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*** The Bad Sources Database - version 2.0 ***  
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Post 2007-10-20 01:36   [Quote] 
Here it is, the long-anticipated "retooling" of the Bad Sources Database.

This list is likely incomplete - the vast majority comes direct from av's Catalogue, which is very good, but probably not completely complete. I am still in the eternal process of going through my personal archives to add other shows with poor names, "hidden" NR, and the like.

Three blanket notes: 1) a good portion of "Dick Barber Masters" from bburnett (sometimes re-seeded by JayPFunk) have been transferred way too loud, resulting in distortion. Some of them have also been "tweaked" to varying degrees. 1st gen, 2nd gen, or even unknown gen reseeds could probably sound better. 2) Nearly all seeds before January 2006 will have poor filenames and - probably - need speed correction. 3) At the moment, if an "upgrade" to a bad source exists on the tracker, the bad source isn't yet listed (for instance, there's a speed corrected upgrade of Ann Arbor 1967, so the version of Ann Arbor 1967 that needs pitch correction is not listed). Consider this the "high priority" list.

This list is not meant for bad "sounding" shows. Its focus is on shows that are on the tracker, yet do not meet the tracker's "standards" for one reason or another. There are most likely superior sounding versions of a few shows, but that is beyond the current scope of this document.

Click on the show to be taken directly to the show's thread - or, in case of video material not available as audio, the video's thread.


= Audio material available only within video
= Mastered for CD (fade ins, fade outs, oftentimes in less-than-ideal places)
= Two (or more) incomplete seeds which need to be condensed into one complete seed
= Incomplete*
= Bad file names (missing song titles, incorrect format, three songs in one file, three files for one song, 001.FLAC, etc)
= NR'd or otherwise "remastered"
= other inanities
= Pitch correction needed

= Problems fixed, click icon to link directly to "fixed" seed!

* - a source is only "incomplete" if there are other recordings of the same show that cover the missing material - for instance, 1971 08 28 Portland is "complete", even though it's only a 15 minute sample of what must be a much longer show. On the other hand, the longest show on the tracker (1978 10 31 NYC) was "incomplete" for a long time, as the rest of the Blank Napkins > Deathless Horsie medley was known to have been recorded.

Sometimes, a bootleg is seeded on the tracker. The rip of the bootleg may be complete, but the bootleg itself does not include the entire show it's made from - hence the text "(complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show)".


1966 06 24~25 San Fransisco CA 13.35 SBD (Walk) - complete version available on Time Sandwich

1967 ?? ?? New York City, NY (available as audio on Apocrypha and a few other boots)

1968 ?? ?? New York City?, NY (seed one (WIU2B), seed two (MrUMRK)) - MrUMRK's is a minute longer, but both are missing the last 30 minutes of the show. FIXED by Yojimbo

1968 10 03 Copenhagen, Denmark 38.36 SBD (walk) (complete versions are around 60 minutes long) - see also this thread

1968 10 20 Amsterdam Netherlands 92.39 stage+aud (bburnett) (missing intro from aud tape)

1968 10 ?? Tv Studios, France

1968 11 08 Fullerton CA 71.30 SBD (enggopah) (other "little flaws" according to av)

1969 02 23 Late Toronto ON 54:17 AUD (kg)

1969 04 25 NYC NY 85.49 Aud (ZTLS#172.1-walk)

1969 05 23 Appleton WI 82.14 SBD (erroneous) (is "heavily noise reduced" in places and "deeply tweaked" in others) - FIXED by musigny23 and flambay! Very Happy

1969 05 24 (E) Toronto Canada 56.33 aud (ZTLS#172.2-walk) ("tweaked" moreso than NR, at least according to av's description - stage version is fine)

1969 08 02 New York, NY Central Park (30.06 - av) (might even be mp3 sourced according to av) - FIXED by Grner1-Musigny23!

1969 08 06 Highland Park IL Aud (25.41 - av)


1970 02 08 San Diego CA 45.29 Aud B- (erroneous)

1970 03 07 Los Angeles CA - 71.43 2nd gen (davmar77-jimshoes) FIXED by The Evil Prince.

1970 05 09 NYC NY 79.53 Aud (teemu) FIXED by Yojimbo and flambay

1970 09 25 San Rafael, CA (jon-fin) (main source, by Yojimbo, is fine, but the fill is "very bad" according to av)

1970 11 26 Liverpool UK 24.16 Stage (BengoFury) FIXED by Yojimbo

1970 12 12 Vienna Austria 125.17 Aud (ZTLS#167-walk) FIXED by Yojimbo and flambay

1970 12 16 Brussels Belgium 18.36 FM (ZTLS#173-pt2 - Bengo) FIXED by Yojimbo.

1971 06 06(or05?) New York City, NY

1971 08 28 Portland Or 14.22 aud (av)

1971 12 10 London, England 71.35 AUD B (walk)


1972 09 15 Berlin 130.37 Aud MC (Yojimbo) ZTLS #226 (main source is fine, patched with heavily NR'd Ninja fills) FIXED by Yojimbo

1972 11 11 Early Washington D.C. 64.07 AUD (pbuzby) [ZTLS 211 pt.1] (missing about five minutes of intros seen on mp3s)

1972 12 09 Late Portland OR 75.04 Aud (BengoFury) (according to info file, "this was obviously tweaked when the original transfer was done")


1973 03 11 Arlington TX [97.42] (reseed) (speed may or may not be correct)

1973 05 05 Rochester - Aud (73.47 - Duween-av)

1973 05 19 Annapolis MD 93.54 Aud MC (BengoFury) (supposedly from a master clone, looks possibly "tweaked" according to av) FIXED by The Evil Prince

1973 06 21 Brisbane Australia 120.29 AUD 1st gen (SB) (supposedly 1st gen, SA/FA "doesn't look very good" according to av)

1973 06 25 Sydney 92:21 SBD (WIU2B) (according to FZShows, the last portion of this show is the same as the last portion of 1973 06 24 - this version does not have the last portion at all. Whether this counts as "incomplete" or not is open to interpretation)

1973 07 01 Melbourne Australia, 125.12 Aud B- (Duween)

1973 08 21 Stockholm, SwedenFIXED by Yojimbo

1973 08 26 Kalvoya incl SC 85.31 Aud (Yojimbo) (while patched, there is still some material missing, according to an mp3 of the longer tape)

1973 09 08 Brussels Belgium 49.54 Aud (CA-DLHotch)

1973/1974 - ROXY BAND

1973 11 04 late Brooklyn College NYC 93.43 MC (Grape-Yojimbo) (track 14, labelled "Chunga's Revenge", actually contains King Kong improvisations > Chunga's Revenge) - FIXED by The Evil Prince!!

1973 11 06 E Hempstead 93.55 Aud from master (Yojimbo) (from info.txt file: Lineage: Aud master tape->CDR->EAC->SoundForge (de-hissing, EQ, pitch shift, editing, tracking)->FLAC Frontend)

1973 11 23 L Toronto Canada 43.22 Aud (Duween) FIXED by Yojimbo.

1973 12 01 early Stony Brook 84.51 Aud MC (Yojimbo) (contains digital clicks and debris, i.e. at 1:52 of Echidna's Arf)

1974 02 16 Berkeley CA 118.01 aud (jimshoes) (according to av: "FA/SV are not perfect, but not so bad")

1974 03 09 Oklahoma City 110.23 Aud (CD-CA-globual-flambay) ("very heavily NR" - SA confirms this, not quite a NINJA-job, but close)

1974 03 15 Seattle WA 126.23 Aud (av-flambay)

* See note at top for further information regarding the Dick Barber masters from this tour

1974 05 04 Washington DC 12.10 SBD (globual) FIXED by Flambay.

1974 07 06 Little Rock AR 124.50 Aud B-/C+ (av~fl)

1974 07 20 San Carlos CA 126min Aud (Overnitefreak-Walk) (Zappa Penguin seeded a fill, however this is still a re-rip of the original .FLACs - original .FLACs should be reseeded)

1974 09 11 Late Vienna 97.58 Aud (xxxxxxxxx) - FIXED by bsulon-pbuzby and flambay-Chunga's Revenge. First link goes to pbuzby seed, second to CR seed.

1974 09 20 Copenhagen DK 25.33 SBD MC (bburnett)

1974 09 25 Gothenburg Sweden 95.00 SBD (bburnett) FIXED (Upgrade version): 1974 09 25 Gothenburg SE 105.04 SBD 2nd (fzmoi69-doctorzap-flambay)

1974 09 29 Bruxelles Belgium 57.02 Aud (walk) FIXED (Upgrade version, more complete): 1974 09 29 Brussels BE 121.31 AUD (doctorzap-Yojimbo-flambay)

1974 10 01 E Basel Switzerland 89.47 SBD MC (bburnett-jaypfunk) FIXED (Upgrade version): 1974 10 01 (E) Basel CH 96.52 SBD 2nd (fzmoi69-doctorzap-flambay)

1974 10 01 L Basel Switzerland 97.12 SBD MC (bburnett-jaypfunk) FIXED (Upgrade version): 1974 10 01 (L) Basel CH 104.36 SBD 2nd (fzmoi69-doctorzap-flambay)

1974 11 06 L Pittsburg PA 52.58 SBD MC(bburnett-jaypfunk) FIXED (Upgrade version): 1974 11 06 Pittsburgh PA 59.12 SBD 3rd (BM-doctorzap-flambay)

1974 11 08 (E) Passaic NJ 115.32 AUD MC (the Grape - ZP) FIXED by pbuzby!

1974 11 14 Rochester NY 22 SBD MC (bburnett-enggopah)

1974 11 17 Philadelphia PA 149.30 (and not 116.20) SBD MC(bburnett) (according to av, "a couple of minor fixes were seeded by someone" - exactly what needed fixing remains a mystery!)

1974 11 23 East Lansing MI 123.06 SBD MC (bburnett) (a jaypfunk version has "leaked" that sounds much better than this MC - like many 1974 soundboards, the transfer levels are far too high here)

1974 11 29 - Naperville IL 62.28 Sbd (Cookie_Manager-Kristoftof) - FIXED by The Evil Prince.

1974 11 29 - Naperville IL 62.28 Sbd (Hoosac92-Cookie Manager-Ktof) - FIXED by ZP!

1974 11 30 Naperville IL 120.39 AUD B+ (WIU2B) FIXED by The Evil Prince


1975 04 19 Late Passaic NY 107.46 Aud MC (Grape-BengoFury) ZTLS#184 FIXED by Zappa Penguin
1975 05 23 El Paso TX 93.18 SB (enggopah) (many different versions have circulated, and this never went through samples - a better version may exist) FIXED by Yojimbo


1975 10 01 Vancouver BC Canada 115.30 Aud (WIU2B-Yojimbo) (according to av, "the aud version comes from 3 different low gen tapes, parts are nr" - a mess of seeds for this show, two "definitive" cross-patched versions for the SBD and AUD sources would be nice)

1975 10 29 Early Waterbury CT 88.30 Aud w fills (Bengo-WIU2B-fl) (some very odd noises on this - it's possible that these noises exist on the master, but it might be worth investigating. See comments on second page of the thread)

1975 11 28 Milwaukee WI 112.16 Aud (ZTLS#182-BengoFury) (missing the encores, which were seeded separately - file names of both are problematic, a single, fixed reseeded needed) - FIXED by The Evil Prince.

1976 01 22 Melbourne Australia MC 139.12 (flyingtoAdel) (Freak Out Medley tracked as a single song - nitpicking 'cause it's fun!) FIXED by Flambay.

1976 01 23 Melbourne 112.08 AUD MC (flyingtoAdel) (missing encores) (FIXED by Hoosac, Kristof, and flambay!)

1976 02 03 Osaka, Japan (only available as boot - should be moved to shows or upgraded if applicable)

1976 02 13 Late Vienna 110.38 Aud (walk-flambay) (missing I'm the Slime and possibly other material)

1976 02 14 München, Germany (complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show)

1976 02 15 Ludwigshafen, Germany (complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show)

1976 02 29 L Copenhagen Denmark 112.02 AUD (jaypfunk)

1976 03 03 E Copenhagen Denmark AUD (ZTLS#169-jaypfunk) (contains a 40 second overlap in Black Napkins, fixed here by BengoFury - should be condensed into a single seed) - FIXED by Drew51-flambay!

1976 03 08 Paris France 84.23 FM (BengoFury-CosmikD-flambay) (needs fills from the AUD)

1976 03 13 Lugano Switzerland 119.10 Aud (1st gen) (S~CA) (apparently a different source than what Jon Naurin lists, in which case patches from that source would be splendid!)


1976 10 30 New York NY 94.13 Aud (jaypfunk) (missing Dinah-Moe Humm, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man from encores) (NOTE - as it turns out, this is an alternate source of this show. The complete concert, from a different master, is available here. The jayP version should still be patched and renamed) FIXED by Flambay.

1976 11 19 Detroit MI 112.14 Aud (thenewguy) (according to flambay, is running "in the 30cts range over all tracks".)

1977 02 05 Amsterdam 84:05 AUD (WIU2B) (missing last three songs, FZShows lists complete show at 145 minutes (!!!)) FIXED by Kristoftof.

1977 02 07 Berlin, Germany aud 104.38 (teasea) ZTLS #192 (other source exists on tracker, which is complete and less NR'd / not NR'd (opinions vary)) FIXED by Zappa Penguin

1977 02 16 London England 109.31 Aud (walk) (last four tracks were re-speed corrected right here, combined re-seed would be delightful)


1977 09 17 Baton Rouge 25.14 Aud (AV from Freezer'sChoice21 - end of show) (a complicated situation - Freezer has shared more from this show, but only as mp3 - a complete version, including the lossy material, would run approximately 85 minutes long) FIXED by The Evil Prince

1977 10 28 Early Palladium NYC 138.14 Aud (flambay) (features "some NR" according to av) - FIXED by Flambay.

1977 10 30 NYC Palladium AUD A- (WIU2B) (fixed by YJ / FL / ZP!)

1977 11 19 Stanford CA 123.27 Aud (MrUMRK) ("heavily NR'd and awfully indexed" according to av - all the hallmarks of a Ninja hackjob) (fixed by YJ / FL / ZP!)

1978 02 01 Düsseldorf, Germany (only available as boot - should be moved to shows or upgraded if applicable)

1978 02 03 Wien, Austria (complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show)

1978 02 15 Berlin Germany 148.06 SBD (jaypfunk-bp) (missing material available on the AUD tape, not yet seeded)

1978 02 18 Gothenburg Sweden Aud (jazzfromhell) (overlap during Little House I Used To Live In, fixed here, should be condensed into a single seed)

1978/1979 WORLD TOUR

1978 09 05 Folkets Park Malmö Aud from master 113.56 (Yojimbo)

1978 09 19 Columbus 106.15 2nd gen Aud (Yojimbo) (missing "Is That Guy Kidding Or What?", which was seeded seperately here - condensed reseed needed. FIXED (1st gen version)

1978 10 11 Quebec 118.11 Aud (Yojimbo) (EQ'd)

1978 10 27 L NYC NY 126.56 Aud (walk) (missing material during Why Does It Hurt When I Pee that should be available on the SBD sources) Several upgrade versions, see Catalogue

1978 10 28 E NYC Palladium 99 AUD A-/B+ (WIU2B) (missing material from the long version) Several upgrade versions, see Catalogue

1978 10 29 NYC Palladium 140 AUD (WIU2B) (with fills from NINJA, dreadful as always) Several upgrade versions, see Catalogue

1978 10 31 Palladium NYC 218.50 aud (ZTLS160 - Bengo) (despite the "Q&C" stamp, this is missing the last song, which has been heard on other, NR'd versions) FIXED by ZP and Dr. Flambay Very Happy

1979 02 14 Glasgow, UK (complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show) FIXED by Yojimbo!

1979 02 18 London late 143.50 Aud from 2 sources (duween-av) FIXED by Flambay

1979 02 19 London England 159.49 Aud (boguspomp) (patched with an even-more-heavily NR'd Ninja source) FIXED by Flambay

1979 02 24 Paris France 85.06 SBD (jaypfunk)

1979 03 19 Brest France 94.19 SBD (jaypfunk) FIXED by Yojimbo.

1979 03 27E Wiesbaden 109:56 AUD (WIU2B) (missing very beginning of show) Several upgrade versions, see Catalogue

1979 03 27 Late Wiesbaden 115.22 Aud (S~CA) FIXED by Flambay

1979 03 30 Neunkirchen aB Germany 112.16 Aud (walk) (shorter, better-sounding version available here - should be condensed into a single, "complete" seed. The shorter version, in The Bastard Son's words, "starts nice . . . and ends terribly fast", and the info file for the longer mentions "some speed fluctuations") FIXED by Flambay

1979 03 31 Munich (E) 114.59 Aud (Rabbit-Kristoftof) (needs patches from the SBD source) FIXED by Flambay


1980 03 25 Seattle WA 103.34 Aud (teasea) FIXED by pbuzby

1980 04 04 San Diego CA 62.52 Aud (Drew51-flambay) (track numbering skips two numbers, creating the mistaken impression that a longer source exists) - FIXED by Flambay.

1980 04 20 (E) Atlanta, GA (complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show) - FIXED by Pbuzby.

1980 04 26 Troy NY 127.17 Aud (duween) (according to av, it's "unclear" whether this is "from NR or just a weak source")

1980 05 02 Providence RI Aud (av) (last five tracks speed corrected here, still "very NR". - FIXED by Flambay.

1980 05 09 Uniondale NY 135.00 Aud 2nd (Drew51-flambay) ZTLS#275 (an mp3 version has even more material around the tape-flips) - FIXED by Flambay.

1980 05 24 Rotterdam Netherlands 106.51 FM, A+ (WIU2B) FIXED by Chunga's Revenge etc...

1980 06 07 Early Cologne 63.53 SBD (Yojimbo) (according to av, an mp3 copy has circulated with fills from an AUD (!!!) - unsure whether this is a bona-fide legitimate source, or if the AUD material was patched in from a different show) - FIXED by Flambay.

1980 06 11 late Paris 28.09 MP3-sourced SBD (Yojimbo) (missing material from the AUD - apparently the CD version of "Teenage Rockin' Combo Concert" has this same SBD material, possibly lossless) FIXED by The Evil Prince


1980 10 17 Dallas TX 62.15 SBD (erroneous) ZTLS #234 part 1 (the first side was transferred at way too high levels, resulting in nasty clipping. Unclear whether this flaw is present in the actual master recording - if not, an upgrade would be legendary)

1980 10 18 (L) Tulsa Oklahoma 115.47 AUD (erroneous~pbuzby) (according to av, "shows some NR" - however, legitimate transfer of a 1st gen tape has the same SA, so the NR may well be in the original master itself)

1980 10 31 NYC, Palladium SBD 41.21 (unknown) (missing material from the longer AUD)

1980 11 10 Richfield OH Aud 109 (S~CA) (heavily NR'd, missing material from the SBD)

1980 11 28 Early Chicago IL 110.51 AUD Master (analog414) (this supercedes the upload of the same source reseeded by Zappa Penguin)

1980 12 11 L Santa Monica CA 124.07 AUD A+/A (WIU2B) (fixed by a smorgastastic collaborative Zappateer effort Very Happy)

]1980 12 11 (L) Santa Monica CA 127.24 Aud (Yojimbo-WIU2B-fl-ZP) ZTLS#307 (missing about fifteen seconds of Heavy Duty Judy, available on the superb-sounding SBD - now this is nitpicking Very Happy) FIXED by Unicrayon.

1981/1982 WORLD TOUR

1981 10 18 Austin TX Aud 94.40 (S~CA) (heavily NR'd, "complete" as per (outdated) FZShows entry, but missing final encore - Yojimbo has announced a more complete copy which has not yet been seen)

1981 10 20 New Orleans 104.57 Aud 2nd (erroneous-fl) (the last four tracks of this are from an entirely different show from an entirely different tour - see page 2 of comments for details) - FIXED by erroneous-flambay!

1981 10 31 E NYC Palladium 125.19 SBD (LudzNL-MrUMRK) (missing first song, which has been heard on an mp3. Also available is this version from JayPFunk, probably lower-gen and better-sounding. Definitive seed required!)

1981 10 31 late Palladium NYC 126:55 SBD (jaypfunk + yojimbo fills) (this one's a headache - approximately four different versions of this show are on the tracker. All are in differing stages of completition. Some have nasty NR fills. A real headfuck, and a definitive version should be compiled - the jaypfunk one sounds very nice, the jon-fin "mix" sounds less-so)

1981 11 03 (L) Upper Darby Pa 86.45 aud (av) ("shows some light NR" - av)

1981 11 04 Providence RI 28.34 Aud (CA) (not only does this have filename problems, but it turns out that this "tape" is just a butchered version of the November 1st 1981 show, with the songs re-ordered. Disgusting!)

1981 11 17 The Ritz, NYC 158.37 FM (tubro2-clyde200-maiglocke-teasea) ZTLS#187 (the FM source has some edits, which should be patched with the AUD. The maiglocke fills have signs of fuckery, and should be destroyed)

1982 05 22 Dusseldorf Germany 120.45 AUD (captainbongo) (missing the final song, which has been "sampled" here and here, but was never seeded. Drew's sample (the latter sample) is probably from a different source, and should be used for patches - and quite possibly seeded in its entireity as well. Complete Illinois Enema Bandit needed for condensed, fixed reseeed) - the complete version of Drew51's source uploaded by flambay! It might still be good to provide a fixed re-seed of this, as it originates from a different master.

1982 06 28 Vienna 128.00 AUD (captainbongo) (missing material available on a shorter, nicer-sounding master recording by Sibbz, which isn't yet on the tracker)

1982 06 29 Linz AUT 125.39 Aud (ZTLS#165 - Bengo) (overlap around Sharleena, fixed here - condensed, fixed seed now needed) FIXED by The Evil Prince

1982 07 08 Pistoia Italy Aud 122 min (Bengofury) FIXED by Flambay.

1982 07 09 Roma (walk-marcomat-karma-boguspomp) (121.12) (patched from a lossy source, see - also missing last encores, seeded here - condensed seed needed. Additionally, CR's source (the encores) seems to be very different from this, and could be used for fills, or, better yet, a brand new seed) - FIXED. First is to the walk seed with CR fills, second is CR's source with fills from walk's seed.


1984 07 27 Berkeley CA 102:56 AUD B+ (WIU2B) (Zoot Allures is incomplete, a complete version has been heard on mp3 sources) - FIXED by Flambay.

1984 08 02 E Denver 83.23 aud (joe555) (fills seeded by Yojimbo, however, both of them have been remastered - Zoot Allures sounds fine, but Sharleena is horrible, probably Ninja'ed)

1984 08 16 Wantagh NY ~101 Aud Master (MikInMontague/jaypfunk) (missing the first song) - FIXED by Kristoftof.

1984 08 31 Salem MA Aud 117.25 (Drew51 pbuzby CirkusBoy) fullshow ("fullshow" should be removed from folder name - filenames are fine) - FIXED by The Evil Prince.

1984 09 14 Stockholm, Sweden (with these fills, it's a complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show)

1984 09 19 Barcelona 76.23 FM (xxxxxxxxxx) (missing material from the AUD tape, one or two condensed seeds (FM filled with AUD, AUD filled with FM) would be superb. The FM version also has poor track splitting, which should be fixed)

1984 09 21 Toulouse France 96.40 Aud (globual) (longer, 105 minute versions have been sighted, yet remain elusive. This version "may have some speed problems", according to av)

1984 10 02 Böblingen, Germany (only seen as a bootleg, this version needs pitch correction, but is probably complete - should be fixed, and if no "non-bootleg" source is found, moved to ~FZShows~)

1984 10 06 Marseille France 90.48 Aud (CA-F-CD) (two sources, the main source has been heavily NR'd) - FIXED by Lolive-Yojimbo-Cosmikd-Ktof!

1984 10 07 Nice, France (complete bootleg LP, but incomplete show) FIXED by lolive!

1984 10 07 Nice, France 85.15 Aud 2nd (Lolive) FIXED by Ferval!

1984 11 10 Upper Darby, PA (the SBD is available as a boot - however, it needs patches from the AUD)

1984 12 08 (E) Kansas City MO 82.33 aud (av)

1984 12 12 Houston TX 114.52 Aud (faroba-flambay) w.fills (MrUMRK) (fills from Drew also available, which probably need pitch correction - condensed seed, yes, do need) - FIXED by faroba-flambay!

1984 12 18 Late Vancouver Canada 85.54 Aud (CA) (this is the short version - the long version runs approximately 120 minutes, and is chock-full of fills)


1988 02 10 Washington DC 136.22 Aud (LudzNL)

1988 02 13 Upper Darby PA 129.15 AUD 1st (WIU2B) (main source is fine, but the source used for patches has "very poor high frequencies")

1988 02 14 Upper Darby, PA Soundcheck/rehearsal

1988 02 27 Royal Oak MI 130.20 AUD 1st gen (Drew51) FIXED by Flambay.

1988 03 03&04 **FIXED** Chicago Illinois Enema v1+v2 (two shows in one seed, with fills from a completely different show - unacceptable!)

1988 03 15 Portland ME AUD B+ (fzdolfan) FIXED by Flambay.

1988 03 17 Binghamton, NY (this is a bootleg - versions from tape have been sighted in the wild, yet remain inferior to the bootleg) - FIXED by Flambay.

1988 04 09 Bourges France 114.40 Aud (cosmikd) (missing Stairway to Heaven, which has been heard on mp3s from this exact same source)

1988 04 19 London England 128.40 AUD (WIU2B) (there's an alternate, patched source - unclear if the WIU2B source is patched, or which source sounds better (probably WIU2B's, though))

1988 05 04 Rotterdam Holland 150.54 Aud MC (WIU2B) (fills seeded by kg, unfortunately no longer on the tracker) -FIXED by Flambay.

1988 05 05 Dortmund, Germany (this is a bootleg - versions from tape have been sighted in the wild, yet remain inferior to the bootleg)

1988 05 08 Vienna Austria Aud 2nd Gen (bburnett-ewrann) - FIXED by propellerkuh-Yojimbo-faroba!

1988 05 09 Munich Germany 124.30 Aud 1st (bburnett-ewrann) (in addition to bad file names, this source is very tweaked (though in a non-Ninja fashion), and - worse than that - contains inane audio garbage that pollutes the second disc. There was some talk regarding replacing this with a Yojimbo rip, but that was nearly two years ago. A decent seed of this is really needed!)

1988 05 17 Barcelona SBD from DVD - ZTLS#222 (audio ripped from the DVDs (1, [url=http://ww
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