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1975 09 18 Royce Hall UCLA, Los Angeles CA 121.54 Aud 2nd (Yojimbo-flambay) ZTLS #335/#694 & #890
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Post 2008-09-23 17:31   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
The Abnuceals Emuukha Orchestra,
conducted by Michael Zearott

18-Sep 1975
Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA

~~ complete, from 2nd gen Audience tape ~~

Sonic upgrade to previously seeded version.

available tapes according FZshows:
1975 09 18 - Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
120 min, Aud, B+
Frank Zappa and The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra, conducted by Michael Zearott.

Bogus Pomp, Revised Music For Low Budget Symphony Orchestra, Pedro's Dowry, Rollo [parts on Q and OSD], Black Napkins, Dog Meat, Naval Aviation In Art?, Sink Trap [parts in Easy Meat, TTR, incl. Lumpy Gravy, Q and Hermitage, OSD], Duke Of Orchestral Prunes, Steno Pool/New Brown Clouds (from Greggery Peccary), Strictly Genteel

This copy: 121.54 min, Aud 2nd, B+/B

Reel-to-reel tape (2nd gen)->CDR (standalone burner)->EAC->wav->FLAC Frontend
flac > wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction, volume level & phase offset adjusted, tracking > flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA (692 MB)

taped by: unknown
transferred by: LC
edited by: Yojimbo & flambay

see BL's website at:
for more info on these orchestral shows. With the
help of many friends and band members, the list of particpants is nearly complete now.

Setlist (spoken parts etc. set apart):

01 Intro~The Story Of Bogus Pomp 6:53
02 Bogus Pomp 14:18
03 FZ introducing Revised Music 1:06
04 Revised Music For Low Budget Symphony Orchestra 6:58
05 The Story of Pedro's Dowry 2:10
06 Pedro's Dowry 7:47
07 The Story Of Rollo 4:47 °°° cut at 0:04, from applause into FZ talk
08 Rollo [parts on Q and OSD] 7:06
09 FZ explains Black Napkins 5:20
10 Black Napkins (orchestral premiere) 7:12
11 FZ introducing Dog Meat 1:00
12 Dog Meat 5:05
13 "Who are the players !!?" (incl. FZ introducing Naval Aviation) 1:09
14 Naval Aviation In Art 1:55
15 FZ introducing Sink Trap 1:13
16 Sink Trap (incl. Lumpy Gravy/Q; edit in Easy Meat/TTR) 7:04
17 Hermitage [OSD] 3:15 °°° cut at 2:59 (in applause)
18 FZ introducing Duke Of Prunes 0:50
19 Duke Of Orchestral Prunes 5:44
20 Discussing Greggary Peccary 2:01
21 Greggary Peccary fragments pt.1 (incl.Steno Pool) 5:40
22 Greggary Peccary fragments pt.2 (incl.New Brown Clouds) 8:56
23 FZ introducing Strictly Genteel 0:50
24 Strictly Genteel (q: Louie Louie) 13:23

Total time 121.54 min

notes (abbreviations):
[OSD] - One Shot Deal
[Q] - QuAudiophiliaC
[TTR] - Tinseltown Rebellion

Thanks to the unknown taper
Thanks to LC for contributing this version
Thanks to BL for the additional info around these Royce Hall concerts

Enjoy !!

-- Yojimbo & flambay


samples history:
blackpage (previous seed):
blackpage-fl & MR-walk-flambay:
Yojimbo 2nd gen (this version):

750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 01 Intro~The Story Of Bogus Pomp.flac:8dd30c13a1d19eb37b762d3fd6688a69
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 02 Bogus Pomp.flac:af693f772400e7b58665dc81efad01c5
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 03 FZ introducing Revised Music.flac:5e5ab14a1b7477d80f4313d31878c287
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 04 Revised Music For Low Budget Symphony Orchestra.flac:919ceec8192b64f4bc5d28c429beace8
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 05 The Story Of Pedro's Dowry.flac:8eb376a8bcf4aef6d307c04067e5315d
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 06 Pedro's Dowry.flac:651e82a5c9768a4c8c7b9bebb82bad99
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 07 The Story Of Rollo.flac:d29f58a9d8f2f8d86da3d5aded90eb24
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 08 Rollo.flac:3b7805fef87d5eaf1d9be8cf67705245
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 09 FZ explaining Black Napkins.flac:1b9c56db7d80f4266da4cfb02146f9a4
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 10 Black Napkins.flac:51a09d9da98ffd08667ce31414651a63
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 11 FZ introducing Dog Meat.flac:a8c1e1c78c1cf47ad91ac433db83419f
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 12 Dog Meat.flac:c48d9cb5fe05f059b7a66db2a236bba1
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 13 ''Who Are The Players !!''.flac:0aba7469deb81346ba6fbff1132a6632
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 14 Naval Aviation In Art.flac:19fb49d7c141a1733175a577a2e96403
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 15 FZ introducing Sink Trap.flac:e672f8c463d473140704305a9b766806
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 16 Sink Trap.flac:85972d5d39644a0afe321084b5693f5c
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 17 Hermitage.flac:052bd424cc76bdc816a94f2ec9d473f2
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 18 FZ introducing Duke Of Prunes.flac:2e82054adfa085da8873fc477dd3372e
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 19 Duke Of Orchestral Prunes.flac:fef70490d0436469812dc6f268337ebe
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 20 Discussing Greggary Peccary.flac:f73e59e249484629ec1bd94c6ca7a73a
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 21 Greggary Peccary fragments pt.1.flac:b2cf4da0366b096832eeed9dccb8e2be
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 22 Greggary Peccary fragments pt.2.flac:a384a244463ec638ab89eab8b07712d4
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 23 FZ introducing Strictly Genteel.flac:76404fae5663524b71fb04396633ab65
750918-Royce Hall UCLA - 24 Strictly Genteel.flac:daaedc54afa5bd9254f378abc919e9e2

Last edited by flambay on 2008-09-23 17:45; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2008-09-23 17:39   [Quote] 
multiplespotting THX!!!!! high5 mrstraetz
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Post 2008-09-23 17:55   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-09-23 18:01   [Quote] 
Thank you kindly!
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Post 2008-09-23 18:15   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-09-23 19:19   [Quote] 
Totally emuukhing groovy! Thanks!
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Post 2008-09-23 22:25   [Quote] this another weird attempt to get Frank Zappaīs music on this guitarrocknrolltracker .....

letīs have a "look"


the crux of the biscuit is the ī
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Post 2008-09-24 00:49   [Quote] 
More orchestral madness! Fantastic! Thank you very much for this!
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Post 2008-09-24 02:32   [Quote] 


music014                                                                                                                                                                                     dazzler1 Zappateers! dazzler1
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Post 2008-09-24 18:39   [Quote] 
Thank you guys ! Smile
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Post 2008-09-24 23:18   [Quote] 
Here is how stupid I am: I downloaded the show from the 17th a day or two ago, said to myself "Gee, this one is a really nice show, I can't believe I don't have the one from the 18th." Then i downloaded the old torrent from the 18th. And now of course this shows up. Smile Oh well, at least the old one has the soundboard outtakes as well so it's not a _total_ waste!
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Post 2008-09-24 23:33   [Quote] 
Oh yes, the soundboard outtakes, we should revisit them as well.
Perhaps someone has a sonic upgrade to those included in the previous seed.
We can then seed them in a separate SBD torrent (sample round first Wink )
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Stucco Holmes
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Post 2008-09-25 02:52   [Quote] 
What a sweet upgrade!
Thanks flambay and yojimbo for this, I shelved my copy a fews back cause it was not fun to listen
Once again.... ZTworship
cheers cheers cheers

"It must be just what they all need"
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eddie sincere
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Post 2008-09-25 04:03   [Quote] 
nice one much appreciated. Thanks for the time and effort.

eddie sincere
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Post 2008-09-25 17:37   [Quote] 
Thank you very much (again)!
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