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Seed Conventions — Please READ BEFORE SEEDING! (UPDATED July 18th 2009)  
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Post 2009-07-18 12:52   [Quote] 
So, you've got an awesome show that you can't wait to share with the broader community? Exciting! But slow down a bit, pardner — we've got a very particular way of doing things around here.

1. If the show has previously circulated, you must either SEED SAMPLES, or post your raw, unedited tape to THE SHOEBOX.

We want to maximize the signal to noise ratio here (in other words, we don't want twenty copies of the same fukken tape of the same fukken show), so we like to gather around and have ourselves a little pow-wow, figuring out everything we can about a tape before deciding whether or not to seed it in FZ Shows.

If you believe the show (NOT the recording you hold, but the show itself) has NEVER BEFORE CIRCULATED, check our database. If the show is listed there, that means a tape circulates. Please note that, yes, even uncirculated masters of shows currently circulating should ideally be taken to Samples, as it will give us a chance to find the best possible fills for tape-flips. EVEN IF THE SHOW HAS NOT CIRCULATED, it would be wise to bring it to Samples for pitch correction. If you have the means and resources to perform pitch correction on your own, then you CAN pitch-correct on your own — but if you have any doubts, it's probably best to take it to Samples.

2. When sampling, please include the beginning and end of the recording, as well as all tape-flips, and any other ‘points of interest.’ For instance, if there's a weird mechanical noise at some point, post a sample of that so others can figure if their copies also have that same noise.

3. If the Sampling Process™ determines that your tape is the best candidate for seeding, then by all means, get the thing to us.

Just make sure:
  • The track markers are at the appropriate places. (This should go without saying. When in doubt, compare the show to another already-seeded show with a similar setlist.)

  • The files and folder should be named appropriately. Read this post and follow it to the letter. Again, this may seem anal-retentive and obnoxious, but it makes for a much better organized Zappa folder for everybody — and for people who prefer their own naming structures, it's a lot easier for them to rename things if every show follows the same pattern.

  • The show is running at the correct pitch.

    (If it really is a 'make-or-break situation' — if you have the tape, it's the best tape of that show that exists, but you don't have the know-how / software / time / patience to pitch-correct, then seed the show in the Shoebox.)

  • There is an info.txt file and a FFP file included with the torrent. If you're into live music sharing, chances are you know what these are. If not, don't be afraid to ask!

  • And, finally, check one more time that your seed follows our NAMING STANDARDS.

4. Once all that's settled... seed away!

IF ever you have any questions, feel free to contact one of us for help (just don't PM this account, you won't get a reply).

"Somewhere between Jesus dying on the Cross and a giant bunny hiding eggs, there seems to be a gap of information." –Stan Marsh
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