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1972 11 11 (E) Washington DC - AUD samples (3x Drew51 UG) 96k/24bit  
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Post 2013-11-22 17:10   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
1972 11 11 (E)
Constitution Hall
Washington, DC

Current FZshows entry:
1972 11 11 - D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
Early show

70 min, Aud, B
intros, Montana, America Drinks, Rollo, Seven / Boogie [parts on D.C. Boogie, ID, other parts on Trudgin' Across The Tundra , OSD], Duke Of Prunes

Samples from
3 different versions contributed by Drew51:
- blackpage copy
- Jeff Allen copy
- snopes copy,

all of them unknown gen
and transferred in 24 bit/96000 Hz sample rate (all samples here uploaded with this bit & sample rate).

These versions need to be compared against each other
and also to 3 more versions from pbuzby and from doctorzap (upped here).

Samples seeded here:

s01 Montana:
- blackpage version includes 4 mins band intro and soundcheck portions prior to start of Montana, sample portion included here
- intro missing in J.Allen & snopes copies, cutting in at start Montana

s02 Seven (bass solo):
- not included here
- no cuts there in any of these Drew51 versions (same as heard in BobM version sample)

s03 Seven (trumpet solo):
- fades out and back in around same spot (Jeff Allen & snopes versions)
- no fades in blackpage version

s04 D.C. Boogie FZ solo:
- cut in Jeff Allen version, with material missing (same as in pbuzby copy)
- cut in snopes version, with overlap (same as in BobM and Robsam versions)
- no cut in blackpage version

s05 D.C. Boogie:
- cut in all 3 versions, same amount of material missing in Jeff Allen and snopes copies
- more material missing around cut in blackpage copy, sound worse after cut,
rest of blackpage tape affected by ticks which can be heard in both s05 and s06

s06 Duke Of Prunes (end of Early Show)

Please check these samples (and the other ones)
and let us know which version sounds most pleasant of all
and most suitable for our upcoming FZ Shows seed project around this show.


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Joined: 2004-11-30
Posts: 6971
Location: over there ... and under here also
Post 2013-11-26 14:03   [Quote] 
Based on the samples, seeded here and in the other torrent,
I believe that we should go with the blackpage-Drew51 copy
(most complete at the beginning, no cuts in Seven, stereo)
up to the cut in D.C.Boogie (s05)
and include the final part of the show (D.C.Boogie > Duke Of Prunes)
from the BobM-doctorzap 2nd gen copy (mono, less highs).
That final portion in blackpage's copy sounds too distorted and flawed with clicks and with overall too much background noise (s05,s06).

Any other opinions ?
Any preferences for one of the other versions ?
Thanks for speaking up.

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Post 2013-11-26 14:50   [Quote] 
Too bad about side 2, but yeah sounds good to me. This is a great show. I find these small Wazoo shows extremely interesting. One of my favorite all time bands

I checked the tape again against the transfer to make sure I didn't make a bad transfer, but it sounds the same.
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