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GSW Project vol.#20 1979 (T-1497)  
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Post 2007-12-16 03:00   [Quote] 
Here's volume 20 enjoy people! and merry Christmas to all! Please respect T___'s wishes as always Very Happy

Honyak45 harley

Frank Zappa GSW Project Vol. 20 1979 (T-1497)

This is Volume 20 in a very large collection of Frank Zappa spoken word releases. It's called the GSW Project.
GSW stands for Gigantic Spoken Word. There will be some music in there but there won't be any full live concerts in the GSW Project. They consist of radio, TV interviews and journalist reporter type personal interviews. During the radio interviews sometimes music was played as background or added before the broadcast in between questions and answers.

Sometimes FZ acts as D.J., plays records from his collection and talks to the radio audience.
But the main focus of this series is FZ interviews which to me is as interesting as his music.

Radio, and TV >
unknown >
Cassettes Maxell XLII C-90's >
Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >
2 Nikko 32 Band EQ >
ADS Tech Instant Music RDX-150 input SPDIF
output USB to computer 16 bit 44.1 Khz >
Audacity > Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Sound Editor > WAV > CD Wave Editor 16 bit 44.1 Khz > FLAC

disc 1

1979-02-00 Capital Radio London England FZ interviewed by Mick Brown (cassette)

1. why change the members of the group so often
2. new album Sheik Yerbouti / Flakes
3. how do you spend your time in LA / stupidity
4. why Dancin' Fool can't be a hit / Dancin' Fool story / disco
5. journalists / critics / sexual information from songs
6. what Ruth said / album recording information

1979-03-07 Swedish Radio Interview (cassette)

7. garage bands / Bobby Brown hit / tower of power / golden shower

1979-03-27 Hilversum Netherlands Radio Interview (may be 3-16 or 5-27) (cassette)

8. master tones tape / Warner Bros. problems
9. Suicide Chump story / Suicide Chump (live)

1979-09-11 Direct News interview by Martin Perlich (cassette)

10. Joe's Garage / dirty words and politics

1979-09-30 Robert Kline TV Show (cassette)

11. unique format for Joe's Garage / Joe's Garage story
12. Catholic Girls story / Joe and Sy Borg story
13. the accordian / music is outlawed
14. Montana
15. offending people / religion real estate / being realistic
16. Genya Raven (guest)

1979-11-14 Direct News interview by Martin Perlich (cassette)
(same interview as 1979-01-19 on GSW Vol. 19 but better quality)

17. comedy / serious / stupidity

disc 2

1979 KPFK-FM LA CA interview (cassette)

1. first exposure to music / Varese
2. other musical influences / R & B - Varese attitude
3. influences listed on Freak Out / Varese quote / composers today
4. the academy is poot
5. the history of music

1979-12-20 WLIR-FM FZ as DJ Garden City LI NY (cassette)
many cuts, songs incomplete on source tape

6. Meet The Creeper - Destroy All Monsters
Jocko Bozo - The Firemen
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here - FZ & MOI
Mongoloid - The Deadliners
Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station - FZ & MOI
Iran Song - Greg Smith
Mongoloid - unknown
7. Baby Snakes ad story / stupidity / Baby Snakes opening plug

1979-12-21 WPIX-FM Victoria Theater Baby Snakes opening NYC NY (cassette)

8. opening night of Baby Snakes outside Victoria Theater

1979-12-25 WNEW-TV interview NYC NY (cassette)

9. FZ interview about Baby Snakes

I removed the blank spaces and fixed a few bad edits. I checked and corrected the speed. I checked and eliminated DC offset. I've included an edits removed file. If you burn as audio don't include this file on the audio disc.

I did the editing, mastering (tweaking), analog to digital transfer and artwork for this release. Don't add to, change or remove any of these files. Keep the text, md5 and artwork files unaltered, together with the FLAC's.

Don't rename directories or file names if you share this. My concern is that when people rename them they drop information like date, venue, location, T number. This information is useful to others when searching for or deciding which version of a show they want or already have.

Frank Zappa GSW Project Vol. 20 1979 (T-1497)

Frank Zappa GSW Project Vol. 20 1979 (T-1497).md5
Frank Zappa GSW Project Vol. 20 1979 (T-1497).txt
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) BACK.JPG 1.22 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t01.flac 13.66 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t02.flac 21.73 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t03.flac 9.27 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t04.flac 18.74 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t05.flac 22.02 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t06.flac 11.40 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t07.flac 32.71 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t08.flac 20.49 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t09.flac 38.46 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t10.flac 20.24 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t11.flac 56.42 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t12.flac 39.47 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t13.flac 9.63 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t14.flac 37.25 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t15.flac 20.63 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t16.flac 46.13 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d1t17.flac 20.82 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t01.flac 28.65 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t02.flac 22.43 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t03.flac 30.55 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t04.flac 43.69 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t05.flac 28.33 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t06.flac 65.73 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t07.flac 23.46 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t08.flac 29.25 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) d2t09.flac 17.88 MB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) DISC1.JPG 257.02 KB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) DISC2.JPG 239.65 KB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497) FRONT.JPG 401.54 KB
fz(GSW Vol 20) (T-1497)edits removed.flac 2.48 MB

Don't alter the sound of this recording. The T releases are not to be used as a source for anyones so called remastering projects. If you really want to do something find a better quality source recording and work from that. Don't just take the release I've already worked on and screw with it.

For Trade or Give Away Only - Do Not Sell - Do Not Encode As MP3 Virus Files - MD or any other format which degrades the quality of the recording.

December 2, 2007 T________

Come check out "The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen" Lossless Zappa hub(DC++).Go to: and read about the hub, and fill out a registration form to join(if you make the grade Wink )

Last edited by honyak45 on 2007-12-17 02:44; edited 1 time in total
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Post 2007-12-16 07:00   [Quote] 
Cool x 20!
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Joined: 2007-06-11
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Post 2007-12-16 07:40   [Quote] 
Smile winko Thanx a lot!!
I really dig this GREAT PROJECT !!
Lots & lots of very entertaining hours...with lots of FZ's unique humour & his unbeatable zynic statements..!GREAT WORK clapping
All the Best for the last days of 2007, so long
Hans-Helmut (unholm) Peace! stoned stoned Peace! ZTsmokin nanook's seal Zappacheers! rubberducky coffee coffee blahblah blahblah cheers

"...we are normal, and we want our
FREEDOM !" crazy harley
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Post 2007-12-16 08:19   [Quote] 
Thanks - looks very interesting.
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Joined: 2007-06-13
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Post 2007-12-16 11:03   [Quote] 
cheers for this, another great volume...

how many is there by the way?!


No more credit from the liquor store...
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Joined: 2005-09-20
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Post 2007-12-16 16:06   [Quote] 
honyak45, many, many thanks to you and T____ for the gigantic labor of love this series represents!
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Joined: 2007-06-21
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Post 2007-12-16 16:45   [Quote] 
thanks...great way to start the day on this snow in sunday.
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Joined: 2006-12-07
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Location: seattle,wa,usa
Post 2007-12-17 00:25   [Quote] 
Right now there are 22 volumes but T____ has informed me that he is glad everyone likes these and he is working on more as we speak Very Happy

Honyak45 harley

Come check out "The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen" Lossless Zappa hub(DC++).Go to: and read about the hub, and fill out a registration form to join(if you make the grade Wink )
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Post 2007-12-21 19:47   [Quote] 
Does anybody know which show comes from that Suicide Chump on disc 1 track 9 ?
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Post 2008-02-13 20:46   [Quote] 
Does anybody else wonder whether the KPFK interview on Disc 2 really took place in 1979? To me, FZ's voice sounds more like it did in 1990 and later, rather than 1979. In addition to that, didn't the argument about tweed coats develop in about 1984?
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Post 2008-08-30 06:59   [Quote] 
thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup WAY COOL!!!! thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup
WAY COOL!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!! tunes tunes tunes
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Joseph C
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Post 2010-04-30 14:57   [Quote] 
Probably been mentioned before but a slight correction in the tracklist:

1979-09-30 Robert Kline TV Show (cassette)

...should be 'Robert Klein', and it was actually a radio show. Transcription discs of the show in question turned up on eBay recently:

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Busy Poster
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Post 2010-05-01 06:14   [Quote] 
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Post 2015-11-02 17:37   [Quote] 
hoosac92 wrote:
Does anybody else wonder whether the KPFK interview on Disc 2 really took place in 1979? To me, FZ's voice sounds more like it did in 1990 and later, rather than 1979.

I've downloaded KPFK-FM interview of disc2 and listened to that.
That has a very high pitch. it's like an another person's voice.
I think that needs a speed correction.
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Site Admin
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Post 2015-11-02 17:45   [Quote] 
From the description of the KPFK interview it seems to be the one seeded here, dated in 1981.

I have another tape of this interview and FZ's voice does sound a bit chipmunky, but there is recorded music between the interview segments at the correct speed.
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