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1984 09 25 London UK 110.00 Aud 1st (Drew51-flambay)
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Post 2008-10-03 23:20   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
September 25th 1984

~~ 1st gen Audience source (SS-Drew51) with fill (hoosac92-K'tof) ~~

As a complement to Yojimbo's FM source seed of this 1984 Sep-25 London show,
here we have an Audience sourced 1st gen tape of this same show, completed with a short patch,
kindly provided by hoosac92-Kristoftof from an alternate source unknown gen tape.

All of this recording sounds a bit overmodulated, but still enjoyable enough to listen to IMHO.

available tapes according FZshows:
1984 09 25 - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
100 min, FM, B+
105 min, aud, B+
The FM (from a French radio broadcast) doesn't have The Closer You Are and No No Cherry.

Zoot Allures [parts on DHBIM], Trouble Every Day [solo on DHBIM], Penguin In Bondage (q: Rule Britannia), Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, In France, The Evil Prince [parts on YCDTOSA4], Teenage Wind, Truck Driver Divorce, He's So Gay, Bobby Brown, Keep It Greasey, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Sharleena, Let's Move To Cleveland, The Closer You Are, No No Cherry, Ride My Face To Chicago, Baby Take Your Teeth Out, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Chana In De Bushwop, Whipping Post [incl. That's Not Really Reggae, G]

This copy: 110.00 min, Aud 1st, B+ (slightly over-modulated)

Source: First Generation Audience cassette
Maxell XLII Cassette > Sony TC-WE8258 cassette deck > Gina20 > Sound Forge 7.0 (record/edits) > FLAC Level 8 > wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction, volume level & phase offset adjusted, patched H-K fill, tracking > flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA (757 MB)

Taped By: SS
Transferred By: Drew51
Edited By: Drew51, flambay

Fill (Greasey patch) kindly provided by hoosac92-Kristoftof:
Hoosac92 (??gen) Maxell XLII 1994 tapes > Pioneer CtW 504R > Avance AC97soundcard
> CoolEdit level adjustments > flac frontend level 7 > wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction, phase offset adjusted, patching with main source
taped by: unknown
contributed by: hoosac92
transferred & edited by: Kristoftof
patched with main source: flambay

Line Up: FZ, Ike Willis, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman,
Alan Zavod, Bobby Martin

Set list:

01 Zoot Allures [parts on DHBIM] 7:39
02 More Trouble Every Day (q: Peaches En Regalia) [solo on DHBIM] 5:32
03 Penguin In Bondage (q: Rule Britannia) 4:51
04 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel 4:40
05 In France 3:58
06 The Evil Prince [parts on YCDTOSA4] 7:07
07 Teenage Wind 2:19
08 Truck Driver Divorce 4:13
09 He's So Gay 2:28
10 Bobby Brown 2:35
11 Keep It Greasey 3:27 ░░░ tf/H-K patch {0:00-0:28}
12 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me? 3:55
13 Sharleena 8:04
14 Let's Move To Cleveland 15:57
15 The Closer You Are 2:09
16 Johnny Darling 0:47
17 No NO Cherry 1:25
18 Ride My Face To Chicago 5:05
19 Baby Take Your Teeth Out 2:51
20 The Illinois Enema Bandit 8:39
21 Chana In The Bushwop 3:51
22 Whippin' Post [incl. That's Not Really Reggae, G] 8:16

Total time 110.00 min

also included:
11 Keep It Greasey (unpatched) 3:02 ░░░ tf/cut at 0:01

thanks to SS for taping this show
thanks to the unknown taper for the alternate (H-K fill) source
thanks to hoosac92 and Kristoftof for the Greasey patch

Enjoy !!

-- Drew51 & flambay

2007 11 23 -Drew ZRP Archives


samples history:
Drew51 (1st - this version):
WIU2B (2nd):
hoosac92-K'tof fills:
Yojimbo (FM samples):

Yojimbo (FM - full seed):

840925-London Aud - 01 Zoot Allures.flac:fc6b3ed80f2704d46ac573da30f303ea
840925-London Aud - 02 More Trouble Every Day.flac:c4ff7b229f14f244ae150cb646b1ccda
840925-London Aud - 03 Penguin In Bondage.flac:ab83c08252e0d046b939106d0366901d
840925-London Aud - 04 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel.flac:143822567ce23cc7dd0c9e86bc7cb0e2
840925-London Aud - 05 In France.flac:f63e8ab5bbc328d9239d703c11e1cff3
840925-London Aud - 06 The Evil Prince.flac:4297f929ed6ff22a109f485f6f3de414
840925-London Aud - 07 Teenage Wind.flac:7b06acfb39686030dae1bad7afdda9ee
840925-London Aud - 08 Truck Driver Divorce.flac:5270be5b568f0e5cdce82dfe2557dbb3
840925-London Aud - 09 He's So Gay.flac:7d9e4f2bec871c92189bb8c0ad8216ba
840925-London Aud - 10 Bobby Brown.flac:894bfb6ee6bf87ff2309bf7e84149f3f
840925-London Aud - 11 Keep It Greasey (unpatched).flac:211d3c4323faecb189f1a3d0bd144fd1
840925-London Aud - 11 Keep It Greasey.flac:0ef5ff0947f5269426df1a0d30d1419a
840925-London Aud - 12 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me.flac:699e922f9194f380fa264bec14698b71
840925-London Aud - 13 Sharleena.flac:64407d24e1ea99fcf2b168a1115210b2
840925-London Aud - 14 Let's Move To Cleveland.flac:899849f4bd72d88aec97819a6f457376
840925-London Aud - 15 The Closer You Are.flac:aed8a6c6b999e3e6cfec8cb3df8fa72d
840925-London Aud - 16 Johnny Darling.flac:9a96035ed014c6a7eabd3fef26c806c5
840925-London Aud - 17 No No Cherry.flac:fc004fa33936300f868426339ec176c9
840925-London Aud - 18 Ride My Face To Chicago.flac:919a6fc2d1927681ff0cc96a6bb0f571
840925-London Aud - 19 Baby, Take Your Teeth Out.flac:b1523c596f38e8837cc5f64eb2a9aac2
840925-London Aud - 20 The Illinois Enema Bandit.flac:a0ad6ecfaede159a0d5ad00fbad37547
840925-London Aud - 21 Chana In De Bushwop.flac:95d74eafdeb82aa953be54019e960123
840925-London Aud - 22 Whippin' Post.flac:176b056144ec5943647bda3934318cc4
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Post 2008-10-04 00:03   [Quote] 
Thanks for the fine work, gentlemen.
It's great to have an aud to go with the fm.

Also what a name for a concert venue. I've always wondered what the place is like.
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Post 2008-10-04 00:05   [Quote] 
Many thanks.
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Post 2008-10-04 01:03   [Quote] 
still you think of doing a combined one with the fm ???

the crux of the biscuit is the ┤
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Post 2008-10-04 01:43   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-10-04 02:30   [Quote] 
thank you !
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Post 2008-10-04 02:30   [Quote] 
Thak you kind sirs! Awesome stuff

Three rights make a left
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Post 2008-10-04 03:11   [Quote] 
                                                            dazzler1Dre ROCK!! Flambay dazzler1
music014                                                                                                                                   Zappacheers!
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Post 2008-10-04 06:51   [Quote] 
Thank you!
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Post 2008-10-04 08:00   [Quote] 
Thank you very much!
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Post 2008-10-04 10:02   [Quote] 

No more credit from the liquor store...
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Post 2008-10-04 10:58   [Quote] 
thesquid wrote:
Also what a name for a concert venue. I've always wondered what the place is like.

I know it says Apollo, but it's been renamed.
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Post 2008-10-04 17:50   [Quote] 
Merci !
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Post 2008-10-06 15:29   [Quote] 
thanks for the pic wildfisherman. So that's the famous Hammersmith Odeon. Glancing at the FZShows this morning, I realized how much stuff recorded here was officially released, straight or as basic tracks. I guess FZ liked to record in London, even though he likes to poke fun at the English people, and in spite of other little resentments.

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Post 2008-10-07 14:05   [Quote] 
i love the odeon/apollo.
couldn't see zappa there (or anywhere Crying or Very sad ) as i was born in 82, but saw steve vai there last year. he told the story of his zappa audition, and how it seemed like yesterday he was playing there with dweezil ('82 again).
i kept thinking as i looked around, this is where those 'SUNPYG' solos bounced off these walls !! cooler

i love the art deco 1930s feel to the place, couldn't find a direct pic of the ceiling, but it's amazing..

the venue regularly appears on tv in the uk, such as comedy show 'live at the apollo', + ricky gervais has a dvd filmed there too.

show me a sign, if you don't mind
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