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1974 11 09 (L) Boston MA 117.26 AUD-SBD (Jaypfunk-Yojimbo-MrU-K'tof) ZTLS #381
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Post 2009-07-07 08:14   [Quote] 
A pedantic 95.27% here Very Happy
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Post 2009-07-07 16:08   [Quote] 
90.69%. As long as it gets to 100% eventually why worry?
Thanks to all

Red balloons just pop behind my eye
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Post 2009-07-08 03:33   [Quote] 
Thanks for the update, and for the idiot-proof instructions that even I couldn't screw up!!
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Post 2009-07-10 06:13   [Quote] 
Thank you again
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Post 2009-07-10 08:49   [Quote] 
Thanks for the update & help! Smile
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The Enema Bandit
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Post 2009-07-13 01:21   [Quote] 
We will see the light !!!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

May the glove be with ya !!!
I promise not to come in your mouth.
(Yeah, that really is me in the avatar)
Check this out:
Me and one of my sons - plus a couple of my mislead friends - doing some insane jamming.
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Post 2009-08-22 21:04   [Quote] 
Thanks to everybody involved!


Jazz ain't dead, it just smells funny!
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Post 2009-09-02 00:51   [Quote] 
Thanking you sir! (and hoping it seeds...)
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Post 2009-09-06 13:41   [Quote] 
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Post 2010-04-22 18:21   [Quote] 
coming from nothing, good chance to reach nowhere
or is it from 0 to 100 % ?

thx xtof

a pas bin grave
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uncle Z
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Post 2010-10-21 07:14   [Quote] 
thanks to everyone!!! thumbsup
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Post 2010-11-09 07:14   [Quote] 
Excellent teamwork, gentleman!
My thanks to Jaypfunk, Yojimbo, MrUMRK & Kristoftof.
Your hard work is appreciated!


It's The Marty Perellis Show (are there no photos available of Marty?)!
Opening act: Wet Willie (not taped)
Special guest: Tom Waits

"We don't want no gangboss
We have to equalize" - The Clash
And Equalize you must! Just don't forget to reset when you get to "Cosmic Debris".

Don't let Rondo Hatton on guitar scare you away from this recording because this is a keeper! Very Happy

We start out with a little "Tush . . ." (which we all know by now is just a "Token of My Extreme") Rolling Eyes .
The sound is a little rough to start, you might what to set your equalizer to the real opener . . .
Sounds much better now. Excellent. We get Rondo's first solo of the night.
I think you'll enjoy FZ's guitar a little better with a pair of headphones. Zappa is just getting warmed up
and he takes numerous breaks to retune throughout the show. Still, some blistering guitar moments on Zappa's "Foot". Cool

"Ruth will punt the intro . . ."
To "Inca Roads". Frankie gets to work. Very sweet and experimental solo.
Midway through Frank has to retune again and then explodes with some firey licks in frustration. Seeing this must of been awesome.
Back to the song and now it's George's turn. Duke is "on duty" tonight and the sound of his keys are coming through nicely all through the show.
Frank was so lucky to get such talent like him. We have some amazing George solo's on the tracker and this is a
nice one!

After some more tuning Rolling Eyes , we get . . .

A perverted love song Razz , "Chester's Gorilla (better known as Florentine Pogen)".
And who is Chester's gorilla you ask? Confused
Here's a excerpt from Andrew Greenaway's (a.k.a.the Idiot Bastard) interview with Napoleon Murphy
IB: You mentioned Marty Perellis of course he was the subject of quite a few of the improvisations.
NMB: Marty was quite a character. He was a very good road manager, but he was quite a character too.
And he would have to be quite a character and very charismatic to deal with all the personalities that he had
to deal with. So, many times he became the brunt of the joke of the day simply because of some of the things
that he would do. You've seen the video, Dub Room Special?
IB: Yeah.
NMB: You saw the gorilla that came up behind Chester?
IB: Oh, from the TV show A Token Of His Extreme?
NMB: Yeah. When Chester was playing, you saw the gorilla that came up with the clock and a comb?
Well that was Marty Perellis in the gorilla outfit. And no one knew even Frank that he was gonna do that.
He would do that impromptu to blow our minds. And as you saw, Chester was quite surprised and the rest
of us were too...I looked back, "A gorilla?"but I got to the point were I was learning to expect just about
anything from this organisation.
This is very tight "Pogen" and Zappa's guitar is warmed-up nicely by now. Go Frankie, Go!

What's next? Some more tuning, of course! disbelief

And then, the "Pygmy Twlyte". "Complete with pseudo "Blue Oyster Cult" choreography"! I love this song.
I'm sorry I missed the dancing. But I can imagine Nappy's moves at least. Zappa takes another solo
toward the end and regardless of all the tuning problems, he still bangs out some killer licks. Unfornately,
it cuts off before he finishes. Mad

ALERT: Time to adjust your equalizer!

On to the soundboard! Isn't that better? cooler
We come out of the fog and go right into some "Cosmic Debris". Go ahead . . . crank that sucker up, because here
comes George Duke and that keyboard sounds super sweet. Now, it's Frank's turn. Oh my God, look at him go!

Did someone say it's time for a little tuning? Because it is! Laughing

Not a lot of banter between songs tonight. Zappa later claims he's sick and complains of "doing it all over again,
tom'w . . . twice". This is why the late crowd only gets 15 songs at this show. Still, an amazing performance from
a guy not feeling it. Brock seems a little subdued, as well. Even Ruth refuses to solo at the end of "Marty' Dance Song".
Maybe, there's something in the air? What could it be? Hmm . . . hmm

What would 1974 be without "Montana"? 11 minutes long? You know it's time to solo.
Take it away, Uncle Frankie! Yum . . . he's burnin' that sucker up! Mr. Green

Now the show gets real funky! Cool
What is it, you say? Does the Duke get down with Napoleon?
Yeah . . . but the real funk is coming from Marty Perellis' beard! Twisted Evil
Is this what made Frank and the rest sick?! Idea

It's time for "The Boogar Man"! Who's the Boogar Man tonight?

Cliff Heller writes:
The "Booger-Bear Award" was presented nightly to the member of the band or
crew who managed to score with the ugliest groupie. Perellis won it
frequently. That's the same Perellis with a "fondness for certain members
of the canine species".

Here's a different "Boogar" story with Marty the dog sniffer. Have a read.
This song has Duke improv a road story (about Marty tonight) and accompanies himself on keys.
Midway, Duke & Nappy get things funky in a good way with the entire band. Cool

And now for one of the best special guest moments in Zappa touring history! Exclamation
The Wino Man himself. Tom Waits, gives us some much needed comic relief with a couple
of bar stories for the Harvard squares. With a nice back-up by the
band doing an instrumental of Waits' "Ol' 55". Most excellent. I'm sure even
the drunken college kids remember this part.
Didn't the Eagles do a cover of "Ol' 55"?
Here's what Tom had to say about that:
"not that particularly crazy about [the Eagles'] rendition of it ... I thought their version was a little antiseptic." Laughing

Why is Tom the only man who can stand living next door to Ray Collins for more than 3 weeks?

"Dupree's Paradise". Monster song of the show. Almost 17 minutes with solo highlights by Brock, Fowler and Thompson
and FZ, of course.
Which segues right into "Marty's Dance Song" (if Marty can dance to this, he should join Ralph Humphrey on "Dancing
With The Stars") includes blistering solo by Rondo. This is one of those songs you have to see to appreciate.

The show ends with the Orange County Lumber Truck Medley (Oh No, Orange & Trouble).
A section I just love and sounds so great here. Excellent way to wrap it up. Very Happy

Zappa says:
"On behalf of the M.O.I. and our entire astonishing road crew . . . Good-night . . . Good-night!"

Here's a Zappa road crew story with Marty involved. Have another read.

Can't get enough? Check this out:
Interview with Frank Zappa - Melody Maker January 4, 1974

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Post 2010-11-09 07:18   [Quote] 
Hughgotit76 wrote:
It's The Marty Perellis Show (are there no photos available of Marty?)!


Hughgotit76 wrote:
Don't let Rondo Hatton on guitar scare you away from this recording because this is a keeper!

You mean a Creeper, don't you?
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Post 2010-11-09 07:24   [Quote] 
drdork wrote:
Hughgotit76 wrote:
It's The Marty Perellis Show (are there no photos available of Marty?)!

Yes, that beard looks very absorbent. Laughing

Hughgotit76 wrote:
Don't let Rondo Hatton on guitar scare you away from this recording because this is a keeper!

You mean a Creeper, don't you?
Of course! How did I miss that?! disbelief

Live Music in New York City
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Post 2011-08-26 13:58   [Quote] 
08 idiot bastard son
09 Cosmik Debris
10 Tuning
11 Montana
12 The Booger Man
13 Preamble
14 Ol' 55*15 Dupree's Paradise
16 Marty's Dance Song

found this audience source
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