it, Alfie loves it...
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Post 2006-01-26 12:53   [Quote] 
thx a bunch marcomat !

the lineage looks like a masterclone to me, why not have the MC in the subjectline then?

Wer in die Fußstapfen anderer tritt, hinterlässt keine eigenen Spuren ...
Wilhelm Busch
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Post 2006-01-26 13:24   [Quote] 
walk wrote:
thx a bunch marcomat !

the lineage looks like a masterclone to me, why not have the MC in the subjectline then?

You're right. It is indeed a masterclone, since the transfer on CD has been made from the original DAT. I had confirmation of this only this morning. Arrow Subject mod-o-fied Wink
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Post 2006-01-26 13:43   [Quote] 
thanks a lot !!
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Post 2006-01-26 14:36   [Quote] 
10000x grazie! Gianni, RIP!
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Post 2006-01-26 14:44   [Quote] 
Thanks Marcomat!
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Post 2006-01-26 14:45   [Quote] 
thanks marcomat
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Post 2006-01-26 14:46   [Quote] 
Mille Grazie Marcomat
And Gianni, say hello to FZ from me down here

Related music and more on youtube: LudzNL
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Post 2006-01-26 15:24   [Quote] 
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