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The Magic Band 2014 04 11 Richmond AU 111.39 AUD MC (Godzgolfball - Vierstein91)  
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Post 2014-05-30 04:58   [Quote] 
Repost from dimeadozen.
Includes a nice set of photos from the show.


The Magic Band
The Corner Hotel
Richmond .Victoria.Australia

01.My Human Gets Me Blues
02.Low Yo Yo Stuff
04.Diddy Wah Diddy
06.bass solo
07.Golden Birdies
08.When It Blows Its Stacks
10.Hot Head
11.Dr Dark
13.On Tomorrow
14.drum solo> Suction Prints
16.Alice in Blunderland
18.Hair Pie: Bake 1
20.Steal Softly Thru Snow
21.Owed T'Alex
23.Click Clack
25.Floppy Boot Stomp
27.Moonlight On Vermont
29.Big Eyed Beans From Venus


John "Drumbo" French : Vocals, Soprano sSx, Mouth Harp, drums
Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston : Bass
Danny "Feelers Rebo" Walley: Guitar
Eric Klerks: Guitar
Andrew Niven: Drums

Friday 11th April, year of our lawd 2014
The plane takes off late, due to bad weather the previous day which has closed one runway and which has led to a tailback of flights that is still a problem even on Saturday morning when I fly back home. When we are above Melbourne we are held in a holding pattern for half an hour and when we land we sit on the tarmac for what seems like an age.The stewardess informs me we are relatively lucky, the day before planes were in a holding pattern for up to three hours !

So its nearly 7:15 when I get off the plane. Doors open at 8, band on at 8.30? A quick 20 minute trip by sky bus into town , fortunately no accidents on the freeway. We arrive at Southern Cross station, its 7:45. A frantic look for the correct tram stop, no one in Melbourne seems to know anything about the public transport.

Eventually I find the right tram , but by now , its 8.05, and the show starts at 8.30 . But never fear, armed with the instructions from the venues website, I know I have to disembark at stop number 9 and they are all marked clearly, so no worries right ?

Wrong, the map on the side of the tram indicates there is no stop 9, WTF ?

I pass stop 8, looking for a venue on a corner, can't see one, The tram stops at some lights and a bunch of people get off and so do I, thinking its stop 9. NOT.

Turns out the driver was just dropping them off between stops. The phone rings, its Brian, he's about to get to the venue, he and Cathy have 200 meters to walk to the gig, I am bound to bump into them. Wrong.No sign of them .

I begin to walk thinking that stop 9 must be up there ahead. Corners come and go, no corner Hotel, many hotels , but not the corner. I see a hippy ahead, he must know. Wrong! . He has no idea. I see a pizza bar, I ask, oh yes, its back about 2 k's wahhhhhhh!

I run,as I pass the hippieI tell him that, if he's ever asked again, its back in the opposite direction. I hail a cab, amazingly it stops and I'm on my way back. By now I am a ball of sweat, will the magic band be first on ? I cannot miss them, not after all these years.

The cab grinds to a halt outside the venue ( which is small, and not very easy to see from the tram ) I throw cash at the driver, Brian is outside waiting for me , a band is on, but its the grandmothers. SAVED !

I begin to enjoy myself and the first of many glasses of good beer are pressed into my sweaty hands.

This show was better then I ever expected, this show was wonderful, flawless, impeccable .This show was stupendous , young Beefheart freaks who had never laid eyes on the Captain were staggered by the intensity and quality of the band, they were given a glimpse of what used to be by the amazing ( god love him ) Drumbo, channelling the Beefheartian spirit but giving it his own riveting and at times menacing stage presence.

The sound was immaculate, the audience lively but focussed on the stage during the songs.

this is one of the best concerts I have ever been to and the sound is really , really good .

SP-CMC-25 cards >SP BBox > Sony PCM M10 > 16bit wav > Mac Pro > Adobe Audition ( remove excess applause , adjust levels and minor EQ > XACT SBE( LEVEL 8 )
Stealth mode 3 metres from stage centre.
the whole shebang was mixed, stirred ,cooked up and served up HOT on a flac by Godzgolfball.
Don't sell it , share freely , listen to it LOUD
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Post 2014-06-02 02:55   [Quote] 
Thanks for sharing! tunes tunes Guitar Solo Al clap clap

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