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Post 2008-02-07 03:39   [Quote] 
  • Have I made at least one sample per tape side?
  • Is there a sample of each tape flip?
  • Do I have the beginning and end of the recording sampled?
  • What can I possibly say to a vegetable?
  • Do I have the beginning and end of the "show", as represented by said recording, sampled?
  • Do my samples match the samples previously posted?
  • Are my samples in the proper format? (FLAC is the correct answer, not .WAV, .SHN, .APE, or (god forbid) .MP3)


Sample the very beginning of a tape. It doesn't matter if the tape starts with fifteen minutes of John Smothers farting - we're nutcase completists, and want every last little fart.

If the actual start of the show comes later on, sample that too. Instruments are good. It helps us determine just how good a tape sounds - sometimes the vocals are crystal clear, but once the band starts playing, it sucks. It helps with speed correction. It helps with lots of things.

Any mechanical glitches? Sections that suddenly switch speeds? Parts where the tape suddenly gets all hissy? Sample those. Some tapes may not have these glitches!

Tapeflips? Sample each side. Give us, at bare minimum, fifteen seconds before the flip, and fifteen seconds after the flip - and if the tapeflip comes during an instrumental section, give us even more.

Is there a bunch of applause and chatter between sets or before the encores? Give us that, too. Especially if the recorder is stopped and re-started. We're nutcase completists, and the more cheers, the better. Four minutes in a sample thread would be a bit excessive, but pick a distinguishing moment (could be a clear, distinct voice of some sort, or a very unique cheer) near the gap, and make a sample that contains that sound, the gap, and another distinguishing moment after the gap.

The same maxim for the beginning of the tape applies to the end of the tape - if your tape contains a large amount of post-show crowd (for instance, December 4th 1971 Montreaux, or July 14th 1982 Palmero), give us the last thirty seconds of that, as well as the last thirty seconds of actual "concert".

If you're the second (or the third, fourth, or fifth) to post samples of a show, please, please make an effort to sample the same sections that the previous samplers sampled. That is to say, if the already-existing sample seed contains 8:57-9:57 of Pound for a Brown, don't just sample the 0:00-1:00 portion because it's "easier". If you want to sample even more sections, by all means do so (maybe the 0:00-1:00 portion contains a weird glitch that you just noticed, and you're not sure if this glitch is on all copies), but please don't skimp for the sake of convienence. Ten extra minutes making sure your samples are in the same area as the other guy's (or guys') will not only make the decision process twenty times easier, but may well save hundreds of people the hours of time it takes to prepare and upload and download a full seed, only to find out that this version could have been improved upon. It doesn't have to be perfect-to-the-very-millisecond (though bonus points if it is), just within five seconds or so on either end. (Dr. Smart says, Doctor Smart will explain to you "If your tape simply does not have a certain previously-sampled section, then of course there's no harm in not sampling the non-existent section." Doctor Smart will explain to you )

And, of course, last but not least, .FLAC is good. Other formats are bad. Other formats are either way too large (.WAV), useless for sound comparision (.MP3, .WMA), pain-in-the-ass-backwards (.SHN), or just too esoteric (.APE).
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