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IRC clients install-manual  
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Post 2005-07-18 17:47   [Quote] 
Ever felt guilty for your Zappa Desires ?
Come to Zappateers Chat - where Zappa Fans have their home ...

for joining us in the chatroom there are 2 possibilities to get in:
either you get a real IRC client, see below.
Or you can join us through the Chat Room above.

PC Settings

First of all download and install mIRC.
installation manual
When installed hit alt+o and follow the instructions below

You can choose any nickname you like providing it isn’t already taken.
You may want to switch to a irctoo server nearer to home
but be sure to stay on – the only server where #zappateers is.

You need to type in #zappateers.
You won’t find it on the drop-down menu.

additional information can be found on mIRC's Homepage

IRC on the Macintosh

Take these steps and you will be on your way:

  1. download an IRC application. The application in this example is SNAK, it is used by most of the mac-using Zappateers.

    The website for SNAK is
    Download Snak version 4.9.8

  2. Install the application Quickstart

  3. Run the application. Click "buy later" (in case you dont want to register the app at the moment).

  4. Go to the Apple menu bar and look for --> Snak / Preferences. Open it. In the prefs, you can set lots of things to your personal taste, but for now, stick to the "Personal" tab. You find it on the bottom of the list.

    In here, type your preferred Nickname (how you want to appear in an IRC channel), and maybe an alternative Nickname (in case someone else is using your preferred nick). The "Default Quit Message" is the text that will appear in the IRC channel(s) you are in when you quit SNAK (you can type a text here, but it is not necessary). Leave the other fields blank for now.

    Close the Preferences window.

  5. In the Apple menu bar, go to Windows / Profile List. You will see a list of IRC servers.
    Click ADD in the Profile List window. You will see a new window with 2 columns. Scroll the left column (networks) untill you find 'IRCtoo', select it. In the right column (Servers) will now appear '', select it and hit OK.

    A new window will appear. You dont need to change anything in it for the moment, just click OK.

    You will see now the new network / server in the Profile List window (

  6. Select the new network ( and click Connect (at the bottom of the window). You will now be connected to the Irctoo network. (This can take up to one minute, even with a fast connection, so be patient).

  7. After a while, you will see a lot of text running over your main IRC screen (console), this is the welcome speech of Irctoo. So far, so good. Time for the last step:

  8. type: /join #zappateers, like in the picture above (#zappateers is the name of our channel, dont forget the #, this is important)....

Bravo! you made it! Now enjoy the company of the Zappateers!

Register your nickname
(this is not mandatory but if you came up with a nickname you like, you might as well protect it)

In order to register your nickname you need to complete a few steps on the nickserver.
    In this tutorial we assume your chosen nickname is BobbyBrown
    and your password is ZappaLover
    and your email is
    Of course you must chose something else instead.
    And remember its nickserv not nickserve.

OK lets move on. Smile

First you must register you nickname by typing:
/msg nickserv REGISTER ZappaLover
NOTE. it must be your REAL email otherwise step two will fail

After a short while you will receive a mail containing an authentication code.
Use that to complete step two by typing:
/msg nickserv AUTH authentication code
NOTE if you are using Hotmail or simular the mail might end up in the spamfolder, so check that just in case

Now its time to see if the first two steps worked by typing:
/msg nickserv IDENTIFY ZappaLover
resulting in that if you do a “/whois BobbyBrown” in the channel window the reply should look something like this:

BobbyBrown is * BobbyBrown
BobbyBrown on #zappateers
BobbyBrown using Viagra make server go VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
BobbyBrown has identified for this nick
BobbyBrown has been idle 1min 44secs, signed on Thu Jul 15 09:55:31
BobbyBrown End of /WHOIS list.

How to auto init nickname identifycation/protection when you join:

  • PC
    The Perfom settins are located
    < 6.12 in mirc / options / connect / perform / perform box
    > 6.12 in mirc / options / connect / options / perform / perform box

    and should look something like this:

  • Mac
    In the Profile List (Apple-K key combination),
    double click the server profile.
    it should look something like below:

Do not PM me. You will not get an answer.
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