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1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA 111.51 AUD (CA-av-gl19-flambay) - Source #1  
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Post 2018-06-04 11:06   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Case Center
Boston University
Boston, MA

1981 11 07 - Early show

~~ Source #1: CA-av version, CD-R sourced, unknown gen

original seed from 2005
re-uploaded here in FZ Shows

including these modifications:
- tape flip cut in City Of Tiny Lites patched with material from alternate source (glasnostrd19/DIME)
- orig. Track 20 Zomby Woof removed (actually from 1982 05 15 Rotterdam NL).
- all tracks renamed along current seeding conventions

Current FZshows entry:
1981 11 07 - Case Center, Boston University, Boston, MA
Early show

120 110 min, Aud, B/B-
Watermelon In Easter Hay, You Are What You Is, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit nothing, Dumb All Over, Heavenly Bank Account,
Suicide Chump, Jumbo Go Away, Envelopes, City Of Tiny Lights, We're Turning Again, Alien Orifice, Teenage Prostitute, Flakes,
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes, The Blue Light, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Yo' Mama, Zomby Woof, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man, Zoot Allures

This copy: 111.51 min, AUD, B/B-

orig. Lineage info:
traded by J.
Raw rip with EAC from traded untracked cdrs.
Indexed with shntool. No audio modifications.

orig.seed flac > wav > Soundforge 10: minor re-tracking and volume level adjustments, patching in fill to tf cut,
removing Zomby Woof and adjacent applause portions > flac TLH lvl5 w/SBA (671 MB)

taped and transferred by: unknown
CD-R traded by J/CA
edited by: amnesiavivace, flambay

Fill (tf cut patch in City Of Tiny Lites)
included from alternate Source copy (1st gen AUD),
recently uploaded by glasnostrd19 at DIME, see discussion here:

unknown mike > sony WMD-5 cassette recorder > probably Maxell XLII master cassettes >
1st gen. trade copy, Maxell XLII cassettes > played on nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) > flac (sb's aligned) >
Soundforge 10: extract COTL fill > wav > patch with main source

taped by: John
transferred by: glasnostrd19
edited by: glasnostrd19, flambay

Frank Zappa's Band, September 1981 - July 1982:
FZ, Steve Vai, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin


00 audience [0:48]
01 Watermelon In Easter Hay [5:31]
02 band introductions [2:02]
03 You Are What You Is [3:46]
04 Mudd Club [2:48]
05 The Meek Shall Inherit nothing [3:16]
06 Dumb All Over [5:36]
07 Heavenly Bank Account [4:07]
08 Suicide Chump [5:49]
09 Jumbo Go Away [3:48]
10 Envelopes [3:02]
11 City Of Tiny Lites [10:15] °°° tf / alt.source patch {5:45-6:40}
12 We're Turning Again [5:05]
13 Alien Orifice [5:14]
14 Teenage Prostitute [2:32]
15 Flakes [5:13]
16 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes [4:05]
17 The Blue Light [4:19]
18 Tinsel Town Rebellion [5:01]
19 Yo' Mama [10:17] °°° cuts off at end, during Band Outro

20 encore break [0:55] °°° cuts in
21 Camarillo Brillo [3:33]
22 Muffin Man [3:45]
23 encore break #2 [1:46]
24 Zoot Allures [9:19]

Total time (patched) 111.51 min

Unpatched track (CA-av source only)
in separate subfolder (55 MB),
track SB-aligned with those in main folder:

11 City Of Tiny Lites (unpatched) [9:22] °°° tf /cut at 5:46

Total time (unpatched) 110.58 min

Thanks to the unknown taper (main source)
and to John for the alternate source (fill).
Thanks to glasnostrd19 for contributing the alternate source version at DIME
Thanks to CheepnisAroma and to amnesiavivace for the original seed of this source #1 version

Enjoy !!

-- flambay - June 2018


previous uploads:

source #1:
CA-av (FZ Shows archives):

source #2:
glasnostrd19 (external seed discussion):

1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 00 audience.flac:c50c406a59bdd9a5f6ae39a931d7048a
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 01 Watermelon In Easter Hay.flac:47dbc36855356344cdfd7e154fd954de
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 02 band introductions.flac:7db53bf6cf93350f393f1b0746b8c4b6
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 03 You Are What You Is.flac:e1b2b49a5a370b06fbb55bb43d2d52e7
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 04 Mudd Club.flac:b0d6e09b63d1cd77ab095cd66007fbc4
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 05 The Meek Shall Inherit nothing.flac:e1f23ecbc73124a86c181f1b8ffed10f
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 06 Dumb All Over.flac:3f9eacd9d236093c0f6109ef766e2a45
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 07 Heavenly Bank Account.flac:d71733d74ce5f57c3eacac6281aa75ba
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 08 Suicide Chump.flac:68a5ba598d462d1ea5d6002b6c08f944
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 09 Jumbo Go Away.flac:c42926032fc1d837ebee67d1bb951ee4
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 10 Envelopes.flac:4edce0617c0012a5060a5ea930f033e1
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 11 City Of Tiny Lites.flac:7cd3e3f20a00035b06281fed07059f6b
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 12 We're Turning Again.flac:eaa4e30c929646a53907f7f1d4b39442
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 13 Alien Orifice.flac:ac23c22e24d425b9ec76499f1f8f9087
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 14 Teenage Prostitute.flac:4ac75bc7bb7215242c3f0e2e7e2c7c3d
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 15 Flakes.flac:3d9258f56c94d1fb103c8a710a9f709d
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 16 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.flac:5ead187cd11301b917efd3e654291a8a
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 17 The Blue Light.flac:524064b12a98215ef45376bbadc8b6be
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 18 Tinseltown Rebellion.flac:71ead26f69bb336f6c21bfa4c9e77fcf
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 19 Yo Mama.flac:bdae3f41ebf918c18ae49ec32501c9fb
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 20 audience.flac:f5dcb536a71792dfd47d67af9096eea3
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 21 Camarillo Brillo.flac:0548b155e505b4de13c6a6c9843054c9
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 22 Muffin Man.flac:0db968f35478a2203a0466a782a24397
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 23 audience.flac:7d60dcf46beff22d861b6f2824c13abd
1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 24 Zoot Allures.flac:4e2ff0e86204938e74093b9513c34d7f

unpatched\1981 11 07 (E) Boston MA - 11 City Of Tiny Lites (unpatched).flac:e73fcf2a9359a080b4d7a8fee30af91a


Last edited by flambay on 2018-06-06 15:21; edited 2 times in total
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Post 2018-06-04 12:41   [Quote] 
Thank you very much!
Music is the best Very Happy
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Site Admin
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Post 2018-06-04 13:30   [Quote] 
Thanks, Flambay.

One thing: I think the note above about patching in The Meek belongs with City Of Tiny Lights instead.
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Post 2018-06-04 13:57   [Quote] 
Thanks, flambay

Thanks you for working on this one
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Post 2018-06-04 14:07   [Quote] 
pbuzby wrote:
Thanks, Flambay.

One thing: I think the note above about patching in The Meek belongs with City Of Tiny Lights instead.

Ouch ! Indeed, that note belongs with COTL.
Corrected now.
Thanks for the heads up.

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Frank Laforce
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Post 2018-06-04 15:03   [Quote] 
Thanks flambay for all the beautiful work you're doing here.
very much appreciated!
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Post 2018-06-04 15:18   [Quote] 
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Post 2018-06-04 16:24   [Quote] 
Thanks for working on this show flambay... I always feel better when an erroneous Zomby is expunged...

''Just consider this..... You can be scared when it gets too real...''
(FZ: ''It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal'')

'' 'n pretty soon, there won't be no street, for dummies to jog on, or doggies to dog on, religious fanatics, can make it be all gone...''
(FZ: ''Dumb All Over'')
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Post 2018-06-05 04:47   [Quote] 
Many thanks!
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Post 2018-06-05 05:11   [Quote] 
Thank you
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Post 2018-06-05 13:25   [Quote] 
very nice. I love when we tidy up these older seeds.

Kind regards,
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Post 2018-06-05 15:03   [Quote] 
thanks. nice to have another one brought up to snuff.

alive and living in hologram form
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Post 2018-06-06 21:23   [Quote] 
father-0blivion wrote:
Thanks for working on this show flambay... I always feel better when an erroneous Zomby is expunged...

Not so long ago I gave these 2 Boston 1981 shows a listen, when I found cdr copies of both in a forgotten place at home.
And i' found it remarkable that this was the only US 1981 show with Zomby Woof.... thanks for the clarification.
My cdr copies don't have track separation, so I think I'll grab this one, and say thank you very much.
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Post 2018-06-08 17:58   [Quote] 
droolWink Smile drool
menge tak!
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Post 2018-06-12 03:48   [Quote] 
I am so grateful to everyone who helps keep the music alive:
Thank you.
Peace and Much Groove.

Peace and Much Groove.
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