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1981 09 29 (L) Santa Cruz CA 109.03 Aud MC (Musigny23-flambay)
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Post 2008-11-20 17:42   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, California
Late Show
September 29th 1981

~~ from alternate Master Tape > DAT source (Musigny23) ~~

Excellent sounding Master Tape version (A/A-),
less "spacey" and "boomy" than both Drew 1st gen and grner1 MC versions seeded earlier,
less audience noise here, but very clean sounding, almost SBD-like.
Check the sound difference around the patched spots in tracks 01 and 12.
Enjoy !

available tapes according FZshows:
1981 09 29 - Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA
Late show:

110 min, Aud, A-/B+
Black Napkins, Montana, Easy Meat, Society Pages, I'm A Beautiful Guy, Beauty Knows No Pain, Charlie's Enormous Mouth, Fine Girl, Teenage Wind, Harder Than Your Husband, Bamboozled By Love, Sinister Footwear, Stevie's Spanking, Cocaine Decisions, Nig Biz, Goblin Girl, The Black Page, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, Strictly Genteel, Bobby Brown, City Of Tiny Lights, The Torture Never Stops

This copy: 109.03, Aud MC, A/A-

Source: Master audience cassette (Maxell UD-XL IIS 90s)

2 Nakamichi 300 mics. > SONY TC-D5m (Dolby B encoding) Maxell UD-XL IIS 90s
> (playback:) Nakamichi Dragon(Dolby B decoded) > Panasonic 3700 or 3800 DAT
> (capture:) Panasonic 3800 > TC Electronics Konnect8(firewire interface) > Intel Mac OS X 10.4.11 (PEAK 6) > Xact
> Soundforge 9: speed correction, tracking, patching fills from alternate MC source, downsampling to 44.1 kHz > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (673 MB)

Taped By: Musigny23
Transferred By: Musigny23
Edited By: flambay

Fills from alternate Master source (grner1): 108.55, Aud MC, A-/B+
seeded here by Zappa Penguin

ElectroVoice RE10 microphones > Dolby B Maxell UDXLI (normal bias) tapes > Sony TCD5 cassette master > Nakamichi Dragon > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > FLAC files (level 8 ) created with xACT with sector boundaries verified > ZP > .FLAC Frontend (decoded to .WAV) > WAVMerge (files merged) > WaveLab (speed corrected per flambay) > GoldWave (clicks removed @ 1000 tolerance) > CDWAV (files split, saved as .FLAC level 8 ) > foobar2000 (tags + ReplayGain)
> Soundforge 9: extracting patches, resampling to 48 kHz, merging with main source

Taped by: grner1
Transferred by: grner1
Speed corrected by: flambay
Edited by: Zappa Penguin, flambay (patching fills)

Line Up: FZ, Steve Vai, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman,
Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin.

Set list:
01 Black Napkins 6:12 ░░░ grner1 MC source fill {0:00-0:18}
02 Montana 3:44
03 Easy Meat 7:47
04 Society Pages 2:28
05 I'm A Beautiful Guy 1:56
06 Beauty Knows No Pain 2:50
07 Charlie's Enormous Mouth 3:39
08 Fine Girl 3:10
09 Teenage Wind 2:58
10 Harder Than Your Husband 2:31
11 Bamboozled By Love 5:36
12 Sinister Footwear 8:30 ░░░ tf/grner1 MC source fill {0:22-0:33}
13 Stevie's Spanking 4:28
14 Cocaine Decisions 3:49
15 Nig Biz 5:03
16 Goblin Girl 2:23
17 Black Page #2 8:23
18 Tryin To Grow A Chin 2:28
19 Strictly Genteel 7:15
20 Bobby Brown 2:40
21 City Of Tiny Lights 9:33
22 Torture Never Stops 11:28

total time (patched version) 109.03 min

Unpatched tracks in separate subfolder (82,6 MB):
01 Black Napkins (unpatched) 6:06 ░░░ cuts in, left channel missing first 10 secs
12 Sinister Footwear (unpatched) 8:23 ░░░ tf/cut at 0:23

total time (Musigny23 source only) 108.49 min

Musigny23 notes:

(Facing stage) Recorded from left side bleacher seats above side entrance
using the railing to mount the mics in open and rock stable position.

Left speaker stack experiences partial(?) failure at 1:45:37.20
Show concludes with blown speakers Note buzzy vocals at the end of "Torture"

Early Show
Recorded from center of main floor in folding chairs, sitting with Grner1
I was using Nakamichi CM 300's, He was using Electrovoice RE-10's
For the late show I moved, to separate ourselves so we wouldn't both get
caught taping together and risk getting nothing. Also I was feeling like crowd noise was a problem and
handholding the mics was maybe insufficient for good sound because to be safe they had to be kept low.

More details around this version/source posted here.

thanks to Musigny23 for taping and for sharing this version
thanks to Drew51 for hosting the raw file
thanks to grner1 for the additional material (patches) as per ZP's seed

Enjoy !!!

-- Musigny23 & flambay


alternate versions seeded previously:
Drew51 1st gen:
grner1 MC:

ffp (this version):
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 01 Black Napkins.flac:163a6e31b3a13519e300431f83c30195
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 02 Montana.flac:92ecdb377cdd5850f160a943e97024cb
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 03 Easy Meat.flac:6dfeb3635f9abeb3ef0da3b2a0e43f48
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 04 Society Pages.flac:f9959bcddb35927602fd86182e3c7e0b
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 05 I'm A Beautiful Guy.flac:b79914585ee712c75e235c0a416c24dd
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 06 Beauty Knows No Pain.flac:6bc8b8cba51f2fc02625f60e4bc40804
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 07 Charlie's Enormous Mouth.flac:e5a6acc718debdd703256f6236b3148a
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 08 Fine Girl.flac:e23f34da198609905d4c6f0353f798dd
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 09 Teenage Wind.flac:05c5c0dd934e30d97f339cd515842ea1
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 10 Harder Than Your Husband.flac:d75b253ca4f66b471cc83cf919c9a056
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 11 Bamboozled By Love.flac:01b6ce1e8b021649dfe8dd4951213275
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 12 Sinister Footwear II.flac:f107fd9bad92131cec4b18fbcdb8c194
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 13 Stevie's Spanking.flac:a285e070809daef49dccfe4beee3fff6
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 14 Cocaine Decisions.flac:815c4dae18dad8cb68984cfa9663dd22
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 15 Nig Biz.flac:eddd0f161d62c19d3a70565a4cef217e
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 16 Goblin Girl.flac:040fb4119a39849ff8380965c1adf9f2
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 17 Black Page #2.flac:4c745b8d1a7b3efe4fbb317542dfe3c2
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 18 Trying To Grow A Chin.flac:52d7457743da26468b32f0f318467e35
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 19 Strictly Genteel.flac:28c259a021e7439bf29a3f071aadf03f
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 20 Bobby Brown.flac:79c4aff15cd1d54ee3b5dbdd9c0307e5
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 21 City Of Tiny Lights.flac:c10fc70add6350aa279fc27a9164049c
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 22 The Torture Never Stops.flac:68912ff8a90db26e0fcefe6cf78ec72f

810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 01 Black Napkins (unpatched).flac:6dde52323117d1fc772b90194c72db3f
810929L-Sta.Cruz (Musigny23 MC) - 12 Sinister Footwear II (unpatched).flac:bcdb562e37d17979a5ed3378599e393a

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Post 2008-11-20 18:11   [Quote] 
Awesome! Thanks to all for this one! I love having so many great recordings of this show!! The tapers nailed this one down!! yes!! I look forward to a good listen, thanks again Musigny, Flambay.

Also thanks for the link to that old thread. So we have three sources Grner1, Musigny23, and Ron Covall's copy from my first gen. How awesome is that? I'm hoping we are not done with this show. That Ron makes an appearance, and upgrades my first gens. He is the source for the 07- 84 boards. What a great update that would be! I also have the fall 84 board from him, never compared to current version. His collection is to die for. The Knick-Knack outtake comes form him too, A Zappa Affair, first night, Speaking Of Music, it just goes on and on...

Last edited by Drew51 on 2008-11-20 19:15; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2008-11-20 18:17   [Quote] 
Thanks very beaucoup!
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Post 2008-11-20 18:24   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot! ^^
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Post 2008-11-20 19:48   [Quote] 
Thank you very much for this upgrade!

BTW: I got so impressed by reading that lineage stuff, you guys are soooo professional... Very Happy

... and don't forget, there is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over!
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Stucco Holmes
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Post 2008-11-20 20:16   [Quote] 
BTW: I got so impressed by reading that lineage stuff, you guys are soooo professional... Very Happy

Very professional Howie!

"It must be just what they all need"
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Post 2008-11-20 20:38   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-11-20 20:44   [Quote] 
Super! Thank you very much!!
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Post 2008-11-20 21:05   [Quote] 
thanks for this great upgrade!

hey there...what 'tracker announce' do i need to make a .torrent for uploading here?

i did it before for that WW1interview but forgot...

(sorry everyone...thought that was a private message...)
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Post 2008-11-20 21:18   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-11-20 21:31   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-11-20 22:25   [Quote] 
Love your work. I am a man amongst gods.
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Post 2008-11-20 22:48   [Quote] 
I found those two shows from 29.9.1981 always kinda "grey", but having this in such good sound quality maybe shines some new light on this. Thanks! Really appreciated!

The present day stattewńbchen refuses to compose.
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Post 2008-11-21 02:09   [Quote] 
thank you
amities de france
jean jacques smiley_abuv thumbsup

Popularize FRANK music is my way to thank him for all he has given us and to enable it to know as many and especially
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Post 2008-11-21 03:26   [Quote] 
been getting into da 81 stuff....I love all years just doing a little diggin in each at a time....Doesn't hurt does it?

God Bless FZ cooler
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