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1973 08 21 Stockholm SE 75.34 FM+SBD MC (RDNZL-BengoFury-unicrayon) ZTLS#404 pt2
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Post 2009-12-06 17:05   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Stockholm In Bondage Opopoppa Concert
Soliden, Skansen
1973 08 21

~~ source #1: from BengoFury Master tape ~~
~~ source #2: from RDNZL Master VHS ~~

FZShows entry:
1973 08 21 - Solliden, Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden
75 min, FM, A-/B+
Broadcast on radio and TV at various times. Video exists.
Parts of this recording are available on Piquantique - BTB.
Cosmik Debris, Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue, Kung Fu, Penguin In Bondage, RDNZL, Montana, improvisations, Dupree's Paradise (q: Satin Doll), Join The March And Eat My Starch, Farther Oblivion (with last section of Cucamonga played twice)

Available CDs according the ZFT:
Beat the Boots I

This version: 75.34 min, FM + SBD MC, A (mono)

Source #1: FM Master Cassette > WAV > flac > WAV (SoundStudio:splits) > flac (xACT) level8 SBE correction*
Taped by BengoFury
Transferred by BengoFury
Editing by unicrayon
Source #2: Pre Broadcast VHS Master > WAV (SoundStudio:splits) > flac (xACT) level8 SBE correction
Provided by RDNZL
Transferred by unicrayon
Editing by unicrayon

The Band: FZ, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Jean-Luc Ponty, Ian Underwood, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Ralph Humphrey

Set list:
01 Intro (Claes "Clabbe" af Geijerstam) [1.49]*
02 Cosmik Debris [8.01]*
03 Eric Dolphy Memorial BBQ* [0.56]*
04 Kung Fu [1.08]*
05 Penguin In Bondage [4.06]*
06 RDNZL [4.31]*
07 Montana [8.38]
08 Dupree's Paradise [23.44]
09 Preamble to Farther O'Blivion [0.55]
10 Farther O'Blivion (incl. Join The March And Eat My Starch) [21.41]

Just the music sections originally seeded as the Memorial BBQ Day Opopoppa DVD as requested by The Evil Prince.

Thanks to flambay for suggesting the track split between Eric Dolphy & Kung Fu and giving Farther O'Blivion the correct title Smile
Thanks to RDNZL for providing the VHS tape.

RDNZL, BengoFury & unicrayon!

Seeded @ 2009 11 06 during the official celebration of Zappadan (4th - 21st of December)


1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 01 Introduction.flac:0913a4f227cefd7e8a8088d850d41887
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 02 Cosmik Debris.flac:970bbd75c6acd413cb45d2081d551c3f
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 03 Eric Dolphy Memorial BBQ.flac:6c26a9f5ccadf61ad0afd6a384c8967a
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 04 Kung Fu.flac:0844aa6dd9c0c1f55166a77926e1272a
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 05 Penguin In Bondage.flac:5f18a0a6dd4faddb2fc8c216cf7ba4cd
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 06 RDNZL.flac:8760afe16a217db34aec4e8f1fce4646
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 07 Montana.flac:3483f97baf7ad4ae006af1aff2b6a26b
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 08 Dupree's Paradise.flac:25cfb826522dae62fde70dff2bc97989
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 09 Preamble to Farther Oblivion.flac:12f877af2a32c002e6d138c28887969f
1973 08 21 Stockholm SE - 10 Farther O'Blivion (incl. Join The March And Eat My Starch).flac:bb0749fd5a95ce4a97ff9f56907a820e

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Post 2009-12-06 17:08   [Quote] 
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Post 2009-12-06 17:13   [Quote] 
Thanks for your work on this one.
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Post 2009-12-06 17:18   [Quote] 
Crazy! Somebody mentioned this show last week as having the 'best' RDNZL 'available' and I thought, 'I haven't heard that in how many years?' So I came here to ensure that it was our friend from Piqantique (which I guess goes by many other names) and THAT set off a chain of events of me trying to find the best sounding version of RDNZL here on the tracker. But the 8-21-73 show I couldn't find here.

So, with a new week, a new transfer with other-than BTB Foo-EEE expectations and I am once again bowled over by the completeness, exactitude, courtesy and general splendidness of the whole proceedings.

Must be a holiday SmileSmileSmile

Thanks all!!!!!!!

navel gazing
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Post 2009-12-06 17:20   [Quote] 
Woo hoo! Been waiting for this one. Thanks a lot!
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Post 2009-12-06 18:26   [Quote] 
the video was incredible....
mucho thanks....
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Post 2009-12-06 18:32   [Quote] 
This place is the best!!! Can't wait to hear this one... Love the video. My favorite version of Farther Oblivion. Thank you
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Post 2009-12-06 18:48   [Quote] 
unicrayon wrote:
Just the music sections originally seeded as the Memorial BBQ Day Opopoppa DVD as requested by The Evil Prince.

Many thanks.
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Post 2009-12-06 18:53   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot!!
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Post 2009-12-06 19:08   [Quote] 
I currently can't download stuff. Lots of awesome music being uploaded recently. Argh! (this also means I'll have to take some serious care of my ratio as soon as I'm able to dl again all these goodies...)

Anyway, thanks!!

The present day stattewńbchen refuses to compose.
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Post 2009-12-06 20:12   [Quote] 
I've been waiting SOOOO long for a good copy of this show. You have made my day!
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Post 2009-12-06 20:20   [Quote] 
Yes, thank J for putting this up. Nice to replace my audio dub from the old VHS tapes. Duke & Ponty are great as usual and I think Tom Fowler sounds particularly good this show. And as I said, FZ's solo in 'Dupree's Paradise' is ripping and one of my favorites. I never get tired of it.

Kind regards,
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Stucco Holmes
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Post 2009-12-06 21:34   [Quote] 
Thank you Thank you and Thank you!
The sound on this just kicks ass!
very cool,! cooler

"It must be just what they all need"
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Post 2009-12-06 22:54   [Quote] 
oh yea!
couple of bucks paypal, justified every time!
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Post 2009-12-07 00:23   [Quote] 
Thank you for this, it will be a great improvement for me over the very old VHS sound.
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