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1984 11 21 (E) Royal Oak MI 98.35 Aud MC3 (PatF-Drew51-flambay)
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Post 2007-09-13 10:26   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI
November 21st 1984 Early Show

~~ MC#3: "Pat F." version (with MC#1"Drew" fills) ~~

Third (and final) seed of this show, kindly shared by Drew51.
You may have to be a die-hard completist or a dedicated compare-and-contrast-fetishist,
if you want to download yet another version of the same show within a week or two,
but IMHO this version does have its merits too, in spite of its darker (more muffled?) sound compared to the other two.
The FZ guitar seems to be a bit lower in the mix here, therefore you can hear more details with the keyboard playing.
I especially enjoy hearing Allan Zavod's (or is it Bobby Martin ?) work behind the FZ solo in Zoot Allures or City Of Tiny Lights. Some simplicity to it, but it does all fit so well ...
Also, if you're really into hearing that characteristic drum roll intro to the reggae Black Napkins ("rat-tat-tat-tangg" - almost inaudible in the other two versions), it's much clearer and more distinct here ...

Collect & Enjoy !!!

available tapes according JN:
Early show: 102 min, Aud, B+

This copy: MC#3 - "Pat F." version: 98.35min, Aud MC, A-/B+ (w.fills from MC #1)
Source: Master audience cassettes
Equipment: Sony D3 with Sony ECM 929's
Lineage: Maxell II Cassettes>Gina20>Sound Forge (record/edits)
>Soundforge 5: speed correction, volume level adjustments, patching MC#1 fills, tracking > flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA(570 MB)
Taped By: Pat F.
Transferred By: Drew
Edited By: flambay

Fills from MC#1/"Drew" version: ~98 min, Aud MC, A/A-
Source: Master audience cassettes: Maxell XLI-S (pt-1) and TDK AD-X (pt-2)
Equipment: Unknown Sony model cassette deck (T-100?) with unknown mics.
Lineage: Cassettes>Gina20>Sound Forge (record/edits)>wav>Soundforge 5: speed correction, extracting fills, patching to main body
Taped By: Drew
Transferred By:Drew
Edited By: flambay

Line Up:
FZ, Ike Willis, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Alan Zavod,
Bobby Martin

Set list:

00 Crowd Noise 1:32
01 Zoot Allures 5:50
02 City Of Tiny Lights 7:41
03 You Are What You Is 4:01
04 Mudd Club 2:59
05 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:14
06 Cocksucker's Ball 1:07
07 WPLJ 1:34
08 Drowning Witch 9:41
09 Ride My Face To Chicago 4:52
10 Cocaine Decisions 2:58
11 Nig Biz 6:44 °°° tf/fill from MC1 source {1:32-2:15}
12 Outside Now 6:04
13 In France 4:14
14 Bamboozled By Love 7:50
15 Joe's Garage 2:23
16 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 3:57
17 Little Girl Of Mine 1:44
18 The Closer You Are 2:05
19 Johnny Darling 0:53
20 No No Cherry 1:27
21 Black Napkins 5:34 °°° tf/fill from MC1 source {4:46-end of track}
22 The Illinois Enema Bandit 10:11 °°° tf/fill from MC1 source {0:00-7:58}

Total Time 98.35 min

Also included:
an "MC#3 only" subfolder (75 MB)with these un-patched tracks:
11 Nig Biz 6:13 °°° tf/cut @ 1:33
21 Black Napkins 4:46 °°° cuts out during applause to 2nd encore
22 Illinois Enema Bandit 2:13 °°° cuts into last part of song

Credits & Thanks:
To Pat F. for taping this version
To Drew for transferring and for the fills

From ZRP Archives

Enjoy !!!

-- Drew51 & flambay



841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 00 Crowd Noise.flac:65e573c3edaf49252a542703d09f56bf
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 01 Zoot Allures.flac:b4486731d3e42584c8269790268674cf
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 02 City Of Tiny Lites.flac:5fbccc00da36b20c4eecccf743406d88
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 03 You Are What You Is.flac:49c4b5c49b3821fe0998b9988265540c
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 04 Mudd Club.flac:c4d66a4cbd5125e57818d54145b285a3
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 05 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.flac:4f7939e5884ccd661b38444d532cf6be
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 06 Cocksuckers' Ball.flac:19ddcf9321e2b0b5b93ef4ffba0a9f09
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 07 WPLJ.flac:d9be7f182d2e81600b14005639298457
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 08 Drowning Witch.flac:72a65f95e4de7ade8732b9e4d1e0ef08
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 09 Ride My Face To Chicago.flac:99f4e2665f71bd40db62981fda950419
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 10 Cocaine Decisions.flac:8ea663d67f845cd896bfb49b2add9815
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 11 Nig Biz.flac:97befc67da4a040d52de04e54cff6258
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 12 Outside Now.flac:e80ffa0770efe5e9fcc6606dc178cd91
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 13 In France.flac:be4f6bc97fbcbdb47f5148a6a3454062
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 14 Bamboozled By Love.flac:40101b512294e269f2c83c9e5925775a
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 15 Joe's Garage.flac:6f03e83b8adcafe76337dbb0d1c6db17
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 16 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.flac:c39961606bc76a23d4a450a0bba4dcff
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 17 Little Girl Of Mine.flac:b11084833ae601eb7313974026c6c8d5
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 18 The Closer You Are.flac:c8d3010e61d74f26429df55e3c43a871
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 19 Johnny Darling.flac:3c8d55be9c140164e7bf29dd54df8ee9
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 20 No No Cherry.flac:f3df11a284aa678634936a368b7cfae4
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 21 Black Napkins.flac:79f58a2552ba9cdd296d141ffdc65370
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3 - 22 The Illinois Enema Bandit.flac:d03b79755de126a8d57d64c4e51dde25

841121E-Royal Oak - MC3only - 11 Nig Biz.flac:f97809ab3c6b6c5c69ab133bab5c19f3
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3only - 21 Black Napkins.flac:65dd4f02e7bcf8d30e8547d4da7cd753
841121E-Royal Oak - MC3only - 22 The Illinois Enema Bandit.flac:92b42095924224e87df5004672e66e8b
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Post 2007-09-13 11:23   [Quote] 
Merci beaucoup !
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Post 2007-09-13 16:54   [Quote] 
that makes 3 times THANKS to zappateers
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Post 2007-09-13 18:51   [Quote] 
I told it before in the Samples section: what a richness here on Zappateers THREE MC's! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Thanks again all involved! cheers

"And dream of guitar notes that would irritate."
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Post 2007-09-14 06:09   [Quote] 
. .                                                                                                                                            Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
. .                                                                                Guitar Solo Al Z_wonders Guitar Solo Al
music014                                                                                                                                             surprise Zappateers! surprise
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Post 2007-09-14 18:58   [Quote] 
great show


many thanks
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Post 2007-09-16 12:59   [Quote] 
superbe exercise pour l oreille que ces multiples enregistrements
merci de permetre ca
du super travail
j jacques clapping prost

Popularize FRANK music is my way to thank him for all he has given us and to enable it to know as many and especially
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Post 2007-09-17 00:26   [Quote] 
Completists unite! smile010 Thanks PatF, Drew & flambay for making this possible!

Kind regards,
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Post 2007-09-21 01:04   [Quote] 
Awesome thanks
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Post 2007-09-22 08:57   [Quote] 
jjlasca wrote:
superbe exercise pour l oreille que ces multiples enregistrements
merci de permetre ca
du super travail
j jacques clapping prost

vulgariser la musique de FRANK c est ma facon de le remercier pour tout ce quil nous a donner et ainsi permetre au plus grand nombres de le decouvrir et surtout de

Correct English is a big issue when your not native.

For native English speakers, Good English is a concern in this Forum, so,
Mad when you want to write in french, as a good froggy roflol , would you mind, please, doing it well ?

superbe exercice (with a "c" and not a "s")
permettre (with two t)
remercier pour tout ce qu'il nous a donné (with no r, please)
au plus grand nombre (with no s please)
"découvrir", "qu'il", "L' ECOUTER" "donné" are just a lack of your keyboard, (and hopefully not in the top storey) I presume?

Four sentences, 5 errors and more .......

Pauvre France Crying or Very sad

a pas bin grave
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Post 2013-04-29 22:23   [Quote] 
Could someone please seed this show..............thanks.
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Post 2013-05-15 21:54   [Quote] 
Could someone please seed this show............thanks..........any help will do...........thanks.
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Post 2013-05-18 03:05   [Quote] 
Come on someone please seed.....................this............please
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Post 2013-05-25 01:53   [Quote] 
Hello, Hello, could someone please seed this show............please........thanks.
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Post 2013-05-25 02:15   [Quote] 
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