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Inventionis Mater - 2018 07 18 Hamburg DE 122.29 AUD MC (UniMuta)  
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Post 2018-08-03 06:50   [Quote] 
Inventionis Mater featuring The Untouchables
July 18, 2018
concert 'St Katharinenkirche', Hamburg, DE

audience recording
122 min
master clone

recorded on Zoom H2 by UniMuta

transfer by UniMuta
Zoom H2 -> HD
level adjustements with Ocenaudio
split with CD Wave Editor
dBpowerAmp -> FLAC (default compression)
Traders Little Helper -> md5

Inventionis Mater - 2018 07 18 Hamburg DE 122.29 AUD MC (UniMuta)


Valentina Ciardelli: double bass
Pierpaolo Romani: clarinet
Andrea Pennati: guitar
special guest
Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocals, sax, flute

set one

01 - intro
02 - Medley
03 - BWV 1028 Sonate nr. 2 (J.S.Bach)
04 - BWV 1028 Sonate nr. 2 (J.S.Bach)
05 - BWV 1028 Sonate nr. 2 (J.S.Bach)
06 - intro
07 - We Are Not Alone (F.Zappa)
08 - Florentine Pogen (F.Zappa)
09 - Marche Royale from "Histore Du Soldat" (I.Stravinsky)
10 - Danse Du Diable Dalla "Histoire Du Soldat" (I.Stravinsky)
11 - Moto Perpetuo (M.Sarti)
12 - intro
13 - Fantasia On The Sacre Du Printemps (I.Stravinsky)
14 - Watermelon In Easter Hay (F.Zappa)

set two

01 - intro
02 - (Fermo Che Fai?" da Turandot (G.Puccini)
03 - Piece For Solo Flute
04 - Cletus Awreetus Awrightus (F.Zappa)
05 - Brown Shoes Don't Make It (F.Zappa)
06 - What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (F.Zappa)
07 - Ave Maria (F.Schubert)
08 - Echidna's Arf (Of You) (F.Zappa)
09 - Oh No ! (F.Zappa)
10 - Blessed Relief (F.Zappa)
11 - Aybe Sea (F.Zappa)
12 - Peaches En Regalie (F.Zappa)

please do not convert to mp3 (unless for personal use)
support the artists - go to concerts & buy the records
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Post 2018-08-03 10:47   [Quote] 
Oh yeah...!

"I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss off homophobes." Kurt Cobain
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Post 2018-08-03 14:09   [Quote] 
Thank you Exclamation

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Post 2018-08-03 18:52   [Quote] 
Great stuff, thanks! tunes

"Well, look, it depends on what the intent is. If the intent is to rip me off, then I hate it. If the intent is to find out what's going on, then I think it's fabulous. ."
- FZ (from They're Doing The Interview Of The Century)
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Post 2018-08-04 14:47   [Quote] 
Since years I didn't make it anymore to the concert in Hamburg. (Usually were are drinking already a hole day at that time drunk ) Nice to have the possibility to listen once what happened there

the crux of the biscuit is the
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Post 2018-08-11 21:51   [Quote] 
Cheers for this.
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