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Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza 84m47 LP (MrU)  
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Post 2009-01-13 08:23   [Quote] 
No 7 Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza 84m47 LP (MrU)

Gr8 vinyl and cover graphics.
shame about quality of recording, BUT we now have 1 or 2 actual shows.

saying thta I love the Grand & petit Wazoo tour.

included are the covers of each album as well as pics of the vinyl (that was done as some of the boots were presented in different vinyl.

PS: This is the 7th… of ALL the vinyl boot’s that I have (excepting those now officially available …aka Beat the Boots) that will be coming your way just as soon as each one is finished seeding…………have a nice January.

Frank Zappa
Grand Wazoo Comic book Extravaganze 1972
FZ 0972

Source: A
Lineage:Vinyl LP > Linn LP12>Naim Pre-Amp NAC 82 >output 8~MAudio USB> SF8 vol adj only > flac front end
Taped by: N/A
Transferred by: MrUMRK
Transfer eng assist:SP
Edited: MrUMRK
File Size: xxxMB (FLAC)

01 intro Lohengrin Act 3 [Wagner]
02 Think It Over
03 Approximate
04 The Grand Wazoo
05 Dog Breath
06 Uncle Meat Variations
07 Big Swifty
08 Penis Dimension
09 New Brown Clouds

thanks to SP for invaluable assistance on tape transferral

final notes for reference:
080824....transferral date

Recorded live Felt Forum 720923

Notes from:

Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza (2 LP/CD)
Felt Forum, New York, 23-Sep-1972
Length: ~90 min
Sound quality: Audience C+
Label: Mushroom Records FZ 0972

Musicians (the Grand Wazoo band): Frank Zappa, Tony Duran, Jerry Kessler, Dave Parlato, Jim Gordon, Tom Raney, Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Malcolm McNabb, Tom Malone, Earl Dumler, Glen Ferris, Sal Marquez, Ken Shroyer, Mike Altschul, Joanne McNabb, Jay Migliori, Ray Reed & Charles Owens

1. Lohengrin Act 3 [Wagner]
2. Think It Over
3. The Grand Wazoo
4. Approximate
5. The Grand Wazoo
6. Arooh, Who Did It? Acts 1-3
7. Fraudulents
8. Dog Breath
9. Uncle Meat Variations
10. Big Swifty
11. Penis Dimension
12. New Brown Clouds

Some sources list "New Brown Clouds" as "New Brown Clouds (Regyptian Strut)". Track 6 is the Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza: Zappa conducts the audience in yelling comic-book sound effects, while the band reads from comic books. Charles Ulrich's Planet of My Dreams page has a transcription of it.

The first LP is red, and the second one is white (or possibly the other way around). They may contain tracks 1-5 and 6-12, respectively, but this is speculation. The artwork is yet unknown, but they were colour covers. Released in 1984.

(Gellborn Records, on Sveavägen in Stockholm, Sweden, once bought 25 copies of this bootleg, and were as of November 1999 still trying to sell them for 375 Swedish crowns a piece. At least one of their copies was defective - the red vinyl had been blended with lesser-quality material, which had oxidised badly. The same store also bought 25 copies of one of the Bolzano 1982 picture discs, which they managed to sell (all of them) much more quicky.)

In 2002, a 3-LP version was auctioned away on E-Bay. It seems there were simply two copies of the white disc, because the track list was given as roughly the same ("Lohengrin Act III", "Think It Over", "Comical Time", "The Grand Wazoo Comic Soundbook Starring Lots of Ugly Notes", "The Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza", "Arooh, Who did it? Acts I-III", "Dog Breath / The Uncle Meat Variations", "Big Swifty", "Penis Dimension", "New Brown Clouds"), there were two white discs and one red disc, and the set was unplayed.

Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 09 New Brown Clouds.flac:ede16d2ca395e5063d16e3584ed4caf6
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 01 intro Lohengrin Act 3.flac:c7e7a4ad45f73f31ff3ae7866b2a1d7f
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 02 Think It Over.flac:72e526aeb6f98045495ae024a35996f2
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 03 Approximate.flac:5bc32560fd5bd132171cf813750f67f9
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 04 The Grand Wazoo.flac:6f9131fa779b36824fbcae7eee636ba0
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 05 Dog Breath.flac:fee589e3f7a453a5b076412e94d79d1c
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 06 Uncle Meat Variations.flac:d9be1f5ac519b6b1c563365ff8fc7805
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 07 Big Swifty.flac:a76d1ff5ddf0fe587276968c200043ce
Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza - 08 Penis Dimension.flac:7551b3e4ad78cb4da6dcdf6e0f457c96

as always , I have avoided ANY modifications to the original tape recording.......this as the info notes state is one of my own, so a known lineage from the boot itself ,I have also made note to remove any officially available material.

Please be aware that during peak time (4pm~midnight GMT) there are restrictions on my ISP, rest of 24 hrs is free for all so patience appreciated.

Thank you
                                                                                                    thank you
                                                                                                                        and thankyou

Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2009-01-13 09:31   [Quote] 
Thanks again!
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Post 2009-01-13 18:26   [Quote] 
Thank you again!


"A mind is like a parachute -- neither one works if it isn't open"
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Post 2009-01-13 23:05   [Quote] 
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Post 2009-04-22 20:41   [Quote] 
I'd give the quality a C but the performance an A ++++++++++++. I am listening to "Think it over" right now. Very nice

And its the charming Mary from Canoga Park...
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Post 2012-11-06 17:40   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot!
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Post 2014-03-14 01:36   [Quote] 
Any chance of a seed for this post, please. Thanks in advance.
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Post 2014-03-14 02:27   [Quote] 
dcwierd wrote:
Any chance of a seed for this post, please.


did i mention the vines?
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