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1980 05 03 (L) Boston MA ~110.40 AUD MC & 1980 05 02 TV Interview ~19.30 FM (glasnostrd19)  
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Post 2018-05-12 18:45   [Quote] 
as uploaded to DIME by glasnostrd19 who has provided us with some nice stuff in the past too.


it is that time to remember to be good to Mothers.
this was supposed to be posted awhile ago.
but it took awhile to get the info and tracking together.
I think it should be ready to share now.
hardly the best recording likely to circulate of this show
but it has never circulated directly from these master tapes before.
it is most of the show, the batteries ran out during "you are what you is", making for a uniquely amusing ending to this recording.
I have no idea what if anything happened after that (probably a few songs)
since I didn't attend or tape this show. a friend borrowed my deck and recorded it.
it's quite possible even he hasn't heard this before, so 38 years later, it's about time.
I think a recording circulates of the early show, better sound than this one. (better tape recorder and mikes)
one of these boston 1980 shows was well recorded by a dime member, but I don't think his tape has been posted before.
these tapes have hardly ever been played.
it's a balcony recording, but listenable, frankly (of course).
some samples are posted in comments
don't eat any of that yellow snow. ian

Frank Zappa: guitar, lead vocals
Ray White: guitar, vocals
Ike Willis: guitar, vocals
Tommy Mars: keyboards
Arthur Barrow: bass
David Logeman: drums

Boston Music Hall
Boston, Mass. USA
May 3, 1980 (late show, incomplete)
concert runtime: 110:38 (minutes/seconds)
interview runtime: 19:33
total runtime: 130:12

1: tuning 1:26
2: watermelon in easter hay 6:19 (with band intros)
3: teenage wind 3:19
4: harder than your husband 2:45
5: bamboozled by love 5:44
6: pick me I'm clean 6:31
7: society pages 2:28
8: I'm a beautiful guy 1:14
9: beauty knows no pain > 3:59
10: Charlie's enormous mouth > 3:53
11: any downers? > 3:04
12: conehead 8:13 (spliced, tape flip)
13: easy meat 2:54
14: mudd club 8:12
15: the meek shall inherit nothing 7:11
16: heavely bank account 3:10
17: suicide chump 9:05
18: jumbo go away 6:49
19: if only she woulda (w/Louie Louie snippet) 5:22
20: I don't wanna get drafted 1:36 (cuts)
why does it hurt when I pee? (missing from recording before tape change.)
21: don't eat the yellow snow 2:28
22: Illinois enema bandit 8:44
23: I ain't got no heart 2:17
24: love of my life 2:11
25: you are what you is 1:42 (end cuts, speed problems, batteries ran out)

interview on Ch. 5 "Five All Night live", may 4, 1980 early AM very soon after Boston concert
(it was a busy night for Frank.)
26: 9:08
27: :50
28: 3:00
29: 6:17
30: TV outro :18

Sony mono auto levelling cassette recorder
(unknown model, with built in condenser mike) >
(tracks 26-30 recorded directly from cable TV)
Maxell XLI 90 min. master cassettes >
played on Tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that production.
digitized for the 1st time feb. 2014.
do not sell this recording.
that would be easy cheesy, NOT easy meat.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

second of 2 shows in Boston, most of the show.
the interview has Frank answering questions from
late night TV viewers.
some released music from the "Baby Snakes" soundtrack
(then new) was included between the interview segments
which is why there are 5 segments instead of one 20 minute
interview track. (all the music parts of the interview
broadcast are officially issued, so none are included
in here, just the interview parts.)

setlist for the early show was:
Chunga's Revenge
Keep It Greasy
Outside Now
City Of Tiny Lights
A Pound For A Brown
Cosmik Debris
You Didn't Try To Call Me
I Ain't Got No Heart
Love Of My Life
Bamboozled By Love
Pick Me I'm Clean
Easy Meat
Joe's Garage
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
Nite Owl
Dancin' Fool
Bobby Brown
Black Napkins
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
The Illinois Enema Bandit

alive and living in hologram form
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Post 2018-05-12 22:04   [Quote] 
As I posted in "Seeds & External Sources," warning: the battery problems he mentioned start after the solo in Illinois Enema Bandit and make the last few songs more or less unlistenable.
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Post 2018-05-15 00:08   [Quote] 
This can patch the cut in "Conehead" (later part of of Tommy's solo/beginning of last verse) in the current FZShows version and provides about a minute of "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted" missing there. It also includes the end of "Illinois Enema Bandit" missing there but the battery problems make it difficult to use.

Overall the FZShows version sounds better but some may find the tight mono sound of this version a good alternative to the slightly imbalanced stereo of the other recording.
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