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CB 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC 73.24 AUD 1ST (Grape-Grner1-Musigny23)  
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Post 2012-03-16 06:36   [Quote] 
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Bottom Line NYC (E) 1977-11-26

Here is the third of four shows from two nights as captured by the Grape. Two tapers were present and recently the other master source was posted here and elsewhere. This is the first digital circulation of this source as far as I know, despite it having been transferred about 8-9 years ago. The two sources sound remarkably similar but a careful comparison does reveal distinct differences. Grape and the other taper know each other and did at the time of the show.

When Grape sent his tapes to the west coast to Grner1 for archiving and digital transfer, he sent both the cassette masters and the 1st gen. reel copy of this run. We were surprised to discover that the cassettes had faded some from their original fidelity and that the reel actually sounded better. Crisper, brighter and clearer. In retrospect that was not all that surprising considering that the reel uses about four times more oxide to store the signal and was hardly played in the intervening years, if at all. So for that reason the reel was transfered rather than the master cassettes. This was not a close call and please trust that what is presented here represents the best possible version of this source.

Exact gear for capturing this is uncertain. Grape went through a number of setups during the 70s. Master cassettes were transferred shortly afterward to a TEAC 2300 r to r and Maxell UD 35-90 7" reel @ 3.75 ips 1/4 track mono.

Circa 2003 Grner1 transferred, edited and mastered audio CDs. 2012 he extracted the audio and created flacs

Tandberg 9241XD (1st gen. reel) > DigiDesign AudioMedia III soundcard > Pro Tools (normalization and tracking - No EQ or hiss reduction)(OSX) > Aiff > xACT > CDr

Grape taped - Grner1 transferred, edited - Musigny23 prepped for Zappateers (file naming and posting)

1977-11-26 early show - 73:24

3 01 [2:28] Intro > Hair Pie >
3 02 [5:16] Suction Prints
3 03 [4:46] Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man
3 04 [6:38] Bat Chain Puller
3 05 [4:10] Abba Zabba
3 06 [4:52] Electricity
3 07 [5:10] Floppy Boot Stomp
3 08 [1:48] Dali's Car
3 09 [6:23] China Pig
3 10 [6:43] Grow Fins
3 11 [7:05] Click Clack
3 12 [4:54] Owed T' Alex (Carson City)
3 13 [3:03] Human Gets Me Blues
3 14 [5:23] Veterans Day Poppy[Band Intros]
3 15 [4:36] Big Eyed Beans From Venus

CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 01 Intro Hair Pie.flac:f239e7b2615a76f3974cca49b9901a8b
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 02 Suction Prints.flac:59a2e0f6512af2aad7273460968f2cfc
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 03 Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man.flac:f85742a68f3fc3bf63d8ee1796f99da6
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 04 Bat Chain Puller.flac:761f8ec035bb4fb4f2b1d293d45c3daa
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 05 Abba Zabba.flac:e0307e79477dc09b61c2768182ea30ac
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 06 Electricity.flac:534e60033128e9d6a7553c12ff9cbc80
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 07 Floppy Boot Stomp.flac:fc820411b566c353746a7135b194008b
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 08 Dali's Car.flac:410cef3228b18c24875cb8e50d5c18c6
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 09 China Pig.flac:0876922c4cb5cc65c56ab589af76c707
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 10 Grow Fins.flac:21113ae4a6fe3b26dcc9f9bf2166e781
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 11 Click Clack.flac:cc39f962047800424866714f67c6da37
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 12 Owed T' Alex (Carson City).flac:54fe6d02ec63f0499cc7171ae41d0503
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 13 Human Gets Me Blues.flac:66d7cf363f83923371213a4a87cb9620
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 14 Veterans Day Poppy.flac:cec41658f3bce759e8cb44fe4dae11e8
CB - 1977 11 26 (E) Bottom Line NYC - 15 Big Eyed Beans From Venus.flac:a4b881b76c3556860a356ecd98197b73
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Post 2012-03-16 11:20   [Quote] 
Thank you
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Post 2012-03-16 13:53   [Quote] 
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Post 2012-03-18 16:44   [Quote] 
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many thanks!
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many thanks

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Thank you very much!!!
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Post 2013-04-24 19:39   [Quote] 
This is awesome! Thank you!
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Post 2013-04-25 19:00   [Quote] 
Fantastic stuff !!

Many thanks to Musigny23 , & all the current seeders.

Got Beefheart ?!?! sage

" Music Is The Best. " ~ F.Z
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