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00. The Zappateers Tracker Catalogue - Introduction  
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The Zappateers Tracker Catalogue

The purpose of this subforum is to provide a guide to Zappateers seeders and leechers about the straight FZ musical materials present in the tracker.

We have a series of fixed posts (announcements), one for every band/tour, that list all known unofficial FZ material (on the basis of FZShows), providing information about available or unavailable seeds, links, completeness and quality notes. Announcements will be updated according to new seeds and new findings.

We have also the usual open forum where everybody can suggest corrections, ideas, etc. And sure we need them (corrections, addictions, more accurate info, etc.).

The structure of fixed posts is:

00 - Introduction (this one)
01 - 1965 / 1969 - The original Mothers
02 - 1969 / 1970 - Hot Rats and MOI reunion
03 - 1970 / 1971 - MOI with Flo & Eddie
04 - 1972 - Grand & Petite Wazoo Tours
05 - 1973 - MOI & JL Ponty
06 - 1973 / 1974 - MOI
07 - 1975 - Bongo Fury Tour
08 - 1975 / 1976 World Tour
09 - 1976 / 1977 Tours
10 - 1977 / 1978 - Sheik Yerbouti Tours
11 - 1978 World Tour
12 - 1979 European Tour
13 - 1980 1st North American Tour / European tour
14 - 1980 Fall Tour
15a - 1981 Tour
15b - 1982 Tour
16 - 1984 Tours
17a - 1988 - The Last Tour - pt. 1: US
17b - 1988 - The Last Tour - pt. 2: Europe
18 - Orchestral concerts organized or conducted by FZ
19 - Pre-tour Rehearsals (1978-1987) - soundchecks and stage rehearsals are listed with shows
20a - Unreleased, demos & weird stuff, part one: 1963-1979
20b - Unreleased, demos & weird stuff, part two: 1980-1993

For every recording are given:
- summary information about available audio and video sources according to FZShows
- available seeds with links (or not available status)
- notes about quality and completeness, notes about sources

For your reference I always include the nickname of the seeder and the total length of the seed (take care that length may slightly differ - some seconds - according to the software you use to decode flacs or if you have them burned down to audio cd).

When I state "never seen" or "never seen as lossless", I mean that the specific recording has never circulated (to my knowledge) in public internet sites.

As Zappateers we promote the buying of every official Zappa recording before you download even a single show from here: for every tour there will be a short summary detailing the official records in which you can find live recordings from the specific tour.


Music Is The Best.

* * *

Some key explanation

Smile = very excellent seed, masterclone (MC) or 1st generation, often seeded after a sample procedure, speed corrected and patched with alternate sources for missing parts

Exclamation = these recordings need a reseed or a fixed reseed

Sad = these recordings need an upgrade because they are available only in a heavily noise-reducted (nr) version

Crying or Very sad = these recordings are not present on the tracker

Shows with no faces are present on the tracker and their overall quality may range from "not bad" to "very good"

Please note: the fact that a particular show is present on the tracker doesn't mean it currently has seeders

- - - - - - - - -

The Zappateers Tracker Catalogue introduction provisional update

You may have noticed that The Catalogue has now pages dedicated to videos, bootlegs and even interviews.

But we're going through another main update, regarding the core itself of the catalogue: the tour pages. The number of seeds in the tracker is growing more and more, many shows have now some different versions, and even the tracker has more sections (shoebox, bad shows, archived shows).

The aim of the tour pages new lay-out is to provide:
- info about if different recordings of the same show are known to exist and what is available on the tracker;
- a better identification for shows that need a reworking (because they are stiill in the raw shoebox form or need other fixing or because for some reason they are "bad");
- different identification for obsolete (archived) seeds (with working links still available to pulled torrents in case someone wants to read the chat about)
- a note about "before zappateers" seeds that include also old zappateers tracker versions.

As a conseguence of the above, the smiling face Smile is now only assigned to MC o 1st gen shows that have been speed checked and patched (if fills are available from different recordings).

Obviously any hints and corrections are always welcome.

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