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1975 10 01 Vancouver BC 120.40 AUD MC (HyTekFred-AudioArchivist)  
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Post 2019-07-14 20:18   [Quote] 
Here we have a non-speed-corrected copy of Fred W's (HyTekFred) master cassette recording as shared by AudioArchivist on TTD circa 2006. There are some mic cable issues at the beginning but all in all a very fine sounding tape for 1975. Unlikely that we will gain access to the master again so this should be considered the legacy transfer.

In my opinion this is the best sounding copy of the show, but you be the judge. Original seed as is, unaltered.


Frank Zappa
Live in Vancouver
October 1, 1975
U.B.C War Memorial Gymnasium

Recorded by Fred on unknown gear onto a sh*tty 120 minute 'Low Noise' tape. Foam backing behind tape disintegrating.
Cassette Re-Housed, ReWorked, and ReMastered by Audioarchivist U - 101, circa 1998...
Original master played back on unknown deck aligned to master, through Sentrek analog EQ,
into Yamaha O1V digital mixboard for some minor further processing,
then analog out into a Mac G4, where most of the original editing was done...
Master had several single channel sections where one mic had a bad connection. These portions were painstakingly made mono (cut and paste left over right in spots)
2 copies of audio discs were burned, unfortunately in TAO mode, as well as Mac data discs I can no longer read.
One of my first mastering jobs, done while a volunteer at a community recording studio, I learned on the fly how to do this. I sure would do it differently now!
Audio CD's were re-read into my PC in 2005 using Wavelab's secure mode (disc is read multiple times, and only saved when it gets Identical results),
then files were re-joined, microgaps were edited out, several more tiny sections were mono-ized, and a section's level jump was corrected before putting back new track markers.
Knowing what I know now, there's better ways to do all this, but it's not gonna get done again! More (although not necessarily bigger) fish to fry out there...
I've thoroughly listened to this show, and it sounds pretty error free now.
I wish I knew all the song titles, but I don't... Sorry!
I don't feel as though this should interfere with everyone's enjoyment of it and keep it from surfacing finally.
I'll tell you what I do know...

Disc 1:

1. introduction announcer
2. first set first song...
3. second song - Frank enters...Frank introduces the band and the songs...
4. Baby, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
5. The Illinois Enema Bandit
6. Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
7. Lonely Little Girl
8. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
9. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
10. Chunga's Revenge

I believe there was an intermission here...

Disc 2:
1. second set introductions / Swallow My Pride
3. crossing the border to Canada...
4. T'Mershi D'Ween
5. ...
6. ...
7. encore... ...
8. I'm The Slime

I originally color photocopied the ticket stub pieces and 2 pictures supposedly taken at the show, reducing / enlarging to make covers. The photos were pretty small to begin with.
I've included 2 scans, one to fit a front cover booklet and one to fit the back CD Case. Essentially the same pieces, just different layout / sizes to fit.
Feel free to take a stab at naming tracks and making artwork complete.
I ask that you post your results for others on The Trader's Den forums where I originally posted this, or better yet, email me a copy of what you did!

Trade freely, give away to whom you see fit. Close friends and family are good examples.
Don't let anyone give CDR copies away to uncontrolled sources, they will corrupt the concert.
Make the FLAC files available for copy distribution to everyone who could re-distribute in uncontrolled conditions.
Don't pervert to mp3's, even for your own personal use(!)
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Post 2019-07-14 23:01   [Quote] 
Cheers for this.
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Post 2019-07-15 17:03   [Quote] 
drool drool
mange tak!
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Post 2019-07-15 18:23   [Quote] 
I want to listen to this later on today.Also today is my mothers 84th birthday so a big shout out to my mom Happy Birthday and may you have many more.. Also Zappateers Rocks.
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Post 2019-11-08 20:18   [Quote] 
Thanks so much.
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