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Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra - 2008 11 13 G-spot Tornado + Arcana St Louis MO AUD MC (BlingTip-Bgreen)  
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Post 2008-12-18 11:28   [Quote] 
Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

The Pagent
St. Louis, MO

November 13, 2008

Date according to originally seeded files, folder, & name of torrent;
"11/08/08" seems to be not correct (erroneously [?] cited in description, too).

DPA 4021s > Zoom H4 > Sandisk SD 24/48

USB2 > HD > wavelab 5 > plugins > r8brain pro > 16/44.1 Wave > cd Wave > flac16

Taped and transfered by BlingTip; edited & presented by Bgreen.

Here seeded for Zappateers archive:

Frank Zappa related cover version (16 bit) of "G-spot Tornado"
& Arcana (composed by Edgard Varèse in 1927, revised 1960):

1. Intro - 2:15
2. G-spot Tornado - 3:39
3. Arcana - 19:23

= re-seed of an excerpt from Lossless Legs tracker,
upped by spaceboy: 12/12/08 - 10:25:02

Original folder and tracks renamed according to 'Zappateers Seed Conventions';
ffp, md5 & st5 checksums created with Trader's Little Helper;
revised txt-file; original info & checksum files stored in separate folder.
Thx to BlingTip, Bgreen, & spaceboy for making this concert available.



Info for complete concert as seeded on Lossless Legs tracker:

Disc 1

d1t01. Intro
d1t02. Two Billion Lightyears From Home
d1t03. Stage BAter
d1t04. G-spot Tornado >
d1t05. Arcana

Disc 2

d2t01. 100 guitars pt1
d2t02. Silence
d2t03 100 guitars pt2
d2t04. Silence

Disc 3

d3t01. 100 guitars pt3
d3t02. Silence
d3t03. 100 guitars pt4 > Closing Credits



- This is another first for me. I absolutely loved working this show.
This is something very different, and it was just a blast to edit. Thank you
blingtip!! I highley suggest a listen to this, even if it's not your "type"
of music. Very dynamic, and extremely interesting. If your not digging the
orchestral part of this, go for disc two, don't write it off until you get there Wink

- Disc 2 has long instances of dead air between songs. I've left them in to preserve
what actually happened, but they are tracked seperately so you can remove them easily for
burining to disc. Enjoy.

- Write Up from the web " David Robertson and the SLSO host a celebration of one
of the most popular instruments in the world. The Guitar Festival makes its way
to different venues throughout the city, with extraordinary guest artists and
some of the finest local talent to be found. At the Pageant hear music of Frank
Zappa and Edgard Varèse, along with Glenn Branca’s symphony written for 100 electric
guitars, with composer/ guitarist Steve Mackey and John Patitucci joining 98 St. Louis
guitarists. At Powell Symphony Hall, John Patitucci plays a work for electric bass and
electric bass guitar. In November, St. Louis is GuitarLand."

- Huge thanks to our good friend for capturing another fantastic moment!!

^ BlingTip Release - 40 ^
^ ??? 2008 ^
^ at ^



42cba8634dc42aea82018b9037bc9927 *SLSO2008-11-13.d1t01.flac
1757dd7caf978db520f7d46109b6445e *SLSO2008-11-13.d1t02.flac
f614c46f087ece93db232b6f250865a6 *SLSO2008-11-13.d1t03.flac
21a1e61dcb3b84d110fb903a1fe5f78f *SLSO2008-11-13.d1t04.flac
ac137bca7c3ef3893e9b8e15151afd1b *SLSO2008-11-13.d1t05.flac
37d7d18f9a58e43c4934a961d4dae38e *SLSO2008-11-13.d2t01.flac
08b90291fa70bdb313e1ad5a4e116508 *SLSO2008-11-13.d2t02.flac
d87e2be210b90bf59776c95742f08483 *SLSO2008-11-13.d2t03.flac
68f377f5f54b946aa43bf6b09bf74af9 *SLSO2008-11-13.d2t04.flac
94f5279132150787d983ac8ca8721f5d *SLSO2008-11-13.d3t01.flac
922bb41a40860f5d942c13b462aeeda0 *SLSO2008-11-13.d3t02.flac
ff4ad43fb9bd80465cb5ab1ab6171d66 *SLSO2008-11-13.d3t03.flac

6a59b2d3286cab2d955d75222c9f0734 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d1t01.flac
216a4dfd018e3202b36059dfab5dd6f0 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d1t02.flac
9db6c620359691644be592f0d51e91aa [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d1t03.flac
7858050ece8fda3650333213c87c6cd7 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d1t04.flac
bcb666b1efa7600690a9a71a0ffbbd46 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d1t05.flac
21224d7ead5ebafda19c88bc01139098 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d2t01.flac
b9dbd8ec320895361d9eaaabcd7e116d [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d2t02.flac
6a9374237106bf7c85dec199f5745ba9 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d2t03.flac
5683d3c08dca8b991f6ca4c960318a0f [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d2t04.flac
aaf47ee7fd9739260c36da35daa5aab9 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d3t01.flac
73699fdf1d3b6f242e90c2bd5cea82c4 [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d3t02.flac
fd98af2bdbd1f5907165cdca6a7b385b [shntool] SLSO2008-11-13.d3t03.flac

shntool output:
shntool 3.0.4
Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Jason Jordan <>

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
2:14.909 38853908 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5955 SLSO2008-11-13.d1t01.flac
17:06.366 295593524 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5975 SLSO2008-11-13.d1t02.flac
2:07.155 36620684 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5739 SLSO2008-11-13.d1t03.flac
3:38.846 63027764 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6338 SLSO2008-11-13.d1t04.flac
19:23.150 334987172 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6066 SLSO2008-11-13.d1t05.flac
27:59.940 483822908 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6196 SLSO2008-11-13.d2t01.flac
2:40.806 46312100 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4786 SLSO2008-11-13.d2t02.flac
20:08.475 348040772 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6698 SLSO2008-11-13.d2t03.flac
5:02.624 87155756 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4796 SLSO2008-11-13.d2t04.flac
13:47.316 238267052 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6782 SLSO2008-11-13.d3t01.flac
4:04.865 70521236 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4865 SLSO2008-11-13.d3t02.flac
19:39.295 339637076 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6483 SLSO2008-11-13.d3t03.flac
137:53.748 2382839952 B 0.6198 (12 files)
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Post 2008-12-19 04:28   [Quote] 

music014                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Zappateers!
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Post 2008-12-20 16:26   [Quote] 
Thank you Kanzia ! Smile
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Post 2009-03-16 06:10   [Quote] 
SLSO!? NICE! I used to (cut the grass, no wait. . .) work in the box office at the symphony!

"...Music Is The Best"
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