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1974 09 11 (L) Vienna AT 99.40 AUD (flambay-pbuzby-Chunga's Revenge) ZTLS#682
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Chunga's Revenge
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Post 2008-03-29 19:58   [Quote] 
1974 09 11 (L) Vienna, Austria 99.40 Aud (flambay-pbuzby-Chunga's Revenge)

Frank Zappa
1974 09 11
Kurhalle, Wien, Austria
Late show

~~ alternate source version B+/A- ~~

available tapes according FZshows 7.1:
100 min, Aud, B
Tush Tush Tush, improvisations, Dupree's Paradise (incl. Ach Du Lieber Augustine, Louie Louie, Dixie), Stinkfoot, Inca Roads, RDNZL, Village Of The Sun (q: Billy The Mountain, incl. Mystery Song #2), Echidna's Arf, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? (incl. Jungle Boogie, Be-Bop Tango), I'm The Slime, Pygmy Twylyte (Dummy Up, Room Service; q: Mozart Piano Sonata, Tico Tico)

This is an upgrade to the allready nice sounding bsulon-pbuzby version which was seeded lately:
So a second upgrade here from this show. Very Happy
Unfortunately this very good sounding source cuts out in I'm The Slime.
All missing parts are filled with the bsulon-pbuzby source mentioned above.

This version: 75.30 min, Aud, B+/A-
Source: unknown gen tape from trading in the early nineties.
Tape TDK SA90 Aud > Nakamichi CR-1E 2-Head deck > Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit > SoundForge 6.0 recording wav.file > DVD > Soundforge 5: speed & volume adjustments, tracking, patching fills > Flac Frontend level 8 with ASB flac.files > you

taped by: unknown
transferred by: Chunga's Revenge
edited by: Chunga's Revenge & flambay

Fills from bsulon-pbuzby 1st gen tape source:
1st gen AUD -> Sony TC-WE475 -> REALTEC AC-97 -> Goldwave (recording, speed correction) -> CDWav (tracking) -> EAC (append) -> FLAC 8 -> FLAC
-> wav -> Soundforge 5: patching filler material with main body

taped by: unknown
contributed by: bsulon
transferred by: pbuzby
edited by: pbuzby & flambay

The Mothers Of Invention, September - December 1974:

FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Tom Fowler (broken hand from Nov 19 to Dec 3) ,
George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Chester Thompson,
Mike Urso (substitute, Nov 23), James "Bird Legs" Youmans (substitute, Nov 24 to Dec 3)

Song list for tonight:

00 crowd noise & tuning [2:55] ░░░ from pbuzby source
01 Tush Tush Tush [3:05] ░░░ switch to CR source at 0:12
02 Dupree's Paradise pt.1 - improvisations (incl. The Hook, q: Ach Du Lieber Augustin, Louie Louie, Dixie) [8:45]
03 Dupree's Paradise pt.2 - theme & solos (q: Mystery Song #2, Louie Louie, incl. The Hook) [17:30] ░░░ tf/PB source patch {10:48-11:00}
04 Stinkfoot [4:53]
05 Inca Roads [11:27] ░░░ cut in preamble to next track, at 11:16, no music or talk missing
06 RDNZL [12:06]
07 Village Of The Sun (q: Billy The Mountain, incl. Mystery Song #2) [5:36]
08 Echidna's Arf [3:58]
09 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? (incl. Jungle Boogie, Be-Bop Tango) [6:29]
10 I'm The Slime [3:57] ░░░ switch to pbuzby source at 1:59
11 Preamble To Encore [1:03] ░░░ last three tracks from pbuzby source
12 Pygmy Twylyte (q: Mozart Piano Sonata, Tico Tico) [10:05]
13 Dummy Up (incl.Room Service) [7:43]

total time 99.40 min (incl. pbuzby fills)

unpatched portions for single source purists:

01 Tush Tush Tush [2:55] ░░░ cuts in
03 Dupree's Paradise pt.2 [7:26] ░░░ around tf/cut at 0:56
10 I'm The Slime [2:01] ░░░ cuts out

Thanks to the taper in the first place.
And a great thank you to flambay for editing, speed correction and patching!


samples history:
Chunga's Revenge


"And dream of guitar notes that would irritate."

Last edited by Chunga's Revenge on 2008-04-03 16:02; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2008-03-29 20:00   [Quote] 
Hey i'm the first on this one !!
and thank's CR !!!

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Post 2008-03-29 20:21   [Quote] 
Thanks for the upgrade.

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Busy Poster
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Post 2008-03-29 21:12   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot
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Post 2008-03-29 21:26   [Quote] 
Thank you very much!
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Post 2008-03-29 22:00   [Quote] 
Thank you
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Post 2008-03-30 00:38   [Quote] 
thank you Very Happy Embarassed

Popularize FRANK music is my way to thank him for all he has given us and to enable it to know as many and especially
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Post 2008-03-30 03:04   [Quote] 
                                                                                          CR Guitar Solo Al FL
.                                                                       THANK          YOU          Paul
music014                                                                                                                                             dazzler1 Zappateers! dazzler1
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Post 2008-03-30 07:43   [Quote] 
Thanks guys.
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Post 2008-03-30 12:35   [Quote] 
1974 i love you............ thanks

No more credit from the liquor store...
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Post 2008-03-30 17:23   [Quote] 
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Post 2008-04-02 15:30   [Quote] 

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Post 2008-04-04 01:15   [Quote] 
Multiple sources are always nice. Ones from '74 are even nicer. Thanks for sharing!

Kind regards,
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Post 2008-04-09 16:11   [Quote] 
Hey, thanks a lot. I love getting good sounding old shows (or new ones for that matter)!

Huh? What you say now? You wouldn't be trying to give me any debris that was cosmic in nature, would you?
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Post 2008-04-24 00:41   [Quote] 
Thanks, this show needed the speed correction. Great job you did of it.
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