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1970 12 08 Dusseldorf, Germany (MarvelMike/taurus)  
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Post 2010-10-22 23:26   [Quote] 
Made this torrent years ago but the show never made it past the sample stage, so I think this is a good outlet for the show. Here's my notes from 3=4 years ago....

Location: Duesseldorf, West Germany
Venue: Tonhalle
Date: December 08, 1970
Duration: 103:37

Line Up:

FZ - guitar, vocal
Howard Kaylan - vocals
Mark Volman - vocals
Ian Underwood - Keyboards, alto sax
George Duke - keyboards, trombone
Jeff Simmons - bass, vocal
Aynsley Dunbar - drums

01. Call Any Vegetable 16:42
02. The Sanzini Brothers 1:09
03. Pound for a Brown 6:57
04. Sleeping in a Jar 3:03
05. Porc-O the Magnificent 3:55
06. Sharleena 5:39
07. Penis Dimension 11:15
08. Wonderful Wino 7:53
09. Concentration Moon 3:13
10. Mom & Dad 3:36
11. The Air 2:55
12. Dog Breath 2:33
13. Mother People 2:23
14. You Didn't Try to Call Me 3:42
15. King Kong 28:42
Who Are the Brain Police (missing)

I don't know the exact lineage but here is all I could find out:

Uher reel to reel (unknown mics)>transfer to mini disc (unknown recorder>cdr (Marantz cd recorder unknown model)>EAC>Adobe Audition 1.5>flac frontend conversion level 8.
Aside from using Audition to create seperate tracks for each song (the cdrs I received just had 1 long track per disc), I did nothing else to the audio.

Got this and three other shows from Michael S. from Germany. He's a generous trader who had given me a pile of Alice Cooper shows and when he saw all the FZ on my list he said he had a few shows that he got from the original taper. The taper didn't do much trading, so there's a chance some of these are unique sources. The bad news is that they are all poor recordings - definitely in the C/C- range and the SA/FA looks like NR was used (levels dip @ 15K) but surely not mp3.

The following comment is from Michael S. to me in an e-mail regarding him contacting the original taper after many years.....

so I phoned with the tape guy yesterday in the evening. He was a bit pissed off to be bothered with questions regarding his shows but at least I got him reading his notes. He transferred his oldest recordings from reel to reels (very few to cassettes, he doesn't remember which) that's up to 73. Afterwards he stored his cassettes till late 80s. Then he began transferring his tapes to digital formats. Many are on dat now but some (he didn't consider very valuable) were transferred to minidisc. All the Zappas are among those. So lineage would be:
Up to 73:
reel -reel - minidisc (reels erased or thrown away) or in the worst case: reel - cassette - minidisc
from 73 on:
cassette - minidisc (cassettes erased or thrown away)
reel recordings were most likely made with an Uher Report reeltape. Tapes were (sadly) shamrock (lousy tapes I remember but the only ones a poor young guy could afford. BASF were great but three times as expensive). Cassettes were BASF or MAXELL bias normal.
Sorry, but I couldn't get more info. He seems to be a bit, well... uninterested now... if not generally kinda out of the line, so I wouldn't swear he got it right. But it's the best info I could get. To be on the safe side maybe you could give away lineage info without guarantee of authenticity.
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Post 2010-10-23 01:36   [Quote] 
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Post 2010-10-23 01:40   [Quote] 
Thanks indeed
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Post 2010-10-23 07:25   [Quote] 
Many thanks!
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Post 2010-10-23 15:50   [Quote] 
the level dip at 15k shows, that the MD was used in a lossy mode.
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