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1978 02 24 Eppelheim DE 136.53 AUD (Drew51-flambay) ZTLS#310
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Post 2008-03-28 20:55   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Rhein-Neckar Stadion, Eppelheim, Germany
24 Feb 1978

~~ Sonic upgrade to previously seeded version, more complete ~~

From the same master tape source as previously seeded WIU2B version,
but definitely lower gen sounding here, plus:
- More material at the beginning, about 40 secs. extra crowd noise,
- More material around each of the cuts (Pound for A Brown & King Kong) - sorry, no fills available,
- No cuts in Wild Love and Camarillo Brillo
- Sound quality: a solid B+

Enjoy !!

available tapes according FZshows 7.1:
1978 02 24 - Rhein-Neckar Stadion, Eppelheim, Germany
125 min, Aud, B+
Intro, Dancin' Fool, Peaches En Regalia, The Torture Never Stops, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, City Of Tiny Lights, Baby Snakes, A Pound For A Brown, I Have Been In You, Flakes, Broken Hearts Are For Assholes, King Kong, Wild Love, Yo' Mama [incl. A Solo From Heidelberg, TGWATFZ], Titties 'n Beer, Disco Boy, Dinah-Moe Humm, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man, Watermelon In Easter Hay [FZPTMOFZ]

This copy: 136.53 min, Aud, B+ (parts overmodulated)

Source: Unknown generation audience tape

Maxell XLII Cassette>Sony TC-WE8258 cassette deck
>Gina20>Sound Forge 7.0 (record/edits)>FLAC Level 8>wav
> Soundforge 5: speed correction, volume and phase offset adjusted, tracking
> flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA (853 MB)

Taped by: unknown
Transferred By: Drew51
Edited By: flambay

Frank Zappa's Band, September 1977 - February 1978:
FZ, Adrian Belew, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf.

Set list:

01 Purple Lagoon Intro [1:57]
02 Dancin Fool [4:00]
03 Peaches En Regalia [2:37]
04 The Torture Never Stops [15:15]
05 Tryin To Grow A Chin [3:39]
06 City Of Tiny Lights [7:26]
07 Baby Snakes [1:56]
08 Pound For A Brown [14:07] °°° tf/cut during P.Wolf solo at 4:58
09 "I'm In You" Rap [6:32]
10 I Have Been In You [5:17]
11 Flakes [7:33]
12 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes [3:59]
13 King Kong [11:23] °°° tf/cut at 9:30
14 Wild Love [7:32]
15 Yo Mama (incl. Heidelberg, OSD) [12:09]
16 Titties n Beer [5:27]
17 Disco Boy [5:01] °°° cut in applause to encore, no music missing
18 Dinah-Moe Humm [5:13]
19 Camarillo Brillo [3:37]
20 Muffin Man [5:16] °°° cut in applause to final encore, no music missing
21 Watermelon In Easter Hay (FZPTMOFZ) [6:48]

Total time 136.53 min

Notes: no fills available to cuts

Credits: thanks to the unknown taper

2008 03 21 - Drew ZRP Archives

Enjoy !!

-- Drew51 & flambay


samples history:
WIU2B (previous seed):
WIU2B w.UniMuta fills:
WIU2B (from new *raw* rip):
Chunga's Revenge:
Drew51 (this version):

780224-Eppelheim - 01 Purple Lagoon Intro.flac:ce03e75017cbc642db090d56a887e6f7
780224-Eppelheim - 02 Dancin' Fool.flac:06575deb754998e728998c221a162969
780224-Eppelheim - 03 Peaches En Regalia.flac:dcfb1520ad48302b5c04458af92f1d90
780224-Eppelheim - 04 The Torture Never Stops.flac:e0c8ed76064a679b920866e7f75083b4
780224-Eppelheim - 05 Trying To Grow A Chin.flac:bea8a447fd8eac03d35a178604adc6af
780224-Eppelheim - 06 City Of Tiny Lights.flac:771c73d240967da677b48744c6c158fd
780224-Eppelheim - 07 Baby Snakes.flac:abfaf56ffc1dc55ab72c3beef2c34e3e
780224-Eppelheim - 08 Pound For A Brown.flac:1859a99128e6f5c08867cd9f9db708ac
780224-Eppelheim - 09 ''I'm In You'' Rap.flac:ecd1fb9fd2a19920d7f1b39a4c04be86
780224-Eppelheim - 10 I Have Been In You.flac:9b8c834c297a7755eb204de00cb82592
780224-Eppelheim - 11 Flakes.flac:2f6b58471489e5cf4c9c243d9393e00d
780224-Eppelheim - 12 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.flac:cbda7528520af1b9bc51e988505271c2
780224-Eppelheim - 13 King Kong.flac:16b66b9dbc287dd97bd9dea993ec00db
780224-Eppelheim - 14 Wild Love.flac:6d45286f11d6dcce19a7d8827b1b8dc7
780224-Eppelheim - 15 Yo Mama.flac:c530afeab43f4fb547dbcc01a55c9b41
780224-Eppelheim - 16 Titties & Beer.flac:6ecff91a7e2417fcfb9e65c04a10d444
780224-Eppelheim - 17 Disco Boy.flac:bac577df27ef47103b233e1fd27621f8
780224-Eppelheim - 18 Dinah Moe Humm.flac:a7f79a9003c38c686b17c848461208cd
780224-Eppelheim - 19 Camarillo Brillo.flac:2517d1d5bd8061846b438ad0e052847a
780224-Eppelheim - 20 Muffin Man.flac:99ec949324dbb11f7f48e0ec0552efbd
780224-Eppelheim - 21 Watermelon In Easter Hay.flac:4cc5ac95109e175c0a9dacbbe08a235f

Last edited by flambay on 2008-09-20 14:17; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2008-03-28 21:03   [Quote] 
Looks sublime - merci!
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Post 2008-03-28 21:10   [Quote] 
is this just another attempt to get people to download from Zappateers? Very Happy

The crux of the biscuit is the (')


Last edited by BengoFury on 2008-03-28 21:12; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2008-03-28 21:11   [Quote] 
Hey, this is great timing - I just finished downloading 18-Feb 1978, Scandinavium , Gothenburg , Sweden (thank you very much, flambay, for keeping it going!) - it will be interesting to compare that one to this.

Thanks! winko
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Post 2008-03-28 21:13   [Quote] 
Oh, how can one ever say no to one of flambay's offerings?

Thank you !

"Well, I put down my bush
'n' I took off my pants and felt free
The breeze blowin' up me 'n' up the canyon."
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Tasty little sucker
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Post 2008-03-28 21:15   [Quote] 
Eppelheim´s close to my hometown. But in Feb 1978 I was 9 years old.
One reason to want to be older.

oh my god!
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Post 2008-03-28 21:15   [Quote] 
Thank you, thank you! ^^
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Joined: 2008-01-09
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Post 2008-03-28 21:24   [Quote] 
Thank you
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Post 2008-03-28 21:44   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot for sharing !
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Post 2008-03-28 22:05   [Quote] 
un nouveau bon week end!!!!
merci encore
amities de france cheers Very Happy clap

Popularize FRANK music is my way to thank him for all he has given us and to enable it to know as many and especially
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Post 2008-03-28 22:13   [Quote] 
and here's me, thinking you were still recovering from the zappateersfest Laughing
thanks for the lastest FZ flood Wink

Related music and more on youtube: LudzNL
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Post 2008-03-28 22:36   [Quote] 
Thank you very much!!!
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Chunga's Revenge
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Post 2008-03-28 23:33   [Quote] 
I remember well listening the first time to the Eppelheim concert and especially the enormous Yo Mama solo, great concert.
At the same time the tapers friends chatter way too much during every solo. disbelief You wonder if they ever got the point of this music. They certainly don't "listen carefully to every little detail".
A big thanks anyway to the taper.

And a big thanks to Drew and flambay for providing this upgrade! cheers

"And dream of guitar notes that would irritate."
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Post 2008-03-29 00:21   [Quote] 
Thanks. I lived in Heidelberg for awhile, but was to young to attend this show.

FZ live from the edge of the Odenwald, cool.
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Post 2008-03-29 02:25   [Quote] 
                                                                      dazzler1Dre ROCK!!Flam bay dazzler1
music014                                                                                                                                   Headbangers!
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