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Post 2009-12-05 19:07   [Quote] 
For a while I've been thinking that there may be people out there who haven't been getting their hands on all this wonderful music because they thought it was all too difficult.

There's the Tracker, for sure, which actually isn't difficult once you get the hang of it - but maybe you're worried because you have a poor connection, or can't leave your computer switched on to upload, or it all looks a bit technical.

Then there's also the Vines. Maybe you haven't noticed them, or didn't realise what that little sub-forum was on Requests~Sharing~Trading~Marketplace. One way or another, though, you haven't thought to give it a go. Maybe The Rules look a bit intimidating, or you don't know what you'd do if music arrived in Flac files on a DVD, or you haven't got the facility to burn DVDs yourself - even that you live in a country that doesn't seem covered by the vine system.

The Rules are not meant to be intimidating! They're only a set of instuctions to help things run smoothly, or say what to do if there's a problem. They could almost be boiled down to "Communicate - and if any problem arises it can always be sorted." There are all sorts of ways to listen to music that comes as Flacs, and all sorts of ways to store it. You can get advice and choose a method that works for the hardware you have. You don't need to copy DVDs as you send the originals on once you've saved the music to a place of your choice. And the Postal Service should work for any country in the world. We'll certainly give it a go!

Anyway, in order to encourage more people to give this resource a try, I'd be happy to send you a DVD (with five or six shows from a period that interests you) which you can use to experiment with, see if you can handle extracting the music, which is not difficult and for which you could get PM help, see how you get on with storing the files. It'd be yours to keep. You don't have to worry about sending it on to anyone else - play with it for as long as you like and once you've got the hang of it, if it seems like a good idea, you could then start signing up for vines and get pretty much whatever takes your fancy. It's (almost) all there. Vines devoted to particular tours, vines that are selections of exceptional shows from a variety of different years, even vines of videos.

Why am I doing this? It's because I know what a joy all this music is and I know that if any of you are tempted by this to give it a try, that you will be really, really glad that you did. I'm frustrated because I know there are people out there that could benefit but for one reason or another can't get started. It's a resource that is already there - it's up and running and just waiting to be used. I suppose there's a selfish element in this, because it actually gives me pleasure to see the thing buzzing along. Also it'd be good for the vines. With more people the various threads would get more spread out, we'd be less at risk of big hassles when someone goes missing who's holding a lot of vines.

You don't even need to post on this thread if you want to give this a go - though of course you can. Just PM me if you like and we can do it all off the radar. Whatever you want.

Also, this 'Offer' is open to anyone who might have no intention of ever using the vines but would simply like a DVD of Flac files to experiment with before taking the plunge and starting to download from the Tracker. One step at a time - get comfortable with the business of Flacs and then see where you want to take it from there.

.....hoping for the best......

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