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Project Object - 2001 10 31 - Irving Plaza NYC AUD 3xDVD LPCM V2 155.00 (unknown-joe555) *camera 2*  
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Joined: 2005-02-08
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Location: Chicago area
Post 2020-05-21 16:35   [Quote] 
* Camera 2 source *

Project/Object (w/ Ike Willis & Napoleon Murphy Brock)
Irving Plaza
New York City, NY
October 31, 2001

Video source: 1st Gen VHS (LP speed, in Samsung VHS deck) > Pinnacle Dazzle Video converter > Power Director Pro > DVD quality mpg file

Audio source (same master as AKG C-414B-ULS's (cardioid, aimed at stacks) > Sound Devices MixPre > Tascam DAP-1 DAT (44.1); mics on a stand about 8 feet high, dead center on the floor about 40 feet from stage

DAT master analog out to Sound Devices 722 (16/48) for this project.

Transfers, sync & DVD authoring done in Power Director Pro by joe555 (aka taperjoe) 2018/2019

DVD 1:
1. Intro
2. Cruising For Burgers
3. Andy
4. Inca Roads
5. Uncle Remus
6. Peaches III
7. Pygmy Twylyte
8. Dummy Up
9. Florentine Pogen
10. Big Swifty (w/ Bunk Gardner on sax)
DVD 2:
11. The Torture Never Stops
12. The Evil Prince
13. Keep It Greasy
14. Outside Now
15. (Donna U Wanna intro)
16. Brown Shoes Don't Make It
17. The Idiot Bastard Son (w/ Billy Mundi on drums)
DVD 3:
18. Cheepnis
19. Son Of Orange County
20. More Trouble Every Day
21. Village Of The Sun
22. Echidna's Arf (Of You)
23. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
24. Cozmik Debris
25. Zomby Woof
26. Outro

Project / Object 2001:
Ike Willis - guitar & vocals
Andre' Chomondeley - guitar & vocals
Robbie "The Seahag" Mangano - guitar
Jordan Shapiro - keyboards
Rick Bartow - bass
Wes Paich - drums, percussion & vocals
The Mighty Mumbo - drums, percussion & vocals

Special guests for this show:
Napoleon Murphy Brock - saxophone, flute & vocals
Ed Palermo - saxophone
Boxy Bralove (Breedlove?) - keyboards
Steve Auerbach - synth solo on "Inca Roads" & piano on "Uncle Remus"
Joe Z...? from Bogus Pomp - guitar

Thanks must go to my employer for use of the mics & stand, Timothy P. for use of his MixPre, & Angelo D. for use of his DAP-1!

I can't remember exactly who I got the VHS tapes from, I'm almost sure they are 1st gen. I vaguely recall a conversation after a Martyrs' P/O show when either Andre or Glenn mentioned video & I got an email address..?

Fast forward many years - I finally bought the gear to do VHS transfers & started work on these - there are 2 different camera angles of each set. The hard work was the audio sync - I did a fresh transfer of the DAT masters (instead of upsampling the original files from (44.1 to 48k)). Audio then had to be "time adjusted" to keep the sync proper, this took some trial and error but I'm finally happy with the results.

This project was discussed back in 2008:

I'm happy to finally present it here!
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Joined: 2005-02-08
Posts: 223
Location: Chicago area
Post 2020-05-21 17:39   [Quote] 
The 2nd version of the P/O set here, if anyone has the desire and/or capability to take the 2 camera sources & merge them into an 3rd version (picking the best shots from the 2 originals), feel free! I could not figure out how to do that in my video program, plus enough time had been sunk into preparing these already! Smile

Same goes with the Grandmothers DVDs..

Hopefully people are digging these, the least I could do as thanks for all the excellent shows offered up on Zappateers over the years!
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