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1982 06 05 Schuettorf DE - Safety Copies (Thinman-Pittylabelle) samples  
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Post 2017-07-20 21:20   [Quote] 
35 years ago today!

... and newly emerged in this thread from 2006:

1982 06 05 Schuettorf 84.18 Aud samples (Pittylabelle)

Another long-term Zappateer member Thinman was so kind to send me his original safety cassettes via snailmail.
BTW, the real distance here in the Fatherland is only 105 km (65 Miles).

01 Zoot Allures (cbfz-walk-fl)
01 Zoot Allures (Thinman)
03 Stink Foot (cbfz-walk-fl)
03 Stink Foot (Thinman)
05 RDNZL (cbfz-walk-fl)
05 RDNZL (Thinman)
06 Advance Romance (cbfz-walk-fl)
06 Advance Romance (Thinman)
07 Sinister Footwear#2 (bfz-walk-fl)
07 Sinister Footwear#2 (Thinman)
09 Fine Girl (bfz-walk-fl)
09 Fine Girl (Thinman)
11 King Kong (bfz-walk-fl)
11 King Kong (Thinman)
12 Doreen (bfz-walk-fl)
12 Doreen (Thinman)
14 Black Page#2 (fbfz-walk-fl)
14 Black Page#2 (Thinman)
17 No No Cherry (bfz-walk-fl)
17 No No Cherry (Thinman)
19 The Illinois Enema Bandit (bfz-walk-fl)
19 The Illinois Enema Bandit (Thinman)

This is what Thinman said about his two cassettes:

Thinman wrote:
cbfz55 wrote:

The taper of my tapes was not a true Zappa fan; he did several recordings on different locations
in 1982 (like Ahlen, too), working in Phonac record store in Bielefeld (I cannot remember his name, sorry),
where he sold his copies of the master tapes by request without permission of the store.

I find it interesting that I also still have those two C60 cassettes from exactly the same guy.
Mine are TDK and have my own handwriting on them. Just "Schüttdorf I" and "Schüttdorf II".
So they might be my own safety copies, but I don't remember ever having any "originals".
So it would be possible that I gave the guy fresh cassettes back then and he would just
have made the copy.

Since I don't have a working cassette machine anymore, would anybody be interested in these
two cassettes and check if there is still any usable audio quality on them and compare it to the most
recent version

So as said, it's from the same (main) source as in this project:
1982 06 05 Schuettorf 101.05 Aud 1st (cbfz55-walk-fl) w.fills

For better comparison, I've made track samples of both versions - 1.30 mins each.

Of course, no audio modifications like EQing were applied to Thinman's version -
just a "channel matching" and a "phase offset fixing".

I've made no speed correction, but the speed fits interestingly fairly good to the torrent version.
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