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1970 11 29 (L) London UK 109.08 AUD 2nd (Yojimbo-Bengofury-Flambay-Overnitefreak) ZTLS #756
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Author Message
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Post 2016-12-22 23:50   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa &
The Mothers Of Invention

The Coliseum
London, UK

1970 11 29 (late)

~~ from 2nd gen AUD tape (CD-R copy) ~~

Long, long overdue for the Zappateers tracker we are pleased to present this 46 year old recording from the London Coliseum, November 29, 1970, the second of two shows performed that evening. It will be well worth the wait. This second generation copy collected by the legendary Yojimbo turns out to be the best sounding version I have ever heard of this show. It also appears to be from the same master source as other copies previously circulated but sounding much better. The B-/B rating in FZShows does not do this version justice. In fact, I would argue this copy is closer to a B+ especially for the era.

But enough of the ratings. What do you get with this fabulous 1970 Mothers concert? Flo & Eddie are in top form and so is the rest of the band. Everyone sounds like they are in a good mood too. "The Duke" (Burnt Weeny Sandwich) medley starts off the tape (although may not have been the start of the concert) and it is an excellent performance. The "Holiday In Berlin" section lasts over 13 minutes with great FZ solo work. An early version of "Easy Meat" really cooks and features Ian Underwood on rhythm guitar! Note the "Building A Girl"-type conducted improvisation after "Penis Dimension". The "Groupie Opera" gets the full treatment and at the end Frank brings Stephen Stills out to join them for "Happy Together" followed by "Who Are The Brain Police?" (with Stills taking the solo), and a monster jam that starts with the "Brain Police" theme and goes wild from there- awesome George Duke solo, guitar solos from FZ & Stills, The Dr. John routine, an on the spot creation by Stills and hey...a drum solo! There is a second tape flip during the ending improvisation then FZ gets the band to perform the "Groupie Opera" finale. Audience hecklers cause FZ to not play a final song for an encore instead challenging them to entertain him before finishing off with the "Sanzini Brothers Pyramid Trick".

Enough raving from me. Check it out for yourselves and enjoy the show! - Overnitefreak

Current FZshows entry:
1970 11 29 - The Coliseum, London, UK
Late show

110 min, Aud, B/B-
With Stephen Stills on guitar and vocals (*)

Little House I Used To Live In, The Mud Shark, Holiday In Berlin, Cruising For Burgers, Easy Meat, Penis Dimension, Theme from the Patty Duke show, The Sanzini Brothers, The Air, What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening?, What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?, Bwana Dik, Latex Solar Beef, Daddy Daddy Daddy, Do You Like My New Car? (incl. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes), Happy Together*, Who Are The Brain Police?*, Who Are The Brain Police/jam* (incl. Dr. John Routine, ???), What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?* (incl. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, ???), The Sanzini Brothers

This copy: 109.08 min, AUD, B/B+

2nd gen aud cassetes -> CD-R -> SB THX -> Adobe Audition CC -> WAV (normalized channels)-> FLAC Level 8 -> Soundforge 10: speed correction, volume level adjusted, re-tracked -> WAV -> flac frontend w/SBA (520 MB)

taped by: unknown
collected by: Yojimbo
transferred by: Bengofury
edited by: flambay & Overnitefreak

No fills included here,
currently no alternate AUD source version known.

The Band :
FZ, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Jeff Simmons, Ian Underwood, George Duke, Aynsley Dunbar. *With Stephen Stills on guitar & vocals

01 Little House I Used To Live In [4:30]
02 Mud Shark [1:27]
03 Holiday In Berlin (q: Inca Roads) [13:36]
04 Cruising For Burgers [3:01]
05 tuning & preamble [2:06]
06 Easy Meat [5:56] (Ian Underwood on rhythm guitar)
07 tuning & preamble [1:36]
08 Penis Dimension [10:28]
09 improvisation [1:12]
10 equipment check (q: theme from the Patty Duke Show) [1:56]
11 The Sanzini Brothers [1:07]
12 The Air [1:41]
13 What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening? [3:33] ░░░ cuts off (music missing)
14 What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? [2:56] ░░░ tf/cuts in (music missing)
15 Bwana Dik [2:12]
16 Latex Solar Beef [1:04]
17 Daddy Daddy Daddy [2:40]
18 Do You Like My New Car? (q: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes) [8:56]
19 Happy Together* [1:08]
20 preamble* [1:57]
21 Who Are The Brain Police?* [6:35]
22 Brain Police jam & improvisations* (incl. Dr John routine & Steve Stills improvisation) [22:01] ░░░ cuts off
23 improvisation [0:27] ░░░ tf/cuts in (music missing)
24 What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?* (q: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes) [3:41]
25 encore audience [0:37]
26 FZ announcements [0:59]
27 The Sanzini Brothers (Pyramid Trick) [1:34]

Total time 109.08 min

Thanks to the unknown taper.
Thanks to Yojimbo for collecting and sharing.
Thanks to Bengofury for transferring and Flambay for speedy biznis.
Thanks to all who contributed in saving the Yojimbo collection!

Enjoy !!

-- Overnitefreak - December 2016


CU-globual -
BuffaloVoice -
M-walk -
bobm-doctorzap - (full show)
Yojimbo -
bobm-doctorzap -

1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 01 Little House I Used To Live In.flac:eab4dc2916ad407d7cd9d2dbb2ade065
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 02 Mud Shark.flac:0d54a258666357b854d481249bbfcb39
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 03 Holiday In Berlin.flac:2109e6dbeafdee921ff1dc12a30f14a2
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 04 Cruising For Burgers.flac:9e7b63fd7b1c84a43c0e52125fa413a8
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 05 tuning & preamble.flac:07d0c36462419738d1da51b381ad1727
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 06 Easy Meat.flac:8d3d2a081fffc20550bcafe296f9b0b3
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 07 tuning & preamble.flac:fc9c6099a3998016d981b16cbfb478c7
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 08 Penis Dimension.flac:c319d24ef2b5b0690c4a256436dfdedd
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 09 improvisation.flac:47b375cf432b62ac8ae6ca1368044073
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 10 equipment check (incl Theme from Patty Duke Show).flac:50212367dff243133002979c396b6638
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 11 The Sanzini Brothers.flac:0fa0e5a62d75738193bbf92f756f5a26
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 12 The Air.flac:72c6ef3876acc561fd8aa75e7e8ea40b
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 13 What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening.flac:1a84fbea77413e0135eeef4d78fcac08
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 14 What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are.flac:690208f75c1dde70c91cf69692ae35b0
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 15 Bwana Dik.flac:d7c6db5c1a330a428ddb228603c089c3
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 16 Latex Solar Beef.flac:b434bb9526410ef43f04eeff3ae98ea9
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 17 Daddy Daddy Daddy.flac:6c13a77bda9d9a62b2c2b8ac10522b02
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 18 Do You Like My New Car.flac:fdcf67b85904ec5571b0ac246e95a85f
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 19 Happy Together.flac:cba60ecfa57f955e9faef49166d4120d
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 20 preamble.flac:48360695e9d28d8bc405dd7315686d83
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 21 Who Are The Brain Police.flac:1969984491f6e67c76a4c4a88fc01755
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 22 Brain Police jam & improvisations.flac:1164fd23863f069a35ac9826f1304e3c
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 23 improvisation.flac:7639a87e847e867c939896ab119fdd91
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 24 What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning.flac:1240677e327924154e75e3e1d1bf490e
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 25 encore audience.flac:52bf28a42c3bdddfe2d927f427df9753
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 26 FZ announcements.flac:29acdb290697714249ebcdf6530037ef
1970 11 29 (L) London UK - 27 The Sanzini Brothers Pyramid Trick.flac:8f388e059d1be76d4a0b87fd56c28631
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Post 2016-12-22 23:52   [Quote] 
Cool, thanks! Tapes with the excellent "What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?" seem to be hard to come by!


A very unpleasant sociopath
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Joined: 2005-03-13
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Post 2016-12-22 23:55   [Quote] 
Tapes with the excellent "What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?" seem to be hard to come by!

Yeah you are right. I was thinking that while preparing this one. Quite a few unique things about this show. The jam/improvisations is a monster!
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Post 2016-12-23 00:40   [Quote] 
Awesome share! Many thanks!
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Post 2016-12-23 03:58   [Quote] 
Very nice!!
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Post 2016-12-23 04:10   [Quote] 
Thank you very much!
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Blue Moses
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Post 2016-12-23 04:13   [Quote] 
Is this the venue in St Martin's Lane,London ?

'Cos dey been using it befo' wen dey was messin wit de zyfflis'
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Post 2016-12-23 07:11   [Quote] 
Many thanks!
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Post 2016-12-23 07:34   [Quote] 
Thanks very much. Smile

Blue Moses wrote:
Is this the venue in St Martin's Lane,London ?

Yes it is. Many bands played there in the 70's.

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Post 2016-12-23 08:57   [Quote] 
Actually there was also the version yours truly, aka me, who uploaded one of the archived tapes, but hey.
that was only 86m long and a C at best.

so again....Whoopee

Cheers all and merry Crimble


party2 party2 party2

Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2016-12-23 12:20   [Quote] 
thank you Exclamation

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Post 2016-12-23 12:41   [Quote] 
Thank ye very much!

Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, Gerbil King!
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Post 2016-12-23 12:56   [Quote] 
Thank you.
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Post 2016-12-23 13:06   [Quote] 
thanks. cool. curious to hear Stills play on this. I like his playing in general.

alive and living in hologram form
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Post 2016-12-23 14:38   [Quote] 
Thanks to all involved!


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