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1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA 108.33 AUD MC (PencilGeek) [RAW]  
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Post 2009-10-24 04:54   [Quote] 
Robert Collins Master Recording.

Artist / Title: Frank Zappa
Date December 11, 1980 (Early Show) [RAW]
Location: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA (USA)
Seats: Somewhere near Row-12, center
Deck: Nakamichi 350
Mics: Nakamichi CM-300
Source: A:C Master Tape; Stereo
Sample Rate 44.1Khz, 16-bit (FLAC)
Rating: A- / B (Backfill for missing parts is B-rated, master tape is rated A-)
Length: 109 Minutes

Also Available
* A "Remastered" version of this show is available at as 44.1Khz, 16-bit.

* Frank Zappa, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1980-12-11, DVD-Audio, 96Khz, 24-bit (@TTD)

* Pictures of the original cassette tapes and covers.
* CD Cover Artwork


Frank Zappa Guitar, Vocals
Steve Vai Guitar, Vocals
Ray White Guitar, Vocals
Ike Willis Guitar, Vocals
Arthur Barrow Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Harris Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Tommy Mars Keyboards, Vocals
Vinny Colaiuta Drums


The night of the concert, we were running late and I believe we even got lost on the way to the show.
Consequently, we missed the first song -- Black Napkins. Regardless, we managed to capture a fantastic show.

For a few years, this show was traded as cassette. At some point during this time, I managed to accidentally
erase 8 seconds of the master tape during Easy Meat. Most people thought the missing section was a bad tape
turn...which it wasn't.

For the next 18 years, this show sat in my collection; well preserved, dry, in the case, with no dust -- and
UN-TRADED! In 2000, I imported it into my computer and mastered it to CD -- and I thought everything was
hunky-dorry. But in 2006, I was contacted by a friend and told of a discussion at the web site
about this recording -- they were looking for the best version available to make available to their members.
They had rejected my CD because I had applied Sound Forge noise reduction software that destroyed some of the
sonic qualities. I promised the folks at Zappateers that I would eventually re-master this show and give them
a new, fresh copy from my master tapes. But unfortunately a few projects took higher priority, and the Frank Zappa
project took back burner until now.

This is the "RAW" version of this concert -- as it appears on my original Nakamichi recordings. The only processing
was to normalize the two channels and backfill the missing pieces. If you are looking for the "Remastered" version
of this show, check the link above for a download location nearest you.

Levels & Equalization
The recording levels were different on L/R channels. This is relatively easy to fix if you know you shouldn't blindly
boost the volume on the lower channel on analog recordings -- as it would cause other problems. But worse, the
equalization between L/R channels was different -- causing the channels to sound completely different than each
other. Thanks to modern technology, software now exists to fix this type of just takes a little time.

Tape Turns and missing pieces
Thanks to the folks at, I was able to acquire an alternate source of this concert and able to
back-fill my missing pieces. There were three missing pieces to replace:

* Black Napkins, and the first 10 seconds of Cosmik Debris.
* Tape turn during Suicide Chump.
* 8 seconds of Easy Meat -- accidentally erased on the master recording (it wasn't a bad tape turn as many people think).

Each back-fill section is time/pitch adjusted to match the master recording, and EQ adjusted to sound as identical as
possible. The original master is rated A-, and the back-fill sections are rated B.

Special Thanks:
I owe the following people thanks for their support and/or help with this project.

* Flambay - Lent his hears for pitch/speed correction.
* Unicrayon - Schooled me in the finer parts of Zappateers naming conventions, and provided the CD covers.
* Drew51 - Let me know that Zappateers actually exist.
* Jeff Allen -- my friend and confidant who attended the concert with me.
* My wife. I can't believe she actually tolerates all of the time I spend staring at sonograms and waveforms.


AUD> Nakamichi 350 (Master tape)
---> Playback on Nakamichi Dragon
---> Korg MR-1000 (capture at 5.6Mhz, 1-bit DSD)
---> Korg AudioGate (downsample to 96Khz, 24-bit)
---> Sound Forge (adjust levels)
---> Time Factory II -- speed/pitch correction
---> Sound Forge (backfill missing pieces, downsample)
---> CD Archictect
---> EAC
---> FLAC

Sound Samples (All from the "Remastered" version):
Sample-1 (Tinsel Town Rebellions):

Sample-2 (Goblin Girl / Doreen):

Sample-3 (FZ Guitar Solo)


Song list:
Regions List: Zappa CD - Vol 1 [RAW].wav
Start End Length Name
------------ ------------- ------------- ---------------------------
00:00:00.000 00:12:51.183 00:12:51.183 Black Napkins
00:12:51.183 00:16:46.551 00:03:55.367 Cosmik Debris
00:16:46.551 00:19:46.061 00:02:59.510 Keep It Greasy
00:19:46.061 00:26:28.287 00:06:42.226 Outside Now
00:26:28.288 00:30:39.834 00:04:11.546 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
00:30:39.834 00:35:13.215 00:04:33.381 The Blue Light
00:35:13.215 00:39:59.893 00:04:46.677 Tinsel Town Rebellion
00:39:59.893 00:46:54.106 00:06:54.213 Pick Me I'm Clean
00:46:54.106 00:50:59.349 00:04:05.242 Goblin Girl / Doreen
00:50:59.349 00:54:40.239 00:03:40.889 Heavenly Bank Account

Regions List: Zappa CD - Vol 2 [RAW].wav
Start End Length Name
------------- ------------- ------------- --------------------------
00:00:00.000 00:06:35.536 00:06:35.536 Suicide Chump
00:06:35.536 00:10:20.262 00:03:44.725 Jumbo Go Away
00:10:20.262 00:18:33.256 00:08:12.994 If Only She Woulda
00:18:33.256 00:22:45.510 00:04:12.253 I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
00:22:45.510 00:24:58.955 00:02:13.445 Joe's Garage
00:24:58.955 00:29:06.731 00:04:07.775 Dancin' Fool
00:29:06.731 00:31:34.742 00:02:28.010 Brahms Lullaby
00:31:34.742 00:34:19.942 00:02:45.200 Bobby Brown
00:34:19.942 00:41:53.664 00:07:33.722 Miss Pinky
00:41:53.664 00:53:53.220 00:11:59.555 Easy Meat

FFP Fingerprints:
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 01 Black Napkins.flac:038470d6562c7acfb1a617057aab2457
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 02 Cosmik Debris.flac:de045490041472fe30c0aa16f907fc33
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 03 Keep It Greasy.flac:c43cb3782688aa6a59668948e9bee5ac
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 04 Outside Now.flac:4eac32c4ad6c2c69ca2650b929704ed6
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 05 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me .flac:cfe129c41bab4b772b9a45d2d6f5f1e3
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 06 The Blue Light.flac:37a38c98a5997993a40b2eebc007e160
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 07 Tinsel Town Rebellion.flac:e5b7a188175c156f2d24cde175162f75
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 08 Pick Me I'm Clean.flac:463bd304ece723e9dac6fb8dce821287
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 09 Goblin Girl - Doreen.flac:dbacfa105c69d2c9fb8051f60c4ecc1c
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 10 Heavenly Bank Account.flac:d07f015f2825e7632a6b1cfd625d0262
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 11 Suicide Chump.flac:2530d1d633ec8d4b554abd6261998cb7
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 12 Jumbo Go Away.flac:6a918551015c8b0c2b383042843f28a3
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 13 If Only She Woulda.flac:23d09ed912fe8ad6daaf8ea65d1cb0e3
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 14 I Don't Wanna Get Drafted.flac:1e0be01dcc05a37ad1da68996cff78ad
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 15 Joe's Garage.flac:967cbc80943f2a9eba7aa7bee6be375e
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 16 Dancin' Fool.flac:bccea709fb5771aae357faf4808aba62
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 17 Brahms Lullaby.flac:efa684eea5000537c0e98330ec1f4c70
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 18 Bobby Brown.flac:2459cfacf7df52fba4c141cd23387ace
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 19 Miss Pinky.flac:e5e1ffe9a896ffc0b1ecaab46348aa76
1980 12 11 (E) Santa Monica CA - 20 Easy Meat.flac:17af3d77d61b4e7cc64ec511c8272e96
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Post 2009-10-24 04:58   [Quote] 
A 24-bit, 96 Khz version of this RAW show will be posted in the shoebox in the next day or two.
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Post 2009-10-24 05:28   [Quote] 
thank you for this raw version

did i mention the vines?
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Post 2009-10-24 06:14   [Quote] 
Wonderful, thanks a lot !!
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Site Admin
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Post 2009-10-24 07:20   [Quote] 
Excellent Smile

Something witty, pithy and fun ...
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Enema Bandit
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Post 2009-10-24 12:07   [Quote] 
I like it raw!
Thanks a lot!

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Post 2009-11-02 23:57   [Quote] 
Does this version also belong in the Shoebox?
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Site Admin
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Post 2009-11-03 00:31   [Quote] 
No, we think this one (16bit/44.1kHz) is fine here in FZ Shows. Wink
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uncle Z
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Post 2010-09-01 19:12   [Quote] 
thanks a lot!
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Post 2012-07-20 12:53   [Quote] 
Tons 'o thanx for this!

Music is the best! :^{=
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Post 2013-03-09 14:08   [Quote] 
Is it possible anybody reseed that, please?
Best regards
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