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1976 12 28 Palladium 174.51 AUD MC-Patched (grape-walk-fl-billyschools-pbuzby) ZTLS #322/#641
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Post 2008-06-26 11:10   [Quote] 
Movie-announcer voice: One of the longest Zappa shows just got two minutes longer...

Grape's excellent master of this show has been in circulation for a while. However, I recently discovered that billyschools had a source for this show that provides fills for two sections - a brief patch in Ruth's percussion solo in Approximate/Purple Lagoon, and a two-minute fill covering most of Terry Bozzio's drum solo, and the opening beats of the Black Page drum solo. So here is a reseed by Zappateers request, with the original files in a subfolder.

For those who would rather not download the whole show, the two altered files are available here.

Frank Zappa
28-Dec 1976, Palladium, NYC

This is the grape-walk version, with a little overall speed correction applied (+20cts plus local fine tuning) to match the speed of the same tracks on the ZINY release. Fills in tracks 13 and 16 are from an unknown gen alternate source.

FZshows says:
28-Dec 1976, Palladium, NYC
176 min, Aud, B+
Intro, Peaches En Regalia, Torture Never Stops, Black Page #2 (ZINY version - played twice!), Punky's Whips, I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Sofa, I'm The Slime, Pound For A Brown (incl. Black Page #1), Big Leg Emma, Purple Lagoon (solos on ZINY), Find Her Finer, Manx Needs Women, Titties 'n Beer, Cruising For Burgers, Dinah-Moe Humm, Montana

This copy:
174.51 min, Aud MC, B+ (parts A- imho)

from The Grape, Feb 2004:
Recorded using SONY TC-126 portable stereo cassette recorder with F-99S microphone
Master cassette > HD > cdr > wav (EAC) > shn
I think I was sitting in the Loge
°°° walk's notes:
wav > cooledit wav (retracked) > CDR > wav (EAC) > flac (for converting to wav we suggest flac frontend:
175 min
°°° flambay add.notes:
flac > wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction, re-tracking > FLAC FFE lvl7 w/SBA

patch source:

unknown gen AUD -> SONY TC-WE475 -> REALTEC AC-97 -> Goldwave (recording) -> Soundforge (speed/volume correction) -> CDWav (edit) -> EAC (append) -> FLAC 8 -> FLAC
collected by: billyschools
transfer/edit by: pbuzby
suggestions: flambay

disc 1
00 Intro [1:40]
01 Peaches En Regalia [3:04]
02 The Torture Never Stops [14:22]
03 Black Page #2 1st [9:34] (ZINY version) °°° played twice !!!
04 Black Page #2 2nd [6:21]
05 Punky's Whips [13:02] °°° former called punky's lips (FZ at 761228)
06 I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth [3:48]
07 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me? [4:29]
08 The Illinois Enema Bandit [16:05]

disc 2
09 Announcement [1:37]
10 Sofa #2 [4:02]
11 I'm The Slime [4:13]
12 Pound For A Brown [6:19]
13 Black Page Drum Solo [4:04] (patched 0:19-2:14)
14 Black Page #1 [1:57]
15 Big Leg Emma [4:09]
16 Purple Lagoon (solos on ZINY) [34:43] °°° (improvised Pound For A Brown, Purple Lagoon embedded in Pound For A Brown), great grand piano like sound (patched 21:28-21:34)

disc 3
17 Find Her Finer [5:54]
18 Manx Needs Women [1:35]
19 Titties 'n Beer [7:01]
20 Cruising For Burgers [9:23]
21 Dinah-Moe Humm [9:27]
22 Montana [7:52]

Thanks to av for sending me the flac files.

Thanks to The Grape and walk for the preliminary versions to this seed.

Enjoy !!!

-- flambay

( - June 2006/2008)

unpatched files subfolder:
13 Black Page Drum Solo [2:11] tf/cut at 0:19, most of Bozzio's improvised solo and opening beats of Black Page #1 are missing
16 Purple Lagoon (solos on ZINY) [34:40] °°° tf/gap in perc.solo @ 21.30
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Post 2008-06-26 11:24   [Quote] 
looks like a sunday session winner to me Wink
Thanks PB
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Chunga's Revenge
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Post 2008-06-26 11:32   [Quote] 
I deleted this show from my HD after burning since I hadn't enough HD to store the files than.
Now I've enough space so I take my change to grab this great sucker again.
Thanks for yer efforts Pat to make this even more perfect! cooler

"And dream of guitar notes that would irritate."
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Site Admin
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Post 2008-06-26 11:44   [Quote] 
Most of the files here are identical to those from the previous upload.

Those who have downloaded the previous version, can start their download at 64%
when copying these files from their old download into the new folder:
all .flac files except d2-05 (Black Page drum solo) and d2-08 (Purple Lagoon).

And when also copying these two unpatched files (d2-05 and d2-08) into pbuzby's unpatched files subfolder,
your download starts already at 82%. How cool is that ??.. cooler

Thanks pbuzby for re-seeding this great show here.
Now it should be complete.
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Power Poster
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Post 2008-06-26 12:26   [Quote] 
I already have a B+ 170 min CDR-version of this (with a weird 1-minute silence in between), and so resisted downloading this so far. But this version eventually looks really convincing!

Thanks a lot!!

The present day stattewäbchen refuses to compose.
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Joined: 2005-09-02
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Post 2008-06-26 14:05   [Quote] 
Thank you! I jumped on for a while this morning at 64% as Flambay suggested (very cool), I'll resume tonight. Thanks for making the complete version of this available Pat.
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Joined: 2005-03-07
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Post 2008-06-26 14:41   [Quote] 
Thanks, dudes!
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Power Poster
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Post 2008-06-26 15:06   [Quote] 
What set list! What a monster is the Purple Lagoon! Where has this show been all of my life? Thanks Pat.
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Post 2008-06-26 16:31   [Quote] 
heck, i'll dl the complete reseed, less work and 100% sure about the whole dang thang

thanks man Smile

...and after this deadly review hits the paper...
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Enema Bandit
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Post 2008-06-26 21:19   [Quote] 

+ mp3 to 'outa space'

Thanks guys!!
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Post 2008-06-27 19:45   [Quote] 
Yippee Hi Ho Hi Hay!
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Post 2008-06-27 23:38   [Quote] 
Thank you. I'm sinking into Zappa again. Smile.
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Busy Poster
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Post 2008-06-28 11:55   [Quote] 
Muito Obrigado tunes

- 1979 04 01 Zurich. (Official).
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Post 2008-06-28 20:11   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-06-29 21:23   [Quote] 
64% exactly Smile
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