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What good music is around today?
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Joined: 2005-06-16
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Post 2009-04-09 01:46   [Quote] 
I'll second TMBG, though I don't think their new stuff is all that great. It's pretty decent, but doesn't have the charm of the first 5 or so albums.

I'm saying simply this: the douche is where it's at.
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Joined: 2007-07-03
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Post 2009-04-09 03:36   [Quote] 
touching on the gov't mule reference. you might want to check out Derek Trucks. he is a great guitar player, he's young and should be around for awhile, a killer slide player. Derek and Warren Haynes (Gov't mule) still play in the Allman Bros. Band (FZ Whipping Post). Derek and one of his band member Kofi Burbridge both have Fathers that are Allman Bros. alumni. I would also recommend that you check out the legendary Buddy Guy. Buddy is probably one of the last living links to the glory days of Chicago Blues. He played with all the Chicago legends, Muddy, Wolf, Jr Wells, Otis Rush ect. His impact is also impressive ie... Hendrix, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Page, SRV, he more then likely got FZ's attention on a track or two. Time is not on Buddy's side as he is now into his 70's. Check him out before he is no longer with us. That is kinda my RULE with all the older legends. See em while you can.
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Joined: 2009-04-06
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Post 2009-04-09 04:01   [Quote] 
I'm 26 and i barely listen to anything but classic rock but there a few modern bands( 10 -15 yrs in the biz) that i listen to too. I would recommend Wilco and the decemberists. Wilco has a mid 70's eagles sound to them and are a great inde band. They really seem to love their fans and post all of their albums for free to listen to.

Now, I really like the decemberists but a lot of people find them irritating. They are a band from portland, oregon who sing like sea songs and pirate songs. Hard to explain but really good stuff. It seems to me that anything (films, music, arts in general) are all independent and underground. The only place where true art in the usa seems to be in california and new york but hey i could be wrong. Oh and rilo kiley is all that bad either. Good luck

And its the charming Mary from Canoga Park...
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Joined: 2005-08-29
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Post 2009-04-19 13:05   [Quote] 
Yugen : Labirinto d'acqua (
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Post 2009-04-21 02:00   [Quote] 
I'm a guitar freak. At the top of my list is David Fiuczynski, he does many projects either leading or as a sideman, but the main ones are Kif, the Screaming Headless Torsos, and Jazz Punk. He put out an album with John Medeksi of MMW called Lunar Crush. He plays fretted and fretless guitar and is into microtonal music, he teaches at Berklee in Boston.

Bill Laswell, any of his projects and pretty much anyone associated with him. In particular Elliott Sharp is an amazing artist, he plays guitar and clarinet, run samples and loops through a cpu, and has the coolest double neck I've ever seen (top neck is a guitar bottom is a bass, the necks aren't parallel, guitar neck is at about 30 degrees uptilt from the body, it's sweet). His project Terraplane is a hyrid blues-jazz-avant garde type of a thing that always blows me away.

Mike Patton with Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, and many more. Also "related" artists like Secret Chiefs 3 and Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum.

Hellborg/Lane/Sipe is amazing power trio music but is now defunct b/c Shawn Lane has passed on.

The Butthole Surfers and Black Flag aren't exactly current, but they both kick some serious ass!

Anything with Fred Frith, he's one of the godfathers if not the godfather of avant garde guitar. One of my favorite power trios of all time, Massacre, is Frith, Bill Laswell, and two different drummers (at different times), Fred Maher and Charles Hayward.

Primus and Rage Against the Machine are two great "heavy metal" bands that don't really fit the mold of your classic metal groups. Larry Lalonde and Tom Morello respectively both have unique approaches to the guitar, especially Morello. Lalonde took lessons from Satriani just like Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett, the rumor I've heard is that Larry partook of LSD before many of his lessons with Satriani which helped shape his special sonic attack. Morello graduated from Harvard.

If you are into more laid back stuff, like tonescapes, David Torn and Eivind Aarset are both great. Lots of loops and droning type of stuff.

And I'll round out my little list with Nguyên Lê, a French-Vietnamese guitarist and composer who blends traditional Vietnamese music with jazz, really interesting stuff, worth checking out.

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Joined: 2007-01-14
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Post 2009-04-21 19:11   [Quote] 
Miles Davis
Sonny Rollins
Bird and Dizzy
John Coltrane
These guys smelled a bit funny - but some say the could blow a mean Tyrone

Is that Bob without the "B"?
Nope - It's Ob with everything in it!
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Joined: 2007-02-01
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Post 2009-04-21 19:27   [Quote] 
Best 'new' band I've come across in years is Jaga Jazzist from Norway.
Roughly 6 records from 1996 to 2005, plus 2 solo by Lars...starting at age 16!
I hated them at first but then I learned better. New album due out this year.
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Busy Poster
Joined: 2005-12-23
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Post 2009-04-25 19:28   [Quote] 
All good music is around today. Except for the good music what hasn't been made yet. I say, if youse can stand the smell, go see a local band at a sleazy dive bar, it may be better than you expect and if it isn't you can always drink! Or else many of the records other people have been talking about are good too. Lots of stuff out there, none of it sounds like Frank but a lot of it is great! My advice: If there's an accordion player, it's worth listening to!
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Joined: 2008-09-11
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Post 2009-04-26 16:08   [Quote] 
Jono El Grande (New CD coming out in May)
Elliott Carter
Chris Opperman
Sue Foley
Ana Popovic
The Bad Plus
Marilyn Scott
Carla Bley
Eliane Elias
Joe Bonamassa
Detroit Cobras
Joanne Shaw Taylor

Just to name a few.
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Joined: 2008-08-20
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Post 2009-04-27 00:22   [Quote] 
Walter Trout
Jimmy Thackery
Big Head Todd and the Monsters (killer stuff)
The Nighthawks (been around 30 years but still making some good music - see them live!)
Jason Ricci
Jimmy Herring
Anthony Gomes

Just to name a few more.
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Joined: 2005-11-28
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Post 2009-04-27 02:45   [Quote] 
MattInAthens wrote:
Larry Lalonde and Tom Morello respectively both have unique approaches to the guitar, especially Morello. Lalonde took lessons from Satriani just like Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett, the rumor I've heard is that Larry partook of LSD before many of his lessons with Satriani which helped shape his special sonic attack. Morello graduated from Harvard.

Larry Lalonde is probably the most animated guitarist in the last 20 years. A good listen to John the Fisherman, Bob or Glass Sandwich will prove this. He had a tasteful knack at choosing appropriate effects and a lot of his melody lines come straight from the Barnum and Baily soundtrack.

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Post 2009-04-27 07:49   [Quote] 
Joe Bonamassa
Secret Chiefs 3
Buscemi (Jazz)

and the old bunch like Rory Gallagher and Deep Purple
(Check out the 30th Anniv. Re-Iss. of Deep Purple's "Stormbriger", nice!!)

"Les Shadoks sont immortels"
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Joined: 2009-04-18
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Post 2009-04-27 22:46   [Quote] 
I really just just mess with Mats/Morgan, and stuff that they play in.
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Post 2009-04-28 17:06   [Quote] 
Joe Zawinul, his bands Weatherreport and the Zawinul Syndicate!

He died 9.11.2007 at the age of 75. He performed on his 75th birthday too.
Tons of audio and video on dime!

Joe Zawinul 70th Birthday Celebration Vienna-Leverkusen 2002 DVD PAL
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Joined: 2009-02-20
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Post 2009-05-01 21:21   [Quote] 
Some argentinian (not new) bands which you might like if you wanna vary.

Serú Girán
La máquina de hacer pájaros

Luis Alberto Spinetta
Spinetta Jade
Pescado Rabioso


It's sure that these must be difficult to find in north America, so if you're interested, send me a PM and I'll upload them somewhere.

A few days ago I listened to the disc "Contact" by 7 for 4, a german progressive metal/fusion band from these days. I'm not a metal fan but in this case it was fine.

· A desalambrar ·
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