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1973 07 01 Melbourne AU 128.25 AUD (BobM-doctorzap-flambay) ZTLS #740
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Post 2016-08-05 16:04   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa &
The Mothers Of Invention

Festival Hall
Melbourne, Australia

1973 07 01

~~ unknown gen AUD ~~

Upgrade to previously seeded
NRed version of the same source recording
(1973 07 01 Melbourne Australia, 125.12 Aud B- (Duween) heavily nr)

New raw transfer of this AUD gen copy tape
contributed by Bob M via Steve Hecht
and recently transferred by doctorzap
and originally seeded in 24/48 format to the Shoebox:

speed corrected
volume level and phase offset adjusted
downsampled and dithered to 16/44 format
and tracked

for this new FZ Shows upload.

Current FZshows entry:

1973 07 01 - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia
125 min, Aud, B-

soundcheck intro (q: The Idiot Bastard Son), improvisations, Dupree's Paradise, Cosmik Debris,
Big Swifty, Montana, Inca Roads, Dog Meat, Farther Oblivion, Mr Green Genes, King Kong,
Chunga's Revenge, Mr Green Genes

This copy: 128.25 min, AUD, B-

Cassette tape > Nakamichi DR-1 dolby b > zoom h6 > 24/48 wav > TLH > flac (Shoebox) >
wav > Soundforge 10: speed correction, minor volume level and phase offset adjustments,
downsample and dither to 16/44 wav with iZotope and MBIT+, tracking >
flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (637 MB)

Taped by: unknown
Contributed by: BobM, Steve Hecht
Transferred by: doctorzap
Edited by: flambay


FZ, Jean Luc Ponty, Tom Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood,
George Duke, Bruce Fowler, Sal Marquez (late March - July)


01 FZ Band Introductions (q: The Idiot Bastard Son) [5:50]
02 Dupree's Paradise Pt.1 - George Duke Improvisations [14:53]
03 Dupree's Paradise Pt.2 - Theme & Solos [10:26]
04 Dupree's Paradise Pt.3 - FZ Solo & Conclusion [7:52]
05 Cosmik Debris preamble [0:47]
06 Cosmik Debris [6:31] °°° cuts off in FZ solo, end of song missing
07 Big Swifty [16:48] °°° cuts in and off, start and end of song are missing
08 Montana preamble [0:23]
09 Montana [8:39]
10 Inca Roads [10:56]
11 Dog Meat preamble [1:35]
12 Exercise #4 - Dog Meat [6:49] °°° cuts off in Uncle Meat, end of song missing
13 Farther O'Blivion [18:07] °°° cuts in, start missing

encore section:
14 Son Of Mr.Green Genes [2:49] °°° cuts in, no music missing
15 King Kong [6:02]
16 Chunga's Revenge (incl. Mr.Green Genes reprise) [10:00]

Total time 128.25 min

no fills patches available to parts missing here,
no alternate source of this recording known to exist.


Many thanks to the unknown taper for recording this show.
Many thanks to Bob M. and to Steve Hecht for contributing this tape copy.
Many thanks to doctorzap for this new raw transfer.

Enjoy !!!

-- flambay - August 2016


previous uploads (same source):

Duween NRed (FZ Shows Archives):
doctorzap dolby B 24/48 (Shoebox):

1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 01 FZ Band Introductions.flac:a9edc12b2a577e6c9e6ec5f7216aafe7
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 02 Dupree's Paradise pt.1 - George Duke Improvisations.flac:3a484a17ad64a433d9ced490edd88d02
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 03 Dupree's Paradise pt.2 - Theme & Solos.flac:a1ef3081ffefbb7247f7f21b4c43362c
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 04 Dupree's Paradise pt.3 - FZ solo & ending.flac:7c1ff6f193c9faa2204943a141e6db9c
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 05 Cosmik Debris preamble.flac:eb7c6db1d18ac6d2502a18fd367d3c6f
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 06 Cosmik Debris.flac:c663e8942e958b5a4853cf4efce77255
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 07 Big Swifty.flac:aea2796d9f9446a08e95930785075af5
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 08 Montana preamble.flac:9900be48ceae55f95efaa9e38cb30764
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 09 Montana.flac:ca185fbb49acdbad7f773a24f4661df2
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 10 Inca Roads.flac:5ffa193ecc45d0698e3b9c363b4f2033
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 11 Dog Meat preamble.flac:5d7f4f7c5204383dc41428f51489506e
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 12 Exercise #4 - Dog Meat.flac:585319d593ce9e7bdad595379eae8722
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 13 Farther O'Blivion.flac:abb96544c30c26044c0a44ad5700a136
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 14 Son Of Mr. Green Genes.flac:2a5f1ae76445f4281ccbb6d1cc38fd9f
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 15 King Kong.flac:eecf70acf36d5888306542aad4924611
1973 07 01 Melbourne AU - 16 Chunga's Revenge.flac:44e45ad086a979f780bc387e58e9c536

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Post 2016-08-05 16:25   [Quote] 
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Post 2016-08-05 16:31   [Quote] 
I'm in, thanks
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Post 2016-08-05 16:37   [Quote] 
Olympic ARFs of thanks!

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Post 2016-08-05 16:39   [Quote] 
Thanks very much for upgrading this... the old seed was... very old...

''Just consider this..... You can be scared when it gets too real...''
(FZ: ''It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal'')

'' 'n pretty soon, there won't be no street, for dummies to jog on, or doggies to dog on, religious fanatics, can make it be all gone...''
(FZ: ''Dumb All Over'')
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Post 2016-08-05 18:36   [Quote] 
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Post 2016-08-05 18:53   [Quote] 
Mmmm. Tasty. Thank you to all involved.

Red balloons just pop behind my eye
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Post 2016-08-05 19:34   [Quote] 
I have another copy which I traded for some guy from Aussy - I still gotta find it. It might be only 90 minutes but I still intend to dig that one out to.
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Post 2016-08-05 20:56   [Quote] 
thanks for your hard work and sharing

"no more credit from the liquor store"
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Post 2016-08-06 03:33   [Quote] 
many thanks!
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Post 2016-08-06 03:34   [Quote] 
many thanks!
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Post 2016-08-06 09:13   [Quote] 
Another upgrade of a great show.

886 + 77R.....That's 886 individual shows [plus however many alternatives] & 77 Rehearsals.

I can remember a time when there weren't so many of us and we thought we might get to 700

as always
Thankyou thankyou &


Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2016-08-06 12:14   [Quote] 
Thank you BobM, doctorzap, and flambay! Love me some O Z in 73.
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Post 2016-08-07 00:16   [Quote] 
I'm sure it's just my imagination, but at about 11:35 into Dupree's part I it sounds like George is trying to tease out Uncle Remus.
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Post 2016-08-07 03:07   [Quote] 
This Australian '73 tour was this band at their peak. Some fantastic music played and really nice to have this one upgraded.

Thanks BobM for sharing your tapes! Looking forward to that other copy. Amazing amount of tapes have survived from this tour. Still hoping better audience copies appear of the Sydney June 24 & 25 shows.

That reminds me we haven't heard from Murry or Ian in a long time. Hope they are doing okay down under.

And speaking of old names, great to see some return here in this thank you thread. Zappacheers to MrUMRK! Been a long time.

Kind regards,
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