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1969 05 23 Appleton WI 81.52 SBD (musigny23-flambay) ZTLS #353 pt2 & #836
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Post 2009-01-14 18:53   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa &
The Mothers Of Invention
23-May 1969
Lawrence University Chapel
Appleton, WI

~~ SBD source, raw - from fresh EQ reel transfer ~~

Freshly transferred, raw (no EQ or NR) from the so-called EQreel source of the soundboard recording from this 1969 Appleton show, kindly provided by musigny23.
The previous erroneous seed is a re-mastered (somewhat EQed) copy of this same orig. "EQ reel".
Just to avoid any confusion: the EQ in "EQreel" stands as a handle and is not a reference to any kind of equalization in the process.

Now complete, clean and speed corrected for your listening pleasure !!

available tapes according FZshows:
1969 05 23 - Lawrence University Chapel, Appleton, WI
80 min, SBD, A-
intro, Some Ballet Music, Uncle Meat, Eye Of Agamotto, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Clap & Vomit (audience participation), Kung Fu,
Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue (q: Teddy Bears' Picnic, Tea For Two, It Had To Be You, Octandre), Hungry Freaks Daddy,
Little House I Used To Live In, Aybe Sea, Transylvania Boogie, Help I'm A Rock / Transylvania Boogie, King Kong, Igor's Boogie / Little Doo-Wop

This copy: 81.52 min, SBD, A/A-

Source: SBD tape > EQ reel (from the Grape/Jeff/EQ archive)
recording equipment unknown

Maxell UD35-7/Revox B-77 (3.75 ips 1/4 track stereo) > TC Electronics Konnect8 A/D(firewire) > Intel Mac (Peak 6) > Xact > flac
> wav > Soundforge 9: speed correction, minor volume level adjustments, tracking > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (493 MB)

recorded by: unknown
transferred by: musigny23
edited by: flambay

The Mothers Of Invention, November 1968 - May 1969
FZ, Lowell George, Roy Estrada, Jimmy Carl Black, Art Tripp,
Ian Underwood, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Motorhead Sherwood, Buzz Gardner.


01 intro & tune-up 1:45
02 Some Ballet Music 7:43
03 Uncle Meat (incl. Drum Duet) 7:13
04 Eye Of Agamotto 8:12
05 My Guitar preamble 0:50
06 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama 3:41
07 Clap & Vomit (incl. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask, Meditation, audience participation) 6:36
08 Kung Fu #1 (aka The Jelly) 2:23
09 Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue (q: Teddy Bears' Picnic, Tea For Two, It Had To Be You, Octandre) 7:41
10 Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3:49
11 'The Duke' preamble 0:58
12 Little House I Used To Live In 5:30
13 Aybe Sea 1:00
14 Transylvania Boogie 2:17
15 Help I'm A Rock (incl. Transylvania Boogie) 4:56
16 King Kong 14:30
17 Igor's Boogie / Little Doo-Wop 2:40

Total time 81.52 min

note: minor cuts (no music missing) during pauses before 06 My Guitar and 08 Kung Fu

thanks to the unknown taper
thanks to Drew51 for hosting the raw files

From the Grape/Jeff/EQ archive

Brought to you by musigny23 and flambay

Enjoy !!


samples history:
musigny23 (2 versions):

previous erroneous seed:

690523-Appleton WI - 01 Intro~Tune-up.flac:90eebd79f57696e07274e5fe4f756ad6
690523-Appleton WI - 02 Some Ballet Music.flac:f4e7ba62b1e6a92032718bc524890955
690523-Appleton WI - 03 Uncle Meat.flac:80dba2e0ee1c8fc4ff004d108d374390
690523-Appleton WI - 04 Eye Of Agamotto.flac:c867712922280dae41f52ca69ed9f29c
690523-Appleton WI - 05 My Guitar preamble.flac:21fa7fc145fb634bd08ebee2a5b04899
690523-Appleton WI - 06 My Gutar Wants To Kill Your Mama.flac:7e24c97cfe86a93e14c9fe1738e3242b
690523-Appleton WI - 07 Clap & Vomit.flac:0e87ceb067b11610446b6902786c05bd
690523-Appleton WI - 08 Kung Fu #1.flac:a40397b018f58eacf944e9c87c62efa0
690523-Appleton WI - 09 Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue.flac:c9cde246f568d6d0c7ce02cda2df08f2
690523-Appleton WI - 10 Hungry Freaks, Daddy.flac:bb54034d400c1dfde7df7d68f0b53bf6
690523-Appleton WI - 11 'The Duke' preamble.flac:150b1185fbb0f2b1eb044ca95ea9a979
690523-Appleton WI - 12 Little House I Used To Live In.flac:55dcce5c7089c169c38bccafbbe0fe57
690523-Appleton WI - 13 Aybe Sea.flac:7bc43a949bfd363615703c5e65ef6ac7
690523-Appleton WI - 14 Transylvania Boogie.flac:9925b710f7a2d0504aa67829aeaf7c8a
690523-Appleton WI - 15 Help I'm A Rock.flac:3056a7fe5fc205ac7f3b4a417f276535
690523-Appleton WI - 16 King Kong.flac:f5b542444f0bf4d77fd28978220ebee2
690523-Appleton WI - 17 Igor's Boogie~Little Doo-Wop.flac:fda5721ded809c0848d48f4f4a9c7d7f

Last edited by flambay on 2009-01-14 19:00; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2009-01-14 18:55   [Quote] 

I get to be the first to say THANK YOU for one of my all-time favorite shows!
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Post 2009-01-14 18:56   [Quote] 
One small step for man. One giant step for mankind. Thank you to everyone for making this possible.
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Post 2009-01-14 18:59   [Quote] 
Yes Thank You very much for this..
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Post 2009-01-14 19:01   [Quote] 
Many thanks Musigny23 & Flambay!
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Post 2009-01-14 19:02   [Quote] 
Mums mums Wink
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Post 2009-01-14 19:12   [Quote] 

and wow

SBD of the 60's


Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2009-01-14 19:15   [Quote] 
SBD of the 60's

Sounds like the title of an old TV or radio show!

Thanks Flambay. Love your work.
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Post 2009-01-14 19:45   [Quote] 

... and don't forget, there is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over!
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Post 2009-01-14 20:14   [Quote] 
Oh YES PLEASE!!!!!!! tunes
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Post 2009-01-14 20:42   [Quote] 
THX!!!! ZTworship
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Post 2009-01-14 20:51   [Quote] 
thank you thank you thank you and thank you
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Post 2009-01-14 21:09   [Quote] 
This is a great performance, thanks for getting this version out musigny23/flambay! winko
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Post 2009-01-14 21:10   [Quote] 
Pretty dang sweet!
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Post 2009-01-14 21:23   [Quote] 
One of my favorite early Mothers performances. Thanks for sharing musigny23. Very much appreciated!

Sounds like the title of an old TV or radio show!

"The BBC now presents- Sounds of the 70's." Your comment made me think of that tag line for the TV show.

Kind regards,
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