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1974 09 20 Copenhagen, Denmark 117.55 Aud (Yojimbo-flambay)
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Post 2008-02-25 22:03   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
20-Sep 1974
KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

~~ Audience source version ~~

available tapes according FZshows 7.1:
1974 09 20 - KB Hallen, K°benhavn, Denmark
120 min, Aud, B-/C+
25 min, SBD, B+
The SBD starts in Room Service.

Cosmik Debris, Approximate, Montana, improvisations (incl. Can't Afford No Shoes riff), Penguin In Bondage,
T'Mershi Duween, Dog Meat, Building A Girl, Dupree's Paradise,
Pygmy Twylyte (incl. Dummy Up, Room Service), Tush Tush Tush, Camarillo Brillo, Oh No, Trouble Every Day

This copy: 117.55 min, Aud, B-/C+ (w.fills from SBD version)
Lineage: Maxell XLII(unknown gen)->Denon DRM-800A->Creative SB Live!->wav
->FLAC Frontend->DVD->wav->Soundforge 5: speed correction (+100cts), volume level & phase offset adjustments,
removing overlaps, tracking, patching fill->flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA (757 MB)

taped by: unknown
transferred by: Yojimbo
edited by: flambay

from hoosac92-Kristoftof Aud version (first 5 secs)
Hoosac92 (??gen) Maxell XLII tapes > Pioneer CtW 504R > Avance AC97soundcard
> CoolEdit retracking, level adjustments >
> Soundforge 5: speed correction, editing patch to main body
contributed by: hoosac92
transferred by: Kristoftof
edited by: Kristoftof and flambay

and from bburnett SBD version (for tracks 10-13)
SBD version: 22.58 min, SBD, B+
Lineage: BASF Master Cassette > Tascam Model 130 Professional Cassette Deck > Tascam DA40 > Tascam CDRW5000 > Samplitude Professional 8 > FLAC Frontend v1.1 Encode Level 6
> wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction (+20cts), time stretch (109%), patching fill to main body

Transferred, Mixed and Converted to FLAC by: Bruce Burnett
seeded by: jaypfunk
re-edited by: flambay

The Mothers Of Invention, September - December 1974:

FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Tom Fowler (broken hand from Nov 19 to Dec 3) ,
George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Chester Thompson,
Mike Urso (substitute, Nov 23), James "Bird Legs" Youmans (substitute, Nov 24 to Dec 3)


01 Cosmik Debris 8:52 ░░░ cuts in, beginning missing, H-K patch {0:00-0:05}
02 Approximate (q: Mystery Song#2) 8:28
03 Montana 7:46
04 improvisations (incl. Can't Afford No Shoes riff) 6:52
05 Penguin In Bondage (FZ solo on slow Suicide Chump blues vamp) 10:00
06 T'Mershi Duween 2:08 ░░░ cuts at 1:00 and 1:39
07 Dog Meat 4:15
08 Building A Girl 2:53
09 Dupree's Paradise 27:21 ░░░ 2 overlap sections removed
10 Pygmy Twylyte (q: Mozart Piano Sonata, incl. Dummy Up, Room Service) 15:11
          ░░░ tf at 8:08 /overlap removed ░░░ SBD patch {last 10 secs}
11 Tush Tush Tush (Outro) 1:20
          ░░░ SBD patch {0:00-0:42}, cut into encore break, no music missing
12 Camarillo Brillo 8:22 ░░░ cut to SBD patch {7:29-8:22}
13 Oh No 1:29 ░░░ back to Aud source at 0:02
14 Son Of Orange County 5:13
15 More Trouble Every Day 7:37

Total time 117.55 min

Unpatched fragments (no SBD patch included):
10 Pygmy Twylyte pt.2 > 11 encore break (Aud) 1:01 ░░░ around cut at 0:22
13 Oh No (Aud) 1:30 ░░░ cuts in, flaw at beginning

Thick layer of background noise over music recording.
FZ speech portions almost inaudible.

Thanks to the unknown taper.
Thanks to hoosac92-Kristoftof for the Aud fill.
Thanks to bburnett and jaypfunk for the SBD fills.

Enjoy !!!

- Yojimbo & flambay


samples history:
bburnett-jaypfunk SBD:

740920-Copenhagen - 01 Cosmik Debris.flac:8830247f0d9a9be36260b4c0747a395a
740920-Copenhagen - 02 Approximate.flac:b2954c705a1bb078fe04ce0127d88d88
740920-Copenhagen - 03 Montana.flac:8e45c0a0262b4a477b56d29cfb517d9d
740920-Copenhagen - 04 improvisations.flac:478c81708642bacdf89bc24cae20d03d
740920-Copenhagen - 05 Penguin In Bondage.flac:56dc1773139184261bb2cfa999d959bc
740920-Copenhagen - 06 T'Mershi Duween.flac:cf68209a93c9ef1caf7654a644242f21
740920-Copenhagen - 07 Dog Meat.flac:52b784621d437c124417c3bffa01732c
740920-Copenhagen - 08 Building A Girl.flac:6605d415ecf91f26e820895cd866d0d7
740920-Copenhagen - 09 Dupree's Paradise.flac:749efe5f93fbb38c6c5e65fef95dd4d0
740920-Copenhagen - 10 Pygmy Twylyte.flac:4f7583538803ffc709a139c6c8520646
740920-Copenhagen - 11 Tush Tush Tush (Outro)~encore break.flac:76c9d670e076ba0f2d7a6ed75275e1ed
740920-Copenhagen - 12 Camarillo Brillo.flac:582c4bfd34284eaef9febc04682475b7
740920-Copenhagen - 13 Oh No.flac:a65a9e1cc3dada03d23c8868b239da21
740920-Copenhagen - 14 Son Of Orange County.flac:e706d0eaf4ee099a90d229c2a4142b96
740920-Copenhagen - 15 More Trouble Every Day.flac:f9a935dda4067c273dc4dcca036ae04b

740920-Copenhagen - 10 Pygmy end~11 encore break (unpatched).flac:40fa727f834112a35539da87962f2989
740920-Copenhagen - 13 Oh No (unpatched).flac:4f72b08560a90ac8d7e7919b91526b40

Last edited by flambay on 2008-02-25 23:02; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2008-02-25 22:04   [Quote] 
Let me be the first to say thanks!!
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Post 2008-02-25 22:07   [Quote] 
thanks ..........
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Post 2008-02-25 22:08   [Quote] 
wunderba only have the bb 25m version here.


Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Steve D
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Post 2008-02-25 22:09   [Quote] 
many thank you's!
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Ferval Lankman
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Post 2008-02-25 22:12   [Quote] 
This is the show immediately preceding the Helsinki shows, correct? A nice hole to fill in the collection, regardless of sound quality.

Bunches of thanks, Yojimbo & Flambay!
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Post 2008-02-25 22:53   [Quote] 
Thank you, Flambay and Yojimbo! cheers
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Post 2008-02-25 22:55   [Quote] 
The SBD was great and I was hungry for more. Did I say I wanted more, well here's some more!!
Thanks, Jon, Flambay, Bbrunett, Jaypfunk and everything else involved!!!!!!!


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Busy Poster
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Post 2008-02-26 00:06   [Quote] 
thank you
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Post 2008-02-26 00:10   [Quote] 
Smile bravo Right on, man! Kitchenaire's tunes prost prost
j jacques thank you

Popularize FRANK music is my way to thank him for all he has given us and to enable it to know as many and especially
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Zappa Penguin
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Post 2008-02-26 01:04   [Quote] 
The European Pygymy Twylyte is worth the download alone... ROCK!!
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Post 2008-02-26 04:06   [Quote] 
Many thanks
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Post 2008-02-26 04:16   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot to the Team.
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Post 2008-02-26 06:07   [Quote] 
Another thanks here. I've been waiting for this one for a long time. Zappacheers! cheers

Kind regards,
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Post 2008-02-26 15:19   [Quote] 
Ferval Lankman wrote:
This is the show immediately preceding the Helsinki shows, correct?

so it is according to the FZ Gig List:

(which is a great document to consult in conjunction with FZShows v.7.1)

By the way, what a Pygmy Twylyte/Inca Roads route to travel from Copenhagen to G÷teborg via Helsinki.

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