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1985 10 08 WMMR 14m8 FM (OSFA~MrU)  
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Post 2009-02-19 09:58   [Quote] 
No 14 peeps

1985 10 08 WMMR 14m8 FM (OSFA~MrU)

havent had time to listen this morning to this to confirm....on the run folks...sorry to say will probably miss tomorrows.....normal service will resume on monday.
Thanks have a good weekend all

OK peeps, I’ve had these transferred tapes (digitized) for approaching 3 years now………..heck where did that time go. Shocked

Before any further comment, I /we are indebted to MrOSFA for his , quite frankly, amazing patience , in waiting to see any of his work on the tracker (yes a few have already gone up, but I have had these for a long time).

Before various things stop me ever getting these out, I’m now making an enormous effort in getting them to you all.

Generally speaking this is how I’ve got to this point.
1: Transferred them….thanks to StatusBaby for letting me do this.
2: Returned box of tapes to be sealed up in zappateers vaults.
3: Supplied samples/fills of the shows as they’ve come up….ongoing.
4: Chosen “Interviews/Radio Shows” section to begin with to attempt to clear things up.
5: Noted ALL interviews already available on zt site.
6: 5 allowed me to more than half the list in the box.
7: Carried out limited work…as always. Only improving sound.
8: Discussed best way to provide these with members of zappateers.
9: Decided with very few exceptions to put up as single file/folders…for speed and my own benefit.
10: Now finally getting them to you now.

Now these Interviews/Radio Shows range from 35s to over 2 hours. No 1 being the 35s one. The quality ranges from A down to C..just. Anything of less than C quality, and there were some, was not fully digitized.

This particular topic…aka Interviews/Radio Shows is quite problematic to those of us that indeed have to go through all the tapes…eg in my “old” mp3 folder there are more than 500 separate interviews. Yep folks, still a long way to go to collect them all in LOSSLESS.

I have kept the songs themselves intact, rather than omit them…call it conceptual continuity.

My dearest wish is particular those that indeed have these tapes…preferably already digitized will hear these and with particular emphasis on the poorer quality ones be able to find amongst there own tapes better quality versions. This appears to me to be preferable to the already well worked. .but overloaded Samples/fills section……..methinks flambay is doing a wonderful job, but heck folks lets give him a break from any further additions to his workload……I’d like to propose that flambay for his efforts should be opted for peerage…aka not Mr but Lord flambay…Surprised

So you’ll now be seeing these Interviews/Radio shows daily (weekend excepted) for the foreseeable future then I’ll return to the remaining Vinyl “Liberated boots” when finished.

Perhaps 1 day I may get some rest and some space back on my hard drive…Surprised

Have a nice feb/march & early April.... Smile


Frank Zappa
1985 Oct 8
WMMR Philadelphia

Source: A
Lineage: FM > cass[BBC FX 90] > A/D Technics RS673 [az adj~Dolby out/Bias low/EQ 120us/EQ out/bias nominal/output 8~MAudio USB / CD A for tape/fill blend > SF8 vol adj only > flac front end
Taped by: N/A
Transferred by: MrUMRK
Transfer eng assist:SP
Edited: MrUMRK
File Size: 87MB (FLAC)

01 discussion on the hearing's tf @ 4m11

tf = tapeflip
[ = cut at the end
] = cut at the beginning
~ = fading in/out or connects two or more tracks played like one (medley)
-IC = incomplete
& = added from dif source, complete or partly

thanks to OSFA for this tape, Number 217 of more than 500
thanks to SP for invaluable assistance on tape transferral

final notes for reference:
061224....transferral date

Sound adjustments: (NOTE: always minimal)


851008 WMMR xmx FM.flac:db24f4034684aec111a5d6b187f77982

as always , I have avoided ANY modifications to the original tape recording.......this as the info notes state is one of my own, so a known lineage from the boot itself ,I have also made note to remove any officially available material.

Please be aware that during peak time (4pm~midnight GMT) there are restrictions on my ISP, rest of 24 hrs is free for all so patience appreciated.

Thank you
                                                                                                    thank you
                                                                                                                                  and thankyou

cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler

Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2009-02-19 11:25   [Quote] 
MrUMRK wrote:
havent had time to listen this morning to this to confirm....on the run folks...

why do you still post those inferior snippets from OSFA tapes without checking ??

MrUMRK wrote:
OK peeps, I’ve had these transferred tapes (digitized) for approaching 3 years now………..heck where did that time go.

What a terrible waste of time !

On the Tracker:

GSW Project Vol.#31 1985 (T-1508)

1985-10-08 WMMR-FM Philadelphia PA Morning Zoo FZ phone interview (cassette)

1. intro / senate hearings / PMRC tax free status
2. PMRC conflict of interest / rating live concerts / vote
3. no Halloween show / 818-pumpkin / goodbye
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Post 2009-02-19 12:21   [Quote] 
What a terrible waste of time !

On the Tracker:

GSW Project Vol.#31 1985 (T-1508)

It is indeed unfortunate if/when a show is seeded that is already on the tracker. But it is also unfortunate that this GSW project is seeded without the proper sampling procedure. Also in this GSW project I found some items that are incomplete or available in a superior sound quality.

A huge Zappacheers! to SirUMRK and all the others that wasted their time these last years.

'Some of you might think this is weird . . .
No wonder . . . it's not exactly normal, but what the fuck?'
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Post 2009-02-19 13:18   [Quote] 
I have a first gen from lagz of this one. All WMMR interviews were done by lagz I have his master sitting here of 1993 12 12, so if that is in this run, pull it out. I will do it soon.
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