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1988 06 05 Modena IT 94.54 AUD (snopes-Drew51-flambay)
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Post 2012-06-08 20:51   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Modena, Italy

1988 06 05

~~ from unknown gen AUD tape ~~

Main body: Snopes-Drew51 tape (B-/C+), Dolby C transfer
Fills from: Tim McG-Drew51 tape (C+), same master source, but with additional material around tape flip cuts

Current FZshows entry:
1988 06 05 - Palasport, Modena, Italy
90 min, Aud, B
The Black Page [parts on MAJNH], I Ain't Got No Heart, Love Of My Life, Let's Move To Cleveland [parts on TBBYNHIYL], Find Her Finer, Marqueson's Chicken,
Stick Together, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Willie The Pimp, Dupree's Paradise [parts on MAJNH], City Of Tiny Lights [MAJNH], You Are What You Is,
Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, Sofa, Sharleena, The Closer You Are, No No Cherry, Bolero, Crew Slut

This copy: 94.54 min, AUD, B-/C+

Lineage: Maxell XLII 90 Cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck > Tascam US-122L >
Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (record/edits/resample) > FLAC Level 8 >
Soundforge 9: speed correction, minor volume level adjustments, tracking, patching in fills >
flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (662 MB)

taped by: unknown
contributed by: Snopes
transferred by: Drew51
edited by: Drew51, flambay

Fills from alternate dubline copy of same master source
(Tim McG-Drew51 unknown gen: ~96 min, AUD, C+),
with additional material to City Of Tiny Lites and Crew Slut.

Lineage: Maxell XLII 90 Cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck > Tascam US-122L >
Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (record/edits/resample) > FLAC Level 8 >
Soundforge 9: speed correction, extracting patches, volume level adjustments, merging with main source

Obtained from: Tim McGarey
Transferred By: Drew51
Edited By: Drew51, flambay

Line Up:
FZ, Ike Willis, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Bobby Martin,
Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Paul Carman, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick


01 The Black Page [parts on MAJNH] [7:28]
02 I Ain't Got No Heart [2:01]
03 Love Of My Life [2:22]
04 Let's Move To Cleveland [parts on TBBYNHIYL] [5:51]
05 Find Her Finer [2:41]
06 Marqueson's Chicken [7:31]
07 Stick Together [1:57]
08 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama [3:37]
09 Willie The Pimp [2:23]
10 Dupree's Paradise [parts on MAJNH] [4:15]
11 City Of Tiny Lights [MAJNH] [7:26] tf cuts at 5:06 and at 7:19, patch from Tim's copy {6:12-7:19}
12 You Are What You Is [3:53]
13 More Trouble Every Day [4:53]
14 Penguin In Bondage [6:09]
15 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel [6:53]

16 Sofa [2:38] cuts in at end of encore break, no music missing
17 Sharleena [7:38]
18 The Closer You Are/Johnny Darling [2:48] cuts in, start missing
19 No No Cherry [1:26]
20 Bolero [5:29]
21 encore break #3 [0:10] cuts in, no music missing
22 Crew Slut [5:15] Tim McG patch {4:30-end}, fades out, end missing

Total time (patched version) 94.54 min

Notes: Dolby C used in this snopes tape transfer

No alternate source known,
hence no fills available to portions left missing.

Entire City Of Tiny Lights [8:01] (no cuts) can be heard on MAJNH.

Thanks to the unknown taper.
Thanks to Snopes and to Tim McGarey (fills) for contributing their copies.
Thanks to Drew for all the transfer work.

Enjoy !!

Brought to you by Snopes, Drew51 and flambay

2012 04 01 - Drew51 ZRP/Zappateers Archives - June 2012


Samples history:
(all versions of same Master source origin)
Snopes-Drew51 (Dolby ON/OFF):
Tim McGarey-Drew51:

1988 06 05 Modena IT - 01 The Black Page.flac:bd90897b3fafdbdda6e7c8651f4b0d7c
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 02 I Ain't Got No Heart.flac:44bf2057be4d80744d39433fceb66731
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 03 Love Of My Life.flac:527d9bdb14a32c92062b250a6157157c
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 04 Let's Move To Cleveland.flac:355285b04a92b50c0c72da2ff075ab43
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 05 Find Her Finer.flac:855603f0582e55b2363fdcd010001318
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 06 Marqueson's Chicken.flac:a7672aaede8f5038c6ebb96bd00b4131
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 07 Stick Together.flac:99cf574cc8c852f1635287d99e860d4c
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 08 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama.flac:e7ca0600b0018dc3d76d9fc2a22e87a9
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 09 Willie The Pimp.flac:5e1e8ba04afa6dd1f33b15791d3fb879
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 10 Dupree's Paradise.flac:bec6ff0bb9f8c309a67c2d133c60cfd8
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 11 City Of Tiny Lights.flac:3525c48fa908dcc4e1f2624b2301b2a3
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 12 You Are What You Is.flac:107cb3bf20bc38e46ecd000fac06037b
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 13 More Trouble Every Day.flac:68f85ab443b534bd1909815e54408afc
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 14 Penguin In Bondage.flac:088c8ce4a312c8083b76f005ea47b654
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 15 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel.flac:2b71f6230b58352ec097477c967dbdc4
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 16 Sofa.flac:5e5f06ba7a8153e3d0412bafb3564d5f
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 17 Sharleena.flac:a9f234dd7455c0c88748c4b33657ca65
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 18 The Closer You Are-Johnny Darling.flac:7ef267c01075814eab92da3a8ac9f685
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 19 No No Cherry.flac:3de2f4897649ef5576ff55012d93eec9
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 20 Bolero.flac:35498900b1a6ce852e46808bf138aebb
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 21 encore break #3.flac:f1f347afecb52438b5775fdabf76dab5
1988 06 05 Modena IT - 22 Crew Slut.flac:c7ebec93434f2424c645d70a116ee987
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Post 2012-06-08 21:01   [Quote] 
Let me be the first to say thank you! Wink
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Post 2012-06-08 21:04   [Quote] 
Love it!
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Pepe Nusbaum
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Post 2012-06-08 21:09   [Quote] 
snopes wrote:
Love it!


If you just been lowered down here on tv by a wire connected to a brown leather harness, forced by a crazy person to insert a mysterious imported lamp into the reproductive orifice of a lady harpist, and you were a dwarf.....would you do it?
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Post 2012-06-08 21:14   [Quote] 
Another '88 show to the collection!!!

Many many thanks,
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Post 2012-06-08 21:17   [Quote] 

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sloppy mop job
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Post 2012-06-08 21:26   [Quote] 
thAnx guys
wayda fill dem holes clap
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Post 2012-06-08 21:52   [Quote] 
Goodbye to the last 1988 mp3-only show in my collection, thanks!
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Post 2012-06-08 21:58   [Quote] 
Thank You.
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Post 2012-06-08 22:33   [Quote] 
Thanx a lot Snopes, Drew51 and flambay for fixing this one! cheers
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Post 2012-06-08 23:04   [Quote] 
Thank You !

007 cooler
For My Ears Only.........Guitar Solo Al

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Bond: No, but I know a little about women.
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Post 2012-06-08 23:40   [Quote] 
Thanks snopes - are you by any chance related

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Post 2012-06-08 23:43   [Quote] 
alfonzo wrote:
Thanx a lot Snopes, Drew51 and flambay for fixing this one! cheers

I'll drink to that too drink

Red balloons just pop behind my eye
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Post 2012-06-09 00:35   [Quote] 
Many thanks! Right on, man!

An' before they get up I'll be gone
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Post 2012-06-09 01:28   [Quote] 
Thank you!
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