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1967 The Money Demos 27.20 Acetate (Drew51-flambay)
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Post 2009-08-05 17:40   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
"We're Only In It For The Money" Demo / metal acetate

~~ very Low gen copy from Acetate, most tracks running at 'correct' speed ~~

This copy: 27.20 min, acetate, A-/B+

Source: Low generation cassette copy from acetate

TDK SA 90 Cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck > Tascam US-122L >
Sound Forge 7.0 (record/edits/resample) > FLAC Level 8 > wav >
Soundforge 9: speed correction (partial), tracking > flac TLH lvl7

Contributed by: The Ancient One
Transferred By: Drew51
Edited By: flambay

Line Up: Frank Zappa & The MOI

Track List:

01 Lonely Little Girl (instrumental, extended) (incl. Oh No/Lumpy Gravy,Lonely Little Girl Reprise) [3:17]
02 Theme From Burnt Weenie Sandwich (without percussion overdubs) [4:09]
03 Mom & Dad [extended, with WTUPOYB parts] [3:11] orig. acetate speed
04 Bow Tie Daddy [0:33]
05 Harry You're A Beast [1:15]
06 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body (WTUPOYB) [extended] [2:23]
07 Stuff Up The Cracks guitar solo [3:46]
08 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance [1:35]
09 Mother People [cuts at orchestral bit] [1:45] orig. acetate speed
10 The Idiot Bastard Son [2:25] orig. acetate speed
11 Who Needs The Peace Corps? [extended] [2:57]

Total time 27.20 min

'speed corrected' tracks in separate subfolder (58,7 MB):
03 Mom & Dad [3:20] speed corrected [-170cts;-135cts;-170cts]
09 Mother People [1:42] in F major
10 The Idiot Bastard Son [2:29] in E major (as in orig. WOIIFTM release)
10a The Idiot Bastard Son [2:21] in F major (as in remastered WOIIFTM)

Total time (incl. speed corrected tracks) 27.31 min (27.22 min w.track 10a)

'true speed' tracks in separate subfolder (47,6 MB):
03 Mom & Dad [3:23] speed corrected [-170cts;-235cts;-170cts]
09 Mother People [1:42] in D major
10 The Idiot Bastard Son [2:29] in D major (as in LM Disc 3)

Total time (incl. "true speed" tracks) 28.12 min

Notes: The source of this claims his copy came from a collector in England who
obtained it from Verve Records. Another saved from the trash story.
Although it is interesting to note, this was not used in the release Lumpy Money.

Credits: Thanks to the ancient one.

2009 05 10 - Drew51 ZRP/Zappateers Archives

Enjoy !!!

-- Drew51 & flambay - August 2009


*Speed correction notes:

This is the first time we are coming across a copy of these Money Demos,
compared to earlier circulating copies,
in which we can assume that all tracks are running at the speed/pitch
as they were intended to run at the time this acetate disc was being pressed.
In fact most of the tracks here are running at the same speed as we know them from their officially released versions (or some of them).

A few exceptions:
- 03 Mom And Dad
- 09 Mother People
- 10 The Idiot Bastard Son

These three tracks are running at somewhat odd speed/pitch levels
and it might be worth taking a closer look at each of them.

03 Mom And Dad:

The "original acetate" version of this song is running much too fast compared to the officially released one
(a bit off the F# key for the main song, a different bit off the F key for the instrumental interlude portion).

In the "speed corrected" folder we are hearing Mom And Dad (main section corrected -170cts from "orig.acetate" speed/interlude: -135cts).
This way we are hearing the main song in the key of E minor (as with the official WOIIFTM release) and the interlude in Eb major.

A "true speed" version of this same track can also be heard here (in extra "true speed" subfolder),
in which the main song again has been corrected to E minor (-170cts), and the interlude part to D major (-235cts),
now in line with the pitch level of the same instrumental interlude part in Track 06 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body

09 Mother People:

original acetate here is running a quarter tone too slow.

The speed corrected version (+50cts) is running in F major, as in the official WOIIFTM release.

A "true speed" version (-250cts) can be heard running in D major, in which FZ's singing voice is sounding more natural than in the faster running 'munchkin voice' WOIIFTM release versions.
The live versions of Mother People (with the 1970 Flo & Eddie line up) are also being played in D major, so it's fair to assume that this is the 'original' key with this song.

10 The Idiot Bastard Son:

original acetate here is running again at odd pitch level,
again about a quarter tone off the closest 'playable' key.

We have included two 'speed corrected' versions here:
Track 10 (-50cts) corresponds to the orig. official WOIIFTM version, in E major.
Track 10a (+50cts) in F major, corresponds to the version in the remeastered WOIIFTM release.

A possible "true speed" version (-250cts) corresponds to the instrumental version of this song in D major, as heard in Lumpy Money Disc 3.
However, the FZ voice here sounds definitely too slow.
So we can assume that in a first stage the intrumental parts have been recorded in D (--> LM version),
and later on Frank may have dubbed his voice onto a sped up version of this track, probably in E major.

Additional notes:
The instrumental interlude in Mom And Dad is in fact from What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body ?,
not from Concentration Moon, as the entry of this recording in FZshows originally suggested.
We can hear some of the same parts in the Money Demo version of 06 WTUPOYB here.
Interesting to hear that additional portion of unknown origin {1:19-1:29},
probably an otherwise unreleased portion of the same song.

Anyway, this whole recording should make a terrific complement to the Lumpy Money release. Enjoy !


1967 The Money Demos - 01 Lonely Little Girl.flac:f586c4994a19e684e9076d51abc10469
1967 The Money Demos - 02 Burnt Weeny Sandwich.flac:9d7f3cdb410f27ae328b4a624cce964f
1967 The Money Demos - 03 Mom & Dad (orig.acetate speed).flac:8c971817bb79ffdf37e59c61cece1f4a
1967 The Money Demos - 04 Bow Tie Daddy.flac:175229199fb9438a8a220a1725f84b28
1967 The Money Demos - 05 Harry, You're A Beast.flac:66dee76b6fe52dd61c2122eee4cfc8d0
1967 The Money Demos - 06 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body.flac:4f888716d1a1cd3a23471ee488d981cb
1967 The Money Demos - 07 Stuff Up The Cracks.flac:3c31be380192b5e9b8dacba1845cbfee
1967 The Money Demos - 08 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance.flac:47e225ba4e106a432ed3afffa1928b07
1967 The Money Demos - 09 Mother People (orig.acetate speed).flac:b11720061528fec391dde215bce1d419
1967 The Money Demos - 10 The Idiot Bastard Son (orig.acetate speed).flac:5a5e1789d07c341006f8549e6d9fca19
1967 The Money Demos - 11 Who Needs The Peace Corps.flac:63b61376f266e23b3d7219cb7eb532bd

('speed corrected' subfolder:)
1967 The Money Demos - 03 Mom & Dad.wav[-170;-135;-170].flac:6eda4d6cb107868c633e0bbec9011c53
1967 The Money Demos - 09 Mother People[+50] (in F).flac:f25e5c4e6c239991e7b03a62b948c8ba
1967 The Money Demos - 10 The Idiot Bastard Son[-50] (in E).flac:ac88cf544c930f6bf9d127eefa0d201c
1967 The Money Demos - 10a The Idiot Bastard Son[+50] (in F).flac:ba0533f4adc594946f23cc47d3007560

('true speed' subfolder:)
1967 The Money Demos - 03 Mom & Dad.wav[-170;-235;-170].flac:5d3296e93f9e35db9c52f68fc9a0e3f2
1967 The Money Demos - 09 Mother People[-250].flac:63fa20e835ed1659b34e0659544acffc
1967 The Money Demos - 10 The Idiot Bastard Son[-250].flac:98f8cce4096fcdfd07c7679dcd28c4e0
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Post 2009-08-05 17:42   [Quote] 
Absolutely fantastic! Many thanks!
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Post 2009-08-05 17:44   [Quote] 
Great!!! Thanks a lot! Very Happy

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Post 2009-08-05 17:46   [Quote] 
Bravo! Thank you
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Post 2009-08-05 18:17   [Quote] 
It'll be great to hear these in better quality and at the correct pitch(es).

Saved from the trash, huh?

Never heard of that before Wink .

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Post 2009-08-05 18:21   [Quote] 


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Post 2009-08-05 18:50   [Quote] 
Thank you for this - one of my all time favourites.
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Post 2009-08-05 19:04   [Quote] 
Great job, flambay!
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Post 2009-08-05 20:07   [Quote] 
Thanks flambay, drew and all involved! cheers

"There are few things in the world more annoying than Zappa fans". ~ Karl Bruckmaier
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Post 2009-08-05 20:38   [Quote] 
many thanks indeed!
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Post 2009-08-05 20:59   [Quote] 
Thank you very much !

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Post 2009-08-05 21:24   [Quote] 
Thank you so much! Very Happy
I can't think of another group of people dedicated this much to one artist.
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Post 2009-08-05 21:38   [Quote] 
how this got omitted from lumpy money is beyond the fringe of audience comprehension
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Post 2009-08-05 21:41   [Quote] 
thanks a lot - i worship this - i want to love it always

Note: Track 7 title should be labeled "Stuffit Variations"

This is the first thing i noticed missing when Lumpy Money came out - big disappointment

God help the winos, junkies, and the weirdos....and every poor soul who's adrift in the storm
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Post 2009-08-05 22:29   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot for this one!!
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