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1974 10 31 (E) Felt Forum, NYC  
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Post 2008-07-16 17:54   [Quote]

With these 2 Halloween shows, we end up covering the majority (almost all, actually) of the core performing repertoire for this band. The crazed New York fans are quite enthusiastic about tonight’s proceedings and show their gratitude at every possible moment. This early show doesn’t quite have the confidence of the later show, but it’s still got some quite remarkable moments. Once they get all tuned up in Tush Tush Tush, the following Stinkfoot makes it apparent that Frank’s guitar is back. Quite prominent it is (in the spirit of Yoda) in this recording as it dominates the mix for the whole show. In both Stinkfoot and Inca Roads, Frank has a little trouble getting on his guitar wagon, but things soon take a turn for the gritty and nasty playing. George’s solo spot in Inca has the split 4/4 and 7/8 vamps again tonight with props to Mr. Fowler for making the term “baseline” hardly enough to describe the music he makes. Ruth gives her timpani a beating as Penguin In Bondage steps up to the plate. The solo section starts off in a typical for this band fashion with Frank doing a disappearing act for the first bar or two before slithering his way back into playing field. He quickly gets his rocks off and heralds in our first of many narsty, gritting guitar mangling of the night.

The band continues to blow the minds of the poor New York teenagers with their unbeatable T’Mershi Dog Meat Girl suite. I never tire of hearing this band lay it the fuck down time after time. Florentine Pogen again sees itself loose control of the tempo and we’re cooking by the time the solo comes around. Frank tears into this right away, letting not a single beat go by with out him destroying it. There is an unfortunate, yet sneaky cut mid-solo to the outro. It’s almost unnoticeable as it happens perfectly in time and meter. Montana is introduced as a love song tonight. It seems that everything is a love song to Frank. The change in attitude from the chorus to the solo section tonight is almost as jarring as Truck Driver Divorce. We’re floating away through some unknown realm with Frank guiding us gently through time and space when he whips out a quick I’m The Slime quote and he’s driving down the highway with all the windows down. He wraps things up back in the half time and the audience gives Brock a heartfelt applause upon finishing the infamous flurry lyrics.

Dupree is as usual our monster in residence tonight and he brings all our favorite goodies. Humorous George stories, funk jams, a sax solo wouldn’t be out of place in a porno, and a Fowler solo over a 25 or 6 to 4ish vamp. After Chester’s solo, Frank plays his favorite intro, Zoot Allures. He goes back and forth between that and the opening of Blessed Relief when he kinda starts to loose us. He just goes on noodling and almost forgets everyone is there. However, he looks up, sees a room full of people and says “Alright, let’s boogie!!” We’re suddenly slammed with 200 year old guitar playing. But before we actually get into the boogie, the solo has taken us to a heavy, 12/8 groove with Chester giving an almost Vinnie-esque beat. Frank dwindles this down and doubles the tempo so we get our promised boogie. Boy what a nasty boogie this is. Energy is just pouring out at such an alarming rate that they’re forced to go into half time in order to fit it all in. Dupree reels everyone pack in for the main theme and we get an awesome exercise in contrast as Camarillo Brillo comes running in right on the heals of Dupree. This closes out the normal part of the program with the encore being the classic Oh No/Son/Trouble medley. One of the funnier “you’re such a fool” derivations is tonight with that line being changes to “I just can’t believe, you’re condition is critical.” The show finishes off with just more insane amounts of guitar mangling as the More Trouble Everyday gives the Dupree solo a run for the most adventurous solo of the night.

It takes Frank a little while to find himself in this show and as a result Inca suffers a bit. Fortunately, once PIB roles around, he and the band get it going on. As to be expected, this show is just a warm up for some of the wickedness that would ensue in the late show. Nevertheless, our time for full blown improve is in this show with a very powerful Dupree as well as Montana and More Trouble dishing out solos bordering on monster madness.
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